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Police Report Reveals New Details Of Kenyan Runner Marko Cheseto’s Disappearance in Alaska

Posted by Administrator on December 6, 2011

Marko Cheseto, the star UAA long distance runner who had his feet amputated last month after going missing for several days in a snowstorm, was struggling with depression at the time of his disappearance, according to a newly-released police report.

According to the UAA campus police report, Cheseto was struggling with sadness after the suicide of his good friend and fellow Kenyan countryman William Ritekwiang in February of this year.

Parts of the police report are redacted, but the document still gives the clearest look yet into the events of November 6, the day Cheseto went missing. The report said that Cheseto woke that Sunday feeling “unhappy.” He tried to do some school work, but the computer system he needed wasn’t working.

The 28-year-old then tried to talk to a friend, ‘to tell him how negative he was feeling about his life and how he was having to struggle to get through life,’ but that friend needed to leave for work, according to the police report. Cheseto then went back to campus, but again, the computer system wasn’t working.

He met with friends for dinner but wasn’t hungry. Cheseto told police that he then began running on the Chester Creek Trail. At some point Cheseto said he passed out. He stated he couldn’t see and didn’t remember anything else until he woke up.

By then, it was snowing and Cheseto was laying under a tree with snow covering his legs. Cheseto’s coach said that’s when the young man decided to fight for his life. “What he does remember is waking up and thinking this is not the place he wants to die,” said UAA track and cross-country coach Michael Friess said. “At that point you have a choice. Are you going to get up and move on and face all the consequences, all the issues he knows that are in front of him, is he going to do that or is he still going to be on the ground? He decided to pull himself up.”

Friess said Cheseto is mentally in a better place now and that he wants to help others. He said Cheseto has also talked about training for the Paralympics. “He knows that would be one way to inspire others and he wants to do that,” Friess said.



6 Responses to “Police Report Reveals New Details Of Kenyan Runner Marko Cheseto’s Disappearance in Alaska”

  1. ngina said

    after you’ve been down the only way to go is up, young man. best of luck to you and Gods’ abundant blessings in your life.

  2. barry said

    whatever the case..you are alive. Suicides are becoming rampant among all age groups regardlesss of their status in society. Positive thoughts will pull you through your rough ordeals in life.keep fighting and be strong..Not only does this apply to to Marko, but to all who dwell in this crazy world that we live in through these hard times..

  3. mwangi said

    Lesson, always create time to listen to a friend ata kama you are going to work, use texts, calls etc make sure you find out exactly why someone was looking for you esp in a foreign country! Do not let the haste of life and another mark, pound, dollar or rand be so important that we miss the desolate face/look/feel of a friend. Meanwhile be honest, if you are going down depressed talk to someone do not let your challenges kill you! Share,talk to someone anyone a church etc

  4. Mwari wa Mugo said

    I feel bad for this young man and I wonder how many are going through the same thing. Depression is real. I am sure the friend who was too busy to talk to him feels horrible. I know how busy we sometimes are and very genuinely busy… well, I am glad he will make it.

  5. wamaitu said

    Thats American life. people r too busy for any 1 else.Pole kijana. Christ help us.

  6. BRIAN KIBET said

    Am very sorry for what my cousin want thrnugh, am praying God to help him have quick recovery,that was realy tantomounting, God help Cheseto.

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