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Furious Embu Wife Strips Student Naked

Posted by Administrator on November 29, 2011

A college student in Embu district was stripped naked and beaten up by a wife of a lecturer at the institution for allegedly having a sexual relationship with her husband. Reliable eye witnesses said the irate lecturer’s wife found the female student at Manyatta market where she had gone for some personal business.

The lecturer’s wife allegedly pounced on her with kicks and punches demanding to know why she was trying to break her marriage. The witnesses said the lecturer’s wife blamed the student of having sexual affairs with her husband vowing that she will never permit it to continue.

The woman had allegedly been looking for the student for a long time. She said that she was gratified that she had got hold of her finally. “This is my time to teach you a lesson for snatching other women’s husbands. Why cant’ you look for your own instead of breaking people’s marriages,” the woman was reported to have scolded the student.

The witnesses said the woman beat up the student and at the same time tore her garments leaving her naked.The beating was so severe that the student fled for her dear life while nude. The woman in hot pursuit tried to catch her but the student was faster than her and managed to flee. The witnesses said the student did not report the matter to the police and just remained quiet nursing her injuries.



8 Responses to “Furious Embu Wife Strips Student Naked”

  1. mimiGenius said

    This weird , , concentrate on matter that build the nation an live family affair to family’s. i believe it’s high time media in general should practice Journalism Ethic avoid sensationalist, stupid ignorance reporting. think, twice before writing your story .to general public.

  2. shish said

    this ia a good comic relief the (the story i mean) ha ha ha ha i can only imagine

  3. Terry said

    Mmmmmmmmh got guts fighting for her man. He is so shameless n doesnt deserve to be fought for.

  4. am from embu i wud like to know ni institution gani hata labda ni sista au manzi yangu alifanyiwa hivyo

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