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Dallas based attorney to vie for Subukia seat in 2012 polls

Posted by Administrator on November 20, 2011

Dallas based attorney Susan Kihika during her campaign kick-off dinner in Dallas on Saturday night.

Dallas based attorney Susan Kihika during her campaign kick-off dinner in Dallas on Saturday night.


A US based daughter to the late former MP, Dickson Kihika Kimani has officially declared her interest in the Subukia seat in 2012 polls.

Ms Susan Kihika, 37, will be returning home next month to concentrate on her efforts to capture the seat currently held by Nelson Ributhi Gaichuhie.

Speaking to the jambonewspot.com during her campaign kickoff dinner in Dallas on Saturday, Ms Kihika said that she wants to extend the great legacy of her father.

“My father was a servant of the people and this boded well for the constituents that he represented,” Kihika said. “I just feel that it is time I went back home to serve my community just like my father.

She however did not name the party she will be using as a vehicle for her aspirations saying that she is still researching them.

The former Dallas prosecutor and immigration attorney said that it was unacceptable that the district hospital has no ambulance making it difficult to provide services to area patients. She also lamented the poor road conditions that prevented farmers from being able to sell their produce.

Kihika who is also the managing attorney at Kihika Law Firm in Dallas is one of the many Diaspora candidates who are headed back home to contest in various elective posts.

Her father, who was veteran Nakuru politician died in 2004.

He was the only Member of Parliament in Kenya to have served in three different Constituencies; Nakuru North, Laikipia West and Molo Constituencies.

“I want to go back and serve my community,” Kihika said. “I want to extend the great legacy of my father.”

Kihika’s campaign website is www.susankihika.com


26 Responses to “Dallas based attorney to vie for Subukia seat in 2012 polls”

  1. kate mumbi said

    wat a big joke!!!!! kihika was a servant of pple?? was a sperm donor to young girls!!! wat a legacy, lady build ur image away from ur father… nobody shud emulate kihika. Infact keep away/drop “kihika”

    • Dr. Oluoch said

      Were you his sperm receipient or are you just been malicious? I am sure Susan does not need your advice. Honorable Kihika Kimani was a good man. Good Luck Susan!!

  2. Murani said

    Susan please do not get discouraged by the likes of Kate. As a high school student I campaigned for your father and after I left school I briefly worked as an intern at his land buying office in Rongai (Nakuru). He helped settle hundreds of poor people to the charging of the likes of the late Babu Muhia Wood, who went around asking how Kihika could give poor people land for Shs127 (yes, mia moja na ishirini na saba), which was a simple way devised by Kihika to allow the poor to own land, and own they did. He was my MP in the larger Nakuru North constituency. While other politicians have been accused of grabbing land for themselves, I accuse Hon Kihika Kimani of grabbing land for the poor people. He ensured that the lands being vacated by white settlers were owned by the poor of the poor and he spent sleepless nights away from his family to ensure that funds were raised to buy those farms. Go girl, I will give you all the support you need — Subukia needs you. I have this morning called my friends in Bahati (Nakuru) and asked them to wait for your return. Kate is just an envious person who has no interest of the poor at heart.

  3. Netia said

    Finally someone from the diaspora with right perspective! We need people in county and parliament not the usual jokers who think they can come and run for president without any political/elective experience.

  4. After having spoken to Susan and knowing her incredible accomplishments here in Texas, I am confident she is exactly the kind of Leadership the citizens of Subukia deserve and need. Her tenacity, her ability to fight for justice will be an asset and a breath fo freah air in Kenya’s parliament.

  5. Hannah said

    I wish you all the best. In terms of your dad being a servant for the poor, I think it’s a subjective issue.
    I was very young to understand shamba deals their complexities but I was old enough to understand the agony and pain members of my family felt each time news about “Ngwataniro mutukanio shamba” and Kihika Kimani came up.
    I even remember when all our normal evening activities would be put on hold to listen to KBC announcemnts on if we had made the cut to get title deeds all in vain to this day.
    All in all i still wish you the best in your campaign and hope you do better than those who have served before you. PEACE!

  6. mwangi said

    Go girl, lets hear from the Subukia people. Hope you can help them realise their dreams 🙂

  7. Cherono said

    I like this new wave of professionals going back home and giving back to their communities. This is awesome. I have had a chance to listern to her speak and if she delivers what she preaches, then I am sure the people of Subukia will indeed be grateful. Wishing you all the best.

  8. mtangwa said

    Am writing this from subukia. From my perspective, i see a mighty task for this lady if she want to clinch subukia seat. First, people of subukia are Kenyans,and Kenyans vote with their stomach. Secondly, there are the likes of Kimani ngunjiri who have been eyeing this seat for sometime now. Such opponents are dangerous. Thirdly, Kenya needs change to rebellate from all these entangles. But majority of kenyans Don know it. So its clear real change will take alittle longer. All in all i feel all those aspirants from diaspora will have no impact come 2012. But the issue of diaspora votes especially in presidential post is another issue.

  9. mundia said


  10. sirzaq said

    I agree with Kate, this lady is well qualified even to be the governor or even senator but if she will use her father’s name or legacy as she says, it wont resonate with most constituents. Iam from subukia, and i can tell you lady, if you gonna go with your dad’s legacy, its either you are up for money making through donors and sponsors or you are just too blind and ignorant about the facts. Your Dads legacy is not worth any pride! So, just run away from it and run as your own self, with your own vision and strategy. … If so, i support you 100%.

  11. To understand the bitterness that led to the PEV clashes u have to understand the role of people like Kihika, with the blessing of Kenyatta, who resettled thousands of people from Central to the RV, totally disregarding tthe plight of the RV’ian communities.
    …and yes at a throw away price!!

    • mtangwa said

      Your comment should not go without kickbacks. I hope you’re in diaspora. But as your name suggest, as,well as your comment , you should be in kisumu.What are you doing in other tribe’s area? You mean you are able to press that keyboard but fail to know the world is turning to a small village that include riftvalley?

  12. Barney Mugambi said

    Kihika Kimani could have helped some people – i do not doubt this. But nationally we know Kihika as one who dined and wined with Moi when Moi was chewing and gnawing on the Kikuyu and the Mt. Kenya elite. Kihika just grinned and added fuel to the duel. Where was he at the onset of the first and second tribal clashes in the RV? Daughter of Kihika, start by apologizing to the Kikuyu and all the Kenyans at large if you intend to enter politics using your father’s name.

  13. Joe said

    Go go go Susan. We need more like you who are brave enough to go back and help trasform Kenya to a modern nation. Your father may have had his issues as we all do but he was a great polititian. He was once my MP in the then Nakuru North Constituency.

  14. sokwemtu4 said

    This gal is goodlooking. I would vote for her if she was competing for beauty contest. She looks like she is a killer to men. Gal, peice of advice………….do not mention ur father’s name in ur efforts. Stay clear of the name Kihika Kimani. Ur Dad was my Dad’s friend and so I am just saying this without any ill motive. The thing is if Jeff Bush were to run for Prez he would have to first drop his last name. Good lack gal

  15. Purity said

    Susan, stand for yourself. It is good to use your father’s name but let it be about you, not your father. Tell us what you will do, what you have already done (I assume you are not just showing up to be elected, and that you have been doing some grassroot work….) Tell Kenyans what makes you stand out from the rest of the candidates and how your being away from Kenya for so long will not be a handicap. If you can comfortably persuade the people, with or without your daddy’s name you will make it. Wish you well.

  16. ITHAVETHI said

    Kihika wa Kimani was a fighter for the poor. He was development conscious and he built one of the biggest secondary school with more than 128 classrooms excluding beautiful administration block, girls dorminory and Kenyatta villa. He spent sh 34,000 to build a magnificent gate, which was alot of money during the seventies for a single structure. He supplied our school library with books (though irrelevant from our education system those days) from Canada. Kihika was the school manager, Secretary and treasury of the school and the larger Ngwataniro/Mutukanio Farms. The headmaster, a Mr Gadani, porched from USA in one of his trip to visit his sons, would track Kihika down when the school run out of food, sugar, and other needs all around parliament, meru, Nairobi, Kitale etc to write a check for the school. He allocated land to poor people in Nakuru, Njoro, Molo, Meru, Embu and he was a good orator. I remember him slapping Moi before Kenyatta because of the land Moi wanted to allocate his people. As one of the first students of Ngwataniro Secondary School between 1974-1979, and again, as a teenage boy and dormitory prefect at the school, Kihika was our hero and every time he used to visit us mostly after we stricked for lack of food for weeks, he would call us “Nugu Ici,” ” ngoma ici,” plus other crude words, making us laugh so much for our inocense that we would forget our hunger and fresh wounds from police batons. He would then show us pictures of his sons and daughters who were studying in Germany, USA, Canada, and other parts of the world. And in the ensuing war threats from Idi Amin Dada, he would talk politics which were beyond our comprehension at that time. I remember vividly how Ngwataniro Mutukanio workers would go for months without salary and the poor women would approach him for help, and then hell would break loose as he went wild with dirty words I cannot put on print. Kihika was so good in convincing voters to cast their votes to him so much that he became an MP in three different constituences. He had nine wives before he died and more than 38 children.

    But as the saying goes, absolute power corrupt corruptly, something like that. We know what my later turned out to be. For Susan, go try your lack, but do not use your father as a campaign tool. A mention of your father in Molo, njoro, Naivasha, Gilgil, Rongai, Bahati, Subukia, nakuru,Laikipia, and kenya as a whole will no doubt open up old scars. Just go tell the people what you would do for them. Ukitaja jina la babako umekwisha dada yangu. Utajiona tena hapa Marekani ukitwanga doubles tena. Do not tell them about your father’s legacy. I do not think you know the internal and social legacy that he left. Go home and test people’s feeling about your father. Kihika used his mouth to campaign, a good sweet talker that nobody could resist, but you gonna spend money. Good lack, Susan

  17. John Mwangi MBA, MHA, FACHE said

    Well said, I say create ur legacy…get to the top as per your efforts. its not a question of being capable since you have demonstrated you are through establishing a successful firm here in the US. alot of people are going to assume you are going to piggy back you dads reputation to stardom…prove them wrong. nonetheless, its an ambitious endeavor and best of luck. Kenya in general needs a new perspective and fresh eyes in dealing with certain torts, issues, legalities etc.
    Not many diasporas do anything back home after they depart other than self gain endeavors; so hey, change the tune to this chord. Congrats…much support!

    • pennie said

      mwangi kai we mujaluo nyau ino? MBA nii do? Inayo FACHE…kana ni Fafa Acehe Chai Haito thomE? Na MHA nayo nii ndu

      • John Mwangi MBA, MHA, FACHE said

        Masters in business administration, masters in healthcare administration, Fellow of the American College of healthcare executives. and am a kikuyu!!! Find something to do!

      • Muria-Indo said

        @Pennie…u r funny! Ati…Fafa Achehe Chai Haitu Thome?
        Anyways, politicians are liars who care about their welfare and nobody else! We shouldn’t take them so serious. This gal ~ like all the rest, anatafuta kazi..and a gud one for that matter! Gud lack gal!!

      • mwangi said

        John Mwangi now this is a free forum and we all have titles, some more that just these 3 so please stop bragging and just say what you have to say about Susans candidacy without going to cape town in your way to cairo 🙂 Pennie you crack me up 🙂

      • abunwasi said

        wacheni na john mwangi. simuweke title zenyu pia kama ni better. hakuna kitu ya maana munasema about the soon to be unemployment damu wa stato. munajifanya ‘ka-lucy’ na wivu.

  18. Barney Mugambi said

    @ITHAVETHI. I like your sweet story but you have failed to draw a clear line of the late Kihika Kimani. Mara he was a fighter for the poor; mara his internal and social legacy is questionable. Meander-meandering, living on the fence kama Kibaki! Just be straight up! By the way; wapi Meru ndio Kihika alipea watu mashamba? Na niwameru gani alisaidia RV na mashamba? Only the Kikuyus were helped by Kihika and John Kamau wa Ngengi (Jomo Kenyatta). These were two very selfish guys. Just like Kenyatta and Moi, Kihika consolidated power to himself so that people could kneel before him while taking advantage of them. Okay. Enough of Kihika! How many people has Susan represented in court free of charge because they could not afford the exorbitant legal fees? As a qualified immigration attorney, to what extent has Susan engaged either the state or federal American government in an effort to help the undocumented (not illegal) Kenyans and their poor children (after all who doesn’t know that every Kenyan came here on a visa – no one broke the fence; and of course the likes of Kenyatta, Moi and Kihika are the leaders who forced Kenyans to flee to the USA and other parts of the world)? She did not need to have succeeded; but did she try?

    • ITHAVETHI said

      Mugambi wewe acha hasira. Lazima tumpe marehemu Kihika haki yake. Lets give credit where it is due. Ukisoma kwa makini nakara yangu na kindani ndani, utaelewa kinaga ubaga msimamo wa huyo ITHAVETHI. Isome tena ndugu yangu. Kesha chunguza kwa makini au wazee Wameru kama kweli kuna Wakenya kutoka Wilaya ya Meru waliofaidika na mradi wa kuwapa mashamba wa Ngwataniro/Mtukanio kati ya miaka ya sitini na sabini. Nakubaliana na yote ulosema na kuongeza kwamba haifai mabibi, mabwana, watoto, ndugu au jamaa yeyote ile kuchukua usukani ya kiti chochote cha bunge baada ya wahusika kuaga dunia. Tabia hii ndio ambayo imeeneza dira za ulaji rushwa, uporaji wa mali ya umma, na kadharika.

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