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Video: New Kenyan Parliamentary Seats costing Sh200,000 a seat!

Posted by Administrator on December 7, 2011

Now, starting march next year, members of parliament could be transacting their legislative business in the new chambers.. The ministry of public works says the completion of the 949 – million – shilling project, was now on course, after a tender dispute was resolved…but, here is the catch.. One of the first things to be completed as early as February 2012 will be a 352-seat chamber, at a cost of 200,000 shillings per seat. Willis Raburu reports on the price of comfort, in the national assembly.


2 Responses to “Video: New Kenyan Parliamentary Seats costing Sh200,000 a seat!”

  1. African Prince H said

    Kenyans politicians resemble hungry hyenas, how for God sake can they spent search amount of money ??, for there own comfort and yet we have millions of deserving Kenyans citizen’s lamenting in IDP’S CAMPS, , i hate them with all my heart . Greedy bastard.. all of them .
    They represent the Hungry hyenas club. don’t say leaders.. leaders my foot.

  2. 45 Nakuru said

    Bitter Joe
    Congrats Prince H.
    If God ascend down from heaven and step on the Gate of Kenya Pariament and observes those men and women Honered as” Mheshimiwas” He would faint wandering whether these greedy creature vulture like are Lieutenants of devil .
    They only minds about their stomach. Not other poor helpless with nothing to eat.
    Politicians should learn from Muammah Gaddaffi earthly grab

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