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Suffering student returns from oversees

Posted by Administrator on October 23, 2011


4 Responses to “Suffering student returns from oversees”

  1. kiptoo said

    sure we have Leaders!

  2. mwangi said

    As a parent my heart weeps for this father and mother! Imagine how it feels to see your son alive again at home! I wish he gets to study and get the degree he so wishes and be a great help to his family and country! As for the politician, Mungu halali, malipo ni hapa hapa duniani.


    As a mother and grandmother, I can not begin to understand how, a leader can do this to one of future leader, but keep in mind GOD does not sleep and one day he, the leader, will have to answer FOR this. So young man keeping dreaming big, do not let this stop you. You made it back home safe, I pray that God will send you an angel to make your dreams come true…..GOD BLESS OUR CHILDREN!!!!!

    Lilian Wanjiku

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