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Video: The Reluctant Outlaw

Posted by Administrator on December 7, 2011

Nairobi’s matatu drivers are generally despised and feared, but one driver dreams of beginning a new life.


5 Responses to “Video: The Reluctant Outlaw”

  1. Ramon said

    WOW….WOW…WOW! And i mean that in a very nice way. I am very impressed by the story. The guy not only has a story to tell, but seems to tell it clearly, expressively and very well….wait, that might be all the same thing…but the point is, I was very impressed by his language skills and can’t wait to read more….

  2. mjmugo said

    very eloquent. i think i need to look at his blog if only i know the name.

  3. bob said

    Man ! Trust in God and have Faith . He knows you . A day is coming when all will be over

  4. Ramon said

    …does anybody know if this guy got the job, or contract, or success at his writing? I’m very curious to find out, because I think he’s underemployed, and needs to catch a break…is anybody listening. I don’t even know him from Adam, but I wish him and his family well. I know lots of people in the US and the UK who can’t even construct a simple sentences in English and this guy does it with some ease….all due to 8-4-4! Hmm, who thought i’d see the day…

  5. mwangi said

    Ohhhhh MAN! its long time since I watched something that gave me goosebumps! Now this is talent , I pray KWANI gives him that breakthrough like it did for the girl who was once a house maid! James is so sharp and you can just pick it from the way he expresses himself! What of how he interacts with his kids and wife when he comes home. I mean he is not even shy telling his kids he loves them and giving kisses, he is the idle father, hardworking, loving and dreaming and doing something to chase his dreams. Am off to look for his blog! Hope someone will do a followup and let us know when he gets publshed! Am going to buy this one!

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