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Jicho Pevu Part 1 – Drugs (The Untouchables) – Nov 2011

Posted by Administrator on November 8, 2011


3 Responses to “Jicho Pevu Part 1 – Drugs (The Untouchables) – Nov 2011”

  1. Kangemi said

    Watched this last night and it is scary how corrupt and untouchable the senior government officers are….

  2. Kuria said

    Moha. Good job. But I fear for you. These guys are ruthless. But its worth the risk. What a country are we living in?

  3. Guest said

    Great job KTN and Moha….Now to see if the authorities will hold an inquest with an independent investigative agency carrying out the necessary investigations. We would like to see these devils tried and prosecuted. People like Moha, Mr Murgor and others with information should be given protection meanwhile. My heartfelt grief and condolences for the families of the hardworking officers who lost their lives for doing the right thing…However long it takes, the truth will one day come out.

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