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Guard Arrested With Jet Fuel Siphoned From Police Helicopter

Posted by Administrator on October 25, 2011

Police are holding a KK security group guard after he was found with 40 litres of jet fuel siphoned from a police helicopter at Wilson Airport. The guard identified as Dan Obat, who was assigned guard duties at the Air Kenya offices adjacent to the Police Air Wing, was arrested as he was driving out of the heavily guarded airport with the jet fuel hidden in a dog cart. He was intercepted by Seneca security guards who who had been monitoring his movements.

The arrested guard is reported to have driven a van towing a dog cart to the Police Airwing and siphoned the fuel from the helicopter parked on the runway before he loaded it into the dog cart.

However, he was intercepted as he attempted to drive out of the airport and handed over to police who then locked him up at Wilson Airport police station. Deputy police spokesman Charles Wahong’o confirmed the arrest and said the guard would be taken to court and charged with theft. There have been reported cases of jet fuel theft at Wilson, Africa’s busiest airport.



One Response to “Guard Arrested With Jet Fuel Siphoned From Police Helicopter”

  1. mtangwa said

    Scene two of this story would have been, HELICOPTER OWNERS IN KENYA ARE NOW BUYING MAFUTA YA MTARO, If not,where was he taking those 40lts that can’t fly a helicopter for 5 minutes?

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