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Kenyan man accused of rape by his wife in UK

Posted by Administrator on November 29, 2011

UK police have arrested a Kenyan man for allegedly raping his wife.

The man, who is yet to formally charged in court, said he was dragged out of a Nairobi-bound flight atHeathrow Airport on Tuesday last week.

Speaking to The Standard in London on Wednesday, the man said he was transferred from Heathrow Police Station to Basildon, Essex, where he was remanded for almost 20 hours before a solicitor got him out on bail.

He also had his passport confiscated and was ordered to report back to the police on January 22 next year to know whether he will be charged or not.

The man told The Standard his wife made the rape allegations after he confronted her over an affair.

He denied the rape claims.

In the UK, a husband can now be convicted of raping his wife after the Sexual Offences Act (1956) was amended.

In a historical court ruling in 1991, the House of Lords rejected the ‘outdated’ view that in marriage, a wife gave irrevocable consent to sexual relations.

No comment 

Basildonpolice confirmed they were investigating the claims of rape but declined to comment further.

The couple, which has two sons aged 8 and 5 had been married since year 2000.

The woman was, however, living in Kenya until two years ago when she migrated to London to join her husband.

The man says all was well until he quit employment as a youth worker with the Basildon Council.

“Things changed suddenly and we started arguing a lot. I guess it was the financial stress taking toll on our marriage,” the man said.

He claimed the wife, who later left with the children, accused him of excessive drinking.

The man is from Matidiri Scheme in Dundori area of Nyandarua County while the estranged wife is from the neighbouring Nyairoko Scheme.

Source- http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/sports/InsidePage.php?id=2000047577&cid=159


3 Responses to “Kenyan man accused of rape by his wife in UK”

  1. Sokwemtu4 said

    This is not a strange thing nor is it a wonder. For some reason happy families are before landing in the west are a major target from some evil spirits. Either the wife becomes so westernized and ignores and disregards her position or the man gets excited on the site of willing white big mamas and decides to taste leading to problems at home. From study done, our women turn into different beings when they come to the west. Unfortunately they want to adopt the western culture ,,,,,,,,,some even change their names to drop their African names so that they can have names as the locals. When you hear them being called Judy Williams, for instance, you would not think that they are Africans or you would think they are married to a white. My advice,,,,,,,,,,Men know your positions,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Women know your positions.

    How can a wife claim that her husband raped her? Where does she want him to go? That means she has abandoned the husband. The hsuband wants to remain in his own boma but the wife is chasing him away.

  2. ITHAVETHI said


    I am tired, like the beasts of burden
    With no rights and nothing
    Groaning on the streets of Banana
    Along the Limuru Park Way
    Reeling like on heavy laden
    While the imbroglio chief throw a smile
    Hoping to kick and drop him dead

    I am tired, of being a foreigner
    Being subjected to unsurmountable pressure
    By a swam of unrelenting bills
    Lamenting of stress here, and fatique there
    After nights of doubling my doubles
    To provide handouts to Syokimau
    What a silly thing I did?

    I am tired Sokwemtu, of opening their wrinkled bodies
    At times in a nursing home, mostly in a steel factory
    Lifting and pushing millions of tonnes
    Of metal and ungreased wheel chairs
    Neglecting them for days on end
    Using sticker pads for communicating
    Now a sexual predator at the registry
    With an absence of candor
    ………and humility

    I am tired brethren, once a teenager from Turkana
    Now an old man after years of ruin
    While chasing my lost glory
    In a land I called “CANAAN”
    Where apples fell with grandiose
    Picking a thousand at a time
    In my Bank of America account

    I am honestly tired
    Of transcending tunnels of illusions
    Hoping to retire one day
    Not in a grave of the dead
    But in a home surrounded by buffalos
    Harvesting honey in our caves
    After selling myself at a pittance
    In a land of milk and honey

    I am tired from fighting on a war bed
    Once, a goldmine of production and pleasure
    Now, a deserted savannah devoid of pillows
    Turning on my left and right
    Dishing out breakfast and epithets
    As the crockerels sing with awe

    I am tired, of rummaging through colorless debris
    Tasting the smell of homelessness
    Rejection and neglect
    feeling like a useless memontos
    Rarely gasping from breath
    While I lurch to be freed
    From this Sodom and Gomorrah-like bristone

    And although I am tired and beaten
    I count my blessings and successes
    That my Lord showered me many at times
    A five acre plot and somewhere to call a home
    Along salty waters of Lake Turkana
    Along the ridges of Syokimau and Kitengela Plains
    And the sand dunes of the coastal Ukunda
    Where I invested my doubles
    The sweats of the steel factory
    And the smelly odor of the seniors

  3. sokwemtu4 said

    Ithavethi,,,,,,,hahahahahahaaaa,,,,,,,,,made me laugh so hard till my ribs snapped out of location,,,,,,,,,,,,,,How do you open a wrinkle body and waht would you be doing,,,,,,,,,slapping the adult diaper on them? ,,,,,,,,,,,,hahahahahahaha……So funny but very true

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