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A young Kenyan man with an innovative mind

Posted by Administrator on November 24, 2011


5 Responses to “A young Kenyan man with an innovative mind”

  1. MY GOD .THAT SOO WONDERFUL .congrat boy. am so pround of you . keep up .

  2. King Mel said

    This guy is genius , he need Financial help to put his ideas into money , real business.
    Be Bless and keep striving for greater , things . always believe in yourself and God,.Anything is Possible . i ‘m real happy for you.

  3. Cherono said

    We thank God for such brilliant minds. I see a bright future for this young man. I hope no one will steal his ideas and benefit from it without crediting this innovation to this young man. Good luck in all and don’t waver. This is doable.

  4. wambui said

    i remember we had a similar boy in my village and he could make anything electrical including his own radio but unfortunately he couldnt go anywhere for lack of funds.i hope this young boy talents wont go with winds.He need help to upgrade his talent or enrol in school to advance more.he is so brilliant.

  5. leo said

    Christopher columbus discovered America. It is in the book and that make it credible although not true. What do we africans put in the book so it can be credible? We have discovered many things but due to our ignorancy and lack of seriousness mzungu always get the credit.Get serious people.FYI American indians discovered America.

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