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Kenyan Nun ditches ‘husband’, picks love brewed in church

Posted by Administrator on November 20, 2011

”]Beatrice Magoka steps out in her habit. She discarded this when she fell in love and married Tyrone Wright. [PHOTOS: COURTESY]In one of her songs, Canadian singer Celine Dion says love does not ask why and she would have spoken this directly to a Kenyan nun studying in the US.

After being a nun for 16 years, Beatrice Magoka went to America for further studies. The Catholic nun attended Mass and served the church near her school dutifully.

In the same church, there was also a staunch Catholic man who regularly attended Mass.And since ‘love doesn’t ask why’, one day, two years ago, Magoka, 37, and American Tyrone Wright, 46, saw each other and that feeling of love was too much to ignore.

But they knew it was futile as Magoka was already ‘married’ to Christ. For two years they tried to pray and discourage the ‘temptation’ but it was in vain — they had fallen in love.

So last April, Magoka and Wright tied the knot, through a civil wedding.

In an interview conducted mainly through phone calls and emails, Magoka talked of the great love she has for her man, whom she describes as caring, loving and the best that can be.

She says they are enjoying marital bliss in their Austin home inMinnesota. Wright is a cabin maker. He is gigantic; about seven feet tall with a thick and black moustache.

On the other hand, Magoka is diminutive; about five feet tall. She says the big difference in their body size blends them. And this, she says, is good for their future brood as they will have diverse genes “If my husband was short, I wonder the kind of children we would have,” she says before bursting into a merry laughter.

Since she was young, Magoka dreamt of one day serving the church. “I really liked the idea of being a nun, though I wished to change my life later on to do something else,” says Magoka, who is a nursing student at an American college. She hails from Nyamira County.

According to the Kisii Diocese Vicar-General Joseph Obanyi, cases of nuns leaving their vocation to get married are rare.

“For a nun to leave sisterhood, she has to be dispensed (set free) by the council of her local church. However, it is not easy for one to suddenly leave if she has made perpetual profession vows (to be a nun for life),” explains Father Obanyi.

Sister Leonora Owaa, the principal of St Oda Aluor School of the Visually Impaired in Gem District says it is rare for one who has joined sisterhood to get married.

But Magoka says she does not regret her decision, adding that the church had no reservations about her getting married. In addition, her parents and siblings have no qualms over her choice.

“Many fellow churchgoers wished me well, including the father (priest) at my local church.”

Magoka trained as a nun at Asumbi Novitiate in HomaBay County for three and-a-half years. Soon after, she joined Egoji Teachers’ College for two years, in the 1990s and earned a Diploma in Education.

Thereafter, she taught at three secondary schools, and became principal of St Martha’s Girls’ School in HomaBay, before she left for theUS for a three-year partnership exchange programme, sponsored by the church.

A nun teaching in one of the Catholic-church run schools inNyanza Province, argues that nuns who leave the church for marriage are weak as they fail the test of perseverance, adding that sisterhood calls for unwavering commitment, after vigorous training which takes three to four years.

“It is a lifetime commitment that women make to serve God. Many live according to this promise but a few women have left it to get married,” she says.

For Magoka, her time as a nun was part of her life’s journey. Now she has moved on and started another life after her wedding, which she says, wasn’t flamboyant, as she did not want to show off. Besides, organising a big wedding is usually costly in the US.

Now, she is enjoying the life of any newly married woman. Her husband loves African food, including the traditional vegetables such as managu and Chinsaga.

Did she feel that she was going against her sisterhood vows, by getting into marriage?

“No. I did not feel that way. It was the right thing that I did. I didn’t do it for money but love.”

Magoka says she played her role as a nun with diligence and describes her experience as wonderful. Now as she embarks on her new life as a married woman, she also looks forward to describing it as wonderful as well.

Source- http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/InsidePage.php?id=2000047031&cid=4&ttl=Nun


9 Responses to “Kenyan Nun ditches ‘husband’, picks love brewed in church”

  1. mwangi said

    This is very interesting and I hope she lives happily ever after. She has followed her heart and she should be left to live her life without the negative comments from some other nuns! If she found love and you have not, just keep the peace. I was in a catholic school and when one of the nuns met a man and married, the other nuns actually were happy for her!

  2. Rita said

    I saw the name Tyrone and just knew that was the mukwanju talking. Once you go Akata even your vows get dropped lol

  3. mtangwa said

    Her dream has come true. It seems she did not join this faith as a devotion, she was running away from poverty in gusii land. Then when this junguu came beckoning, she changed gear. All this long she has been leaving a lie

    • Cherono said

      I chose to differ with you on the part that she was living a lie. She served faithfully in her capacity. There is always time for everything. God opened a door for her to come to USA, and that is where God orchestrated another assingment for her. Afterall, most of this dogma are man-made anyway. So what is better? our young ones to be raped by the so called priest/nuns, godly men etc ? And yes I know that even married couples cheat, but I think each person should be given a chance to chose what makes them happy. I think giving them a chance to marry will actually reduce all these unwanted sexual behaviors.

  4. leo said

    Human beings don’t always go for what they are called for but in case they do, they hang on there. Just like mother Tereza. This x-nun was called to be tyron wife and it seems to me that they are going to make very tall kids.

  5. mommafran said

    I am happy for her!! Whatever her motives, she sounds like a survivor and in my book that is super powerful. God does not judge and no one else truly counts!! Like someone else said “see ya on facebook” and do not forget to get that legal paperwork going.:-)

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