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Wife can’t stand husband ” preaching water and drinking wine”

Posted by Administrator on December 1, 2011

Kenya, Nov 30 – A Bishop has gone to court complaining that his estranged wife has been harassing him after their marriage was dissolved by a court of law.

John Kigoi Nduati, the presiding bishop of Gods Power Church and Ministry claims that after his marriage with Dorcas Mugure Kamau was made obsolete in October 2010, she has allegedly resorted to acts of sabotage.

In his suit papers, Nduati argues that on numerous occasions since the conclusion of the divorce case, Mugore has stormed his house and carted away all the household items in his absence to his detriment and impoverishment.

The height of the harassment and frustration he has undergone Nduati adds, was when Mugore allegedly stormed his church in the middle of a sermon three months ago and started hurling abuses at the top of her voice.

Nduati says the actions of his ex-wife are not only criminal but are calculated to bring him down, destroy his pastoral work and wreck his life completely.

He contends that he has fulfilled all the obligations due from him to the two children from their marriage by providing for all their needs and paying school fees.

The man of God now wants the court to permanently restrain her or through agents and proxies from moving near his residential house and place of work.

But Mugore in response maintains that their marriage subsists because a decree nullifying it is yet to be issued.

The aggrieved woman is also seeking a review of the custody order.

She claims pastor Nduati is a habitual liar and provides for his children when he feels like, adding the grounds upon which the application is based are insincere and frivolous.

Mugore also wants the maintenance figure increased from Sh60,000 to 180,000 per month given the high cost of living.

The respondent claims she moved out of the matrimonial home and his church due to his violence ” because I can’t stand seeing him preaching water and drinking wine”.

The case will be heard on December 7.

Source- http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news


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  1. faith said

    And people still go to listen to Nduati preaching. Life never stops to amaze

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