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Nigerian President Sends Wife-Beating Ambassador Back To Kenya

Posted by Administrator on October 19, 2011

•Ambassador Chijioke (left): A Mike Tyson? The battered wife (right).

•Ambassador Chijioke (left): A Mike Tyson? The battered wife (right).

The embattled Nigerian Ambassador to Kenya and the Seychelles, Dr. Chijioke Wilcox Wigwe, who was recalled by President Goodluck Jonathan in May after reports emerged that he almost beat his wife to death, has gone back to his post, reports said early today.

The reports said the ambassador has been sent back to Nairobi, the Kenyan capital by President Jonathan who acted against the wishes of his advisers and Kenyan authorities.

The advisers argued that allowing the ambassador to go back to work will set a negative precedent about wife beating.

The ambassador’s wife, Tess Iyi Wigwe, petitioned the Kenyan police in May urging them to promptly arrest the diplomat before he beats her to death.

In a letter she sent to Mr. Mathew Iteere, the Commissioner of Police, the distraught wife accused her husband of battering her and causing her serious bodily harm which has sent her to hospital many times, often between life and death.

The ambassador denied all the allegations. He was recalled to Nigeria after the incident.

—Simon Ateba

Source: http://pmnewsnigeria.com/2011/10/19/jonathan-sends-wife-beating-ambassador-back-to-kenya/


13 Responses to “Nigerian President Sends Wife-Beating Ambassador Back To Kenya”

  1. Marie said

    why would they allow such a person back to his post and to kenya or wife beating is not such a serious crime

  2. From Nigeria back to Kenya. Birds of a same feather flock together.

  3. mwangi said

    Surely this is an insult to Kenyans! I hope the press take this story up and make a big stink out of him! Where is the Mama now? Are there no hospital records for the press to show/publish/shame this animal! Surely no ones slave, daughter, mother or in this case “wife” deserves to have these scars on her face and be treated worse than a dog! Someone needs to take this story and run with it! It doesnt matter if shes Nigerian! What are we teaching both the young men and women who intend to be diplomats! Thats its ok to abuse someone and get diplomatic immunity! TSSSKKKK! shame on sir goodluck ! what if this was your child………… tell us!! ehhh bratha

  4. paul mambo said

    kwani his wife has to stay in this relationship? This is a wealthy household so she has an option to pack and go but obviously the benefits of staying are worth more same old story. We shouldnt waste time on trival personal matters Our country has bigger and better issues to deal with currently.

    • jackie said

      Bigger and better issues! You should be ashamed of yourself sir. What if this was your mother,sister or daughter? Would you still be saying that? Tolerating this kind of behaviour is not right and i wish all wife beaters could do some jail time.

    • Njoki said

      Paul mambo..you just sound like some of the backward men who think that everything is money.its a pity you cannot see the message these kind of behavoiur sends to our young men Not unless you are One them who teaches their sons to abuse women physically is ok.times are gone where men owned women

    • bonita said

      paul mambo… you should be ashamed of yourselve. she is a human being. somebody’s sister, mother and daughter. am appauled by the kind of attitude you express. What world do you live in. i guess you are the type that loves to go to jail. let me tell you God watches everything.this guy should not be allowed back, charges should be filed against him and he should go to jail ( do time) He is a loser of a man…useless!!!

  5. Mama Watoto said

    I always remember watching one of Tyler Perry movies, where the young lady is being mistreated, then Madea gives her an idea “heat those grits, then invite him to sit down, and then….. Make sure you get the best part of his face…” In this case, It would be a nice heated uji. I am just saying. A good woman idea when the law does not work for you.

  6. Mike said

    I see alot of stupid comments on here from people who have no idea what they are talking about. Chijkoke wigwe has been sent back to kenya because he has BEEN CLEARED OF ANY WRONG DOING!!!!!! An investigation took place and they found out that tess wigwe was lying about the whole thing. Tess wigwe was asked to leave Kenya by the Nigerian Government in July this year. So before you post stupid comments on here, GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • leo said

      Mike! you need to attack the sorce of the story but not the commentators.The commentators are only reponding to the story above and do not have time and space to call mathew itere and goodluck jonathan to confirm it. Mike,since you seem to have a lot of time for investigation, would you also kindly tell us more about the cuts on this woman’s face? Did the doctors say it was make up?

      • Mgeni said

        Leo…I just love you!! Mike, imaginations never make a wrong to be right! This guy shouldn’t be a diplomat anymore…he should be serving time in jail!

    • Cherono said

      And what facts are those Mr. Know it all? Don’t shout at us. The only stupid comment here is yours chill out and stop advocating for women’s abuse. How can this monster be cleared even after “reports emerged that he almost beat his wife to death”? Those who cleared him and this PhD holder in wife-beating are sailing in the same boat! Why did kenya accepted him anyway? Leo you hit the nail on the head!!

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