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Kenya’s military tweets of latest threat in Somalia war: Donkeys

Posted by Administrator on November 3, 2011

The Kenyan army said Thursday that Somali Islamist rebels were using donkeys to transport weapons, and warned any large herd would be considered a sign of the Al-Qaeda linked Shabaab.

“Information reaching us confirms that Al-Shabaab has resorted to using donkeys to transport their weapons,” Kenyan army spokesman Major Emmanuel Chirchir said in a statement.

“Thus, any large concentration and movement of loaded donkeys will be considered as Al-Shabaab activity.”

Kenyan soldiers and tanks pushed into Shabaab-controlled southern Somalia last month to fight the insurgents and curtail their ability to launch cross-border attacks.

However, both sides have been bogged down with “heavy rainfall making the roads impassable,” Chirchir said, warning Kenyans not to sell donkeys in case the animals aided the militants.

“Kenyans dealing in donkey trade along the Kenya-Somali border are advised not to sell their animals to Al-Shabaab as it would undermine our efforts in Somalia,” he added.

Kenya’s army claims that Shabaab fighters received three air deliveries of arms and ammunition this week, and have warned residents in 10 southern Somali towns to leave Shabaab-held areas ahead of an imminent attack.

“We are glad that peace-loving Somali locals heeded our warning to avoid Al-Shabaab camps due to an imminent attack in the target areas,” Chirchir said.

The Shabaab rebels warned Kenya earlier Thursday that they were building defences and were preparing to battle the foreign troops. (READ: Somali rebels push for ‘endless war’)

“The Shabaab mujahideen will defend Somalia, and will put Kenya into an endless war,” the Shebab said in a statement.

Source: AFP


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