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Video-President’s cook living in abject poverty

Posted by Administrator on November 4, 2011

This the story of a 73 year woman who has worked and cooked for all of Kenya’s three presidents. But Magdalene Wangui is now living in abject poverty, despite dedicating 30 years of her life to State House Nairobi as a cook.

Magdalene, who now lives in the county of Kiambu says she was sacked without any explanation after Kibaki’s administration took power in 2002.And as Rose Wangui reports, the woman says she has never received a single penny of her retirement benefits.


17 Responses to “Video-President’s cook living in abject poverty”

  1. leo said

    leaders without morals.Why would cucu who have cooked for three presidents be so poor? Is it not just the other day where Railas maid living in a little shack outside the main house passed away in her sleep due to jiko smoke? Shame on you leaders.

  2. Cherono said

    oooh my goodness! this breaks my heart. She doesn’t deserve to live in such conditions after her faithful service to the tall men. Is this how we reward ouremployees? What happen with our morals, respect, love and care for the elderly? I guess it does not apply to the presidents aah?. I hope she will be compensated for every penny she deserves. May God bless all those who are supporting her and others going through the same whom we may never know.

  3. Kangemi said

    There is a very poor elderly lady in my neighborhood who cooked for Mama Ngina for ten years. She has nothing to show for her years of service to the scrooge family. This should not come as a shock to anyone.

  4. Alonzo Thomas said

    This is heart breaking!! The old lady is NOT begging, she’s only requesting for what is rightfully her! that which she earned through hard work for over 30yrs. Could we all tag this story to Uhuru Kenyattas’ and Raila Odinga’s FB profiles?? Maybe their communications people will read it and assist poor grandma!

  5. wanjeri said

    oops! Did you people mention Uhuru Kenyatta? My own dad died of stress from the Kenyattas regarding a minor property he owned for over 30 years which touched their property and we tried through even Muhoho and was all in vain. You know how much they own. Forget all you’re trying. Distressed todate.

    • Kangemi said

      Boy did you touch a raw nerve! Our extended family suffered the same fate. Kenyatta himself squeezed my extended family out of a relatively small plot of land to make way for his daughter who sold the land back to the government for a lot of money – It impoverished several of them as it is the only source of livelihood they had. Somehow, Uhuru landed part of the same piece which he resold to a muindi. The muindi is now being asked to make way as it is surveyed as a road reserve. The level of greed exemplified by the Kenyatta family is mind boggling. Despite all they own, they have no shame in dealings most of which they possess the upper hand. The Odingas and Mois borrowed a leaf from Kenyatta’s page and used similar corrupt tactics. When Kenyans sing praises to current politicians especially the above three, I get sick to the stomach because I know first hand what they are capable of doing.

      • Muria Indo said

        Tell me about it! I worked for a member of Kenyatta’s family and the family can be mean, arrogant, self-praising and above all greedy. They treat people like animals hence I am not surprised about this lady n although I can’t comment on Moi and Kibaki, it’s self-explanatory they’re also inconsiderate. The government should compensate her since she worked for the heads of state!

  6. jonas said

    Ha haaaaa. The Kenyatta family which has 500,000 thousands of Kenya’s land and they claim there is proof that Kenyatta bought the property with legally acquired LOANS!!!!!. Some people will never see the gates of heaven.

  7. jonas said

    Ha haaaaa. The Kenyatta family which has 500,000 thousand acres of Kenya’s land and they claim there is proof that Kenyatta bought the property with legally acquired LOANS!!!!!. Some people will never see the gates of heaven

    • leo said

      You are quoting the bible right? I know somewhere in the bible where one man wanted to know how one can qualify to enter the kingdom of heaven and therefore he asked Jesus if he know what it takes to enter the kingdom of heaven. SO without hesitation Jesus said,” Give away all your stuffs and follow me” Nobody know this more than bill gates.Smart guy.

      • mwangi said

        If only we had some of this thugs who live off other peoples blood helping humanity aka gates! Someone needs to tell them ata jomo didnt carryanything to the kaburi and nor will they! how much dent can they do to their fat dollar accounts if they gave this old woman a decent house to live in during her last days and some medical care. I pray she is peaceful now that she has told us about her experiences with them. Imagine how close she was and look at her, who says these guys care for the wanjiku walking down the streets? TSSSKKK!

      • leo said

        To mwangi,tell me about kadhafi,saddam hussein,Gbagbo,fidel casrtro,mubarrack,idi-amin,HItra, hugo savez , ,kenyatta sr ,polpot, mugabe, charlse tyror,rMOI, etc where they will end up? Is it not at the gates of hell? poor rich people!!!!

  8. Kangemi said

    The likes of Nelson Mandela and Wangari Mathai had every opportunity to grab, accumulate and steal. Instead, they chose to be public servants and cared about the long term welfare of their fellow citizens over a narrow agenda of self enrichment. Our leaders could learn alot from the fate of the likes of Kaddafi, Pol Pot, Sadam, Mobutu and Idi Amin. However, we should not condemn all rich people as some of them have made it relatively fair – Bil Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs etc. THat’s why they are giving away billions!

    • leo said

      And talk about giving away. I heard that bill GATES drives 88 ford taurs! is there any truth to that?

      • Guest said

        The owner and founder of IKEA also drive a 1980 something Volvo. There are many people blessed with insane wealth who choose to do right.

  9. Kangemi said

    Jeff Bezos, the billionaire founder of Amazon.com, drives a relatively old Honda Accord. Warren Buffet lives in the same house and neighborhood since 1957. Try to get the likes of Chris Kirubi to mingle with common folk – he does it when it only when it gives him popularity mileage otherwise back to Karen Club.

  10. leo said

    Tax return is very near and alot of Benzes and lexus will pop up.I know a poor tax filer who was bragging oround with 00 something moreno.He got depoted quick.

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