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Miss Kenya USA Priscilla Okwaro a Finalist for the Miss Africa USA 2011/2012 Scholarship Pageant

Posted by Administrator on November 7, 2011

Priscilla Okwaro, the reigning Miss Kenya USA is a finalist for the Miss Africa USA 2011/2012 Scholarship pageant that will be held in Silver Spring Maryland on November 13, 2011.

The Miss Africa USA Scholarship Pageant seeks to showcase African heritage in the USA by providing a platform for young African women in the Diaspora to utilize their talents, leadership and dual cultural experiences as a means to speak up and raise awareness about pertinent issues affecting both Africa and the USA.

Miss Kenya USA is a goodwill ambassador of Kenya in the US.


Education is the key to success and the only way to escape the cycle of poverty. I am privileged to have received the gift of a quality education through the Zawadi Africa Education Fund: which provides scholarships for girls, to prepare the next generation of Africa’s women leaders. I am currently a senior majoring in Economics & Finance at Benedict College (South Carolina), and also studied abroad at the University of Zululand (South Africa) in fall 2010. I am passionate about reducing poverty in Kenya by making educational facilities accessible to disadvantaged children and young adults.


Improve the quality and accessibility of education to children in remote parts of Kenya by providing basic needs and facilities in selected schools and offering informal learning programs to provide basic life skills.


In five years, I plan to have acquired a master’s degree and started a career in Risk Management. I also expect to further  impact the quality of education in Kenya  by running a foundation that  develops talents into careers and offers basic education on entrepreneurship and information technology to empower the youth.

To vote for Priscilla, go to http://www.missafricaunitedstates.com/vote-finalist.php?cont=85.

You can also join her Facebook fan page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Priscilla-Okwaro-Miss-Kenya-USA-20112012/287153944647750


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