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Somali Muslims Cut, Beat Christian Unconscious in Kenya

Posted by Administrator on November 7, 2011

NAIROBI, Kenya – A Somali Christian in Kenya is nursing injuries after young Muslim men from his country beat him with iron rods and wooden clubs last week, leaving him unconscious at a church entryway.

Hassan, a 25-year-old refugee from Somalia whose surname is withheld for security reasons, had hardly been raised as a Muslim, having received Christ at age 7. But the Somali neighbors in Kenya who attacked him left him for dead on Oct. 27, bleeding and naked, on the assumption that as a Somali he was born into Islam and was therefore an apostate deserving of death, the young man told Compass.

He and his mother, a convert from Islam who fled war in Somalia 10 years ago after the death of her husband, are part of an underground house church.

In a town in Kenya undisclosed for security reasons, Hassan was returning home from running errands at 8:30 p.m. when the six young Muslim men stopped him. They hit him with a metal bar on his forehead and face, he said, and he lost two teeth on the spot. Others hit him on the back.

Some stomped on his stomach while he was on the ground as others hit him on his legs, he said through bandages on his nose and above his mouth. His hands were bandaged where they wounded him with a knife.

The attackers stripped him of his clothes as he bled and dragged him away, dumping him at the entrance of an area Presbyterian Church of East Africa. Some passersby found him and called his mother, whose name is withheld for security reasons.

Source: http://www.christianpost.com/news/somali-muslims-cut-beat-christian-unconscious-in-kenya-60704/


4 Responses to “Somali Muslims Cut, Beat Christian Unconscious in Kenya”

  1. leo said

    Love your neighbour as you love thyself.alshabab,alkaeda,mujahadeen,mungiki, ku klux klan, na kadthalika are all criminal gangs and have the same DNA.They prey on the poor and brain wash them because they are easy to control. They promise them heaven like they are gods and very much in control of heaven. They tell them that if you make a kill you’ll go straight to heaven.What this gangs do is just earn themselves onother member of the gang.LOOK at that poor kid in Kenya who was found with all kind of weapons to attack his own people. LOOK at that poor kid from Nigeria well known as underwear bomber. Religion is not the issue but the character.See you in heaven.

    • Skinny said


      I agree with you regarding the brain washing. These cowards twisat and use religion to fool these young kids into doing their bidding. We need to find the heads of these groups and bring them to justice. It is just a bunch of old men sending the young to do harm in the name of spreading their beliefs.

      • Dr. Oluoch said

        Any Religion that advocates violence should be banned. Also, any place of worship that preaches hate and violence should be considered as a terrorist training camp. God does not demand us to kill our fellow human beings in his name but devil does. A Religion that advocates killing is a devils religion. Anybody belonging to such religion is a devil’s follower.

  2. modern said

    I have said these Al sh**s are trying to bring chaos to Kenya like in Nigeria.What kind of religion is this anyway of violence.Even animals are not that way, they only kill for a good reason. Majority of these folks are dirt poor(foot soldiers) while the extortioners and kidnappers buy property and launder money in Kenya.Religion in its extreme is very dangerous,Just like the the KKK with thier heaven for whites only.Satan has really possessed peoples minds in these last days

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