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I Was Paid Sh5 Million to Be Silent – Karume’s ‘Son’

Posted by Administrator on December 4, 2011

Njenga Karume’s alleged illegitimate son yesterday admitted that the former minister paid him and his mother Sh5 million three years ago “to silence them”. While urging the court to allow his case to proceed to full hearing, Edwin Thuo told Justice David Majanja to ignore the consent signed for the withdrawal of the suit.

Through his lawyer Irungu Kang’ata, Thuo said the said consent, signed in December 2008, was marred with undue influence and therefore cannot be enforced by the court. “Even if we benefitted by taking some money, the agreement is null and void because it curtails a right,” said Kang’ata.

He added that Sh5 million was nothing compared with the rights he was forced to forego then. The lawyer added that there was a difference between the current case and the earlier one filed by Thuo’s mother Lucy Muthoni in 2007. He said the suit was different because in the earlier one, the case was filed in private capacity but in the current one, he has filed it in public law because there were “millions of illegitimate children” who would wish to come to court seeking similar prayers.

The point was objected by Karume’s lawyer Fred Ngatia who said he had been instructed to oppose the suit by “one father and not millions”. On his part, Karume, through Ngatia, said that the case should be dismissed because Thuo did not disclose the fact the case had been settled in 2008.

He said the court cannot vary consent order unless it is established it was signed under duress, there was a mistake or fraud. Ngatia added that in the consent, recorded before the Registrar of the High Court, Thuo and his mother wholly withdrew, and discontinued the matter and abandoned all the claims against Karume.

Terming the case as the height of absurdity, Karume added that the petition was identical to the one filed in 2007 only that Thuo had chosen to drop his surname of Kigera. The lawyer added that Thuo was above 18 years and he was not seeking parental support from Karume. Thuo, 45, is seeking a DNA test to confirm whether Karume is his biological father.

His mother – Muthoni – has filed an affidavit in support of Thuo’s case. Other than the DNA test, Thuo is seeking compensation of Sh101 million for alleged suffering he has suffered over the years as a result of Karume’s rejection. Justice Majanja will give his ruling on January 27, 2012.



12 Responses to “I Was Paid Sh5 Million to Be Silent – Karume’s ‘Son’”

  1. mwangi said

    “Other than the DNA test, Thuo is seeking compensation of Sh101 million for alleged suffering he has suffered over the years as a result of Karume’s rejection”

    that my friends is the whole reason for this case PESA ati how much, bana am even ashamed that he has a figure 🙂

  2. akilimingi said

    mwangi.you do not think that Mr thuo is entitled to his birthright.he deserve hes case to be heard.

  3. faith said

    I think Thuo should seek more. Karume is worth billions,so 101m is loose change. And why does Karume think his son doesn’t deserve his wealth? He never choose the circumstances of his birth. Karume did.

  4. leo said

    If Karume was a poor man, would this mother still tell the same thing to his son?There is money to be tapped here and we are talking about millions. When there is no money to be tapped, kids like thuo are never told who their father is. In case they ask, they are scolded and silenced.The late kamau wanjiru is just one example. He died without knowing his true father but I can tell he didn’t care either because he had plenty of money. Look what happened after he died. A lot of poor wazee walijitokeza kutoka karibu pande zote za Kenya ku claim eti they fathered wanjiru. There was money to be tapped and that’s why people Like karume should not worry about the DNA testing because this thuo might not be his son after all. I hope they dont have to refund the 3millions they kulad already if Karume ever have the gut to take the DNA testing. Those who sleeps around are always sleeping around and that’s why people take DNA testing because it is the only way to be sure. So, MZEE eda,eda,eda.

    • You are asking a lot of money, Thuo who lied to you that one can get that kind of money. Put yourself in that situation. Iam not defending Mr Njenga. Even if you assume Mr Njenga has much money a lot of it is in form of debt. It seem you want to leap Mr Njenga. This is hypocris and if you get that money won,t help you.

  5. Shiro Kamau said

    Thou…Thou….i feel he is trying to blackmail Mr.Karume. Yes he has all the rights to be mtoto wake but why in the first place agree to shut up then get the money and start payukaring? Probably he has blown the 5m in koinange street and need more. I believe every kid has a right to know their parents but trying some weird means and trying to talk just because Karume sleeps on top of cash is not necessary. Bet you the lawyer representing him is the one who wants the money more.
    Nway Daktari Mutunga is awaiting ya all…..he will make sense at the end of the day…..not forgeting Nancy…Lucky Thuo i bet!!!

  6. Kianduma said

    This guy should grow up! Nothing more rewarding than one’s hard work! A tycoon works extra hard to keep himself in that level and I remember some yrs back, a friend who worked for a bank in the country used to tell me that the very first call every morning was from Karume enquiring whether he’s out of the overdraft. In other words, he operated from the overdraft and despite daily deposits, he couldn’t get out of that hole thus a very worried man! I’ve also worked for a couple of what we call “rich” but, despite putting on a smiling face, they’re worried inside due to loans! So, this guy should respect huyu mzee!!

    Him and the mother should have approached Karume in a better way if at all ~ he’s his son. If they had gotten such a figure, they should have invested properly or better still, in his education. Karume’s children are well educated and he could have as well let them to sleep and wait for inheretance! But he knows better…self reliance is the way to go!

  7. Kangemi said

    My only marvel in this case is that it should send jitters to men who father kids ovyo ovyo. Once you go down that road you should accept the consequences especially if you are monied. It simply isn’t worth it. If you have been to Kenya during the December holidays, you probably have seen how diaspora men behave. Someday, a creative lawyer will successfully file a crossborder case for DNA and child support for a child fathered by an overseas Kenyan. All hell will break loose then as there will be nowhwere to hide!

    • leo said

      Well put kangemi,I think you have already invented somethinng for lawyers and you should hold this as your invention. Just do do it before I do. Down Town Bro.

    • Shiro Kamau said

      well put Kangemi….but i am tempted to conclude that experience is the best teacher…Are you a victim?
      Utashikwa mara pap….and yet you are the inventer!!!!!! ole wao!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kangemi said

        @ Leo, I thought about it as I was typing hahahahaha. If you do it, give me a small cut…okay Bro?

        @Shiro, good one. I am in Kenya a few months of the year every year and I can spot a diaporan a mile away. Spending like a drunken sailor and of course it does not go unnoticed by the locals. I am too sly and know the tactics of the locals to be hooked…..at least so far. Wait, I met my wife a few years ago during one of those trips. Damn, I am a victim hahahahahahahaha I am actually a happy victim LOL

      • leo said

        kent help myself, im !!!!!!! just laughing uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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