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New Georgia Board of Nursing Policy May affect Immigrant Nurses’ Careers

Posted by Administrator on December 9, 2011

By Wilson Wanguhu

After January 1st 2012 any Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practicing Nurse (LPN) in Georgia who wants to renew their license will have to go through vigorous verification process which will include proof of legal residency in the United States.

The law to be implemented states that; “(Amendments to O.C.G.A. 50-36-1) Effective January 1, 2012, after December 31, 2011, Georgia law will require all applicants for licensure, and all those applying for renewal of an existing license, to submit secure and verifiable documentation with their application”.

According to Jane Musyoka a Kenyan RN in Atlanta who brought this issue to our attention so that we can sensitize the community, the implementation could put immigrant nurses’ jobs at risk.  Jane added that “If there were any complications in the renewal process then this would delay the license and hence cause loss of jobs or income”

Every nurse in Georgia is required to renew their license every couple of years and cannot hold a job unless their licenses is current. The verification process if it is to emulate the ‘E-verify’ then it could be married by errors seen in the federal verification program that has affected even those who are born here.

The nursing board’s website recommends that nurses to consider filing their renewal application on or before December 31, 2011 as this will expedite their renewal and avoid being caught in the web of the new policy.

“If you know you have problems, it is better you renew your license before the beginning of the year or start to think of relocation plan” Nancy Wangeci an RN working in Clayton County Georgia told KEN on the phone.

Georgia has tightened their immigration policies, passing very restrictive laws to curb illegal immigrants.  This comes at the heels of the neighboring state Alabama passing laws that have been considered anti-immigrant hence creating a mass exit of the Latino community. The civil society has raised the alarm that the law is being used to bully the immigrants or anyone who does not look Caucasian.

Source- http://www.kimmediagroup.com/component/content/article/7-diaspora-news/437-new-georgia-board-of-nursing-policy-may-affect-immigrant-nurses-careers.html


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African Stabbed to Death, Ears Chopped Off in Moscow

Posted by Administrator on December 9, 2011

Police are searching for suspects in the killing of a black man who was found lying facedown with his ears removed alongside train tracks in southern Moscow.

The Nigerian native, identified as 28-year-old Akintola Olufemi, was found dead on Tuesday afternoon by passers-by at the tracks leading to Paveletsky Station, near Nagorny Proyezd, the Interfax newswire reported. The man had been stabbed at least “22 times,” the agency reported, citing a law enforcement source.

Both the man’s ears had been cut off, Lifenews.ru reported.

Investigators are considering “several scenarios, a principle one being the involvement of radical nationalist movements,” the source told Interfax. “That scenario is particularly plausible considering the exceptional severity with which the crime was committed.”

Another explanation could be “payback by an ethnic Nigerian gang involved in the drug trade,” Interfax wrote. “Investigators are examining the deceased’s involvement in drug-trafficking in Moscow,” the source said.

“Many Nigerian immigrants fall into drug-trafficking and the sex trade in Moscow,” Lifenews.ru wrote.

If the murder were racially motivated, committed by extreme nationalists, the ears could have been taken as hunting trophies.

Early this month, a group of teenagers were found guilty of killing a “non-Slavic” man in the west Siberian city of Tomsk, after they chopped off one of his ears, the Investigative Committee said Nov. 7 in a statement.

The court ruled that the crime was “motivated by racial and ethnic hatred,” the statement said.

After severely beating the man, who had an “Asian appearance,” one of the perpetrators used a broken bottle to cut off his ear, investigators said. The victim died at the scene.

Source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/blogs/434079/post/african-stabbed-to-death-ears-chopped-off/448599.html#ixzz1g1C0Bqph
The Moscow Times

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Illegal Africans to Get $500, Truck License, Courtesy of Israel

Posted by Administrator on December 9, 2011

The government on Sunday is set to discuss a plan to deport thousands of illegal African immigrants who have been arrested in recent months. The plan, which will cost NIS 630 million, will include construction of a detainment camp in southern Israel for illegal aliens who have been arrested and are awaiting deportation – and will include a government-funded training program that will give the illegals skills they can use in their home countries when they leave Israel.

According to a report on Army Radio, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu asked the Shabak, Mossad, and IDF to come up with “creative suggestions” for dealing with the illegals. The Foreign Ministry suggested expanding a training program that other illegals have participated in, and giving each refugee $500. The new program will train refugees for work as truck drivers. A Foreign Ministry official said that the skills would be very useful for refugees heading back to Southern Sudan, which is now an independent country and needs professional drivers.

The Ministry has trained hundreds of illegals in similar programs – with one course giving them agricultural skills, and another teaching them skills for use in small business. The success of those programs has prompted the government to seek to expand them to thousands more illegals.

In an interview Thursday, Interior Minister Eli Yishai said he was determined to send illegal Africans back home, “even if it is unpopular to do so. We cannot be overly liberal in this matter. I realize they are returning to the third world, but Israel cannot take them all in,” Yishai said.

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/150535

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13 Signs That He Does Not Care for You

Posted by Administrator on December 9, 2011

Here is one fundamental difference between men and women: while women actually relish the opportunity to express their emotions, few things scare men more than a confrontation which might involve questions about how they feel. Above all, the spectacle of a woman in tears making bitter accusations is so terrifying that a man will do anything to avoid letting things come to that. This leads many men to continue seeing a woman they have secretly lost interest in – anything to avoid a scene.

So ladies! Do you have a nagging suspicion that all is not well with your relationship? Do you sometimes wonder if maybe it’s time you stop fighting a losing battle and just give up? That maybe you are flogging a dead horse as you struggle to “keep your relationship alive”? But then, what are the signs you should look out for? How would you know if the guy you imagine is your boyfriend is actually a desperate or (even worse) bored man who feels trapped and is looking for a way out? How do you know if he is secretly hoping you will read the writing on the wall, realise that he no longer wants you, and just go away?

Our Relationships Correspondent RAHEL MUKAMI did a little research and this is what she came up with:

He will not let you leave things at his house- For obvious reasons; a man who is not in love with you will not risk being caught with stuff of a woman who does not mean much to him. Mary, for example, told me that her alleged boyfriend always help her pack all her clothes on Sunday afternoon. “He ensures everything is in my traveling bag-even the toothbrush. I find this very strange and I know there is something wrong, but I cannot put a finger on it. How I would love to believe that all is well.”

He does not seem that interested in intimacy- A man’s emotions can have a huge impact on his sexual desires. “When I meet up with my girlfriends for coffee, they complain that their men want sex every now and then. My man has lost interest in it. He rarely kisses me. The only time we make love is when I initiate it. Initially my perfume was enough to sexually excite him. Slowly by slowly the intimacy has waned and he has totally lost the spark. Something tells me that he has as much need for sexuality as ever. He is just getting his needs met elsewhere.” says Carol.

He does not take interest in your life-“I had enough to think about; the elusive shilling, my bank loan and inflation, where to invest-given the Syokimau saga but more importantly how I will find myself a wife. The last thing I wanted is for Alice to come and start telling me the nitty-gritties of her work, her employer or her relatives. I enjoy going for a drink with her, she has the looks, class and elegance but that’s just it. It caresses my ego to have her besides me and show her off to the boys.” says James

He refuses to make future plans with you- I know it’s a bitter pill to swallow but if he makes plans for his future -long-term or short-term- and does not at least mention it to you and ask you what you think, am sorry to burst your bubbles but chances are that you do not feature in his future. If you find yourself in this dilemma, I think contending with the facts is the best thing to do, it helps you to exit with dignity.

He does not pick calls and does not call back – It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that someone who is not picking up your calls is basically not into you. “I knew my girlfriend was a modern woman and she had some reserved pride. I did not have the courage to say goodbye. I decided to try ignoring her till she goes approach. I ignored her calls and did not bother calling back. It worked for me she invited me over for dinner and broke up with me. Am happy no hearts were broken.” says Timothy.

He only sees you at night- If he calls you at around 10pm on Friday to ask if you are home so he can come visit you, and all you do that night is sex, baby girl you are a booty call. Such men will wake up very early in the morning and leave. He would not even be interested in your breakfast. If you are booty call by design, be assured that he will not be your booty call. This is evident in a recorded Kenyan dialogue between Muturi and Nicole that went round the social Medias some weeks back. It’s a pity, that this is happening to some Kenyan ladies and they are letting it happen. The men in question do not value or respect these ladies. I would advise them to stop living their life on these men’s time.

If he maintains emotional and physical distance- “I noticed that my best female friend was falling in love with me. I knew I needed her, but not in that sense. She is a good girl, but what I felt for her was purely affection. It was not hard to fall in love with her, but I knew deep inside that if it happened it would not last. I avoided direct eye contact and kept my distance while talking to her, insisted on handshakes, I stopped being too much of a friend. I did not want to send wrong signals. She was smart enough, she got the message. We are still friends and I am happy she got a man who loves her as she truly deserved.” says John.

He does not introduce you to his relatives or friends-“I am now a second wife, a fact that am yet to come to terms with. He treated me right; he pulled chairs for me and bought me flowers. He loved me-or so he claimed. I have always questioned why he had never introduced me to his family and friends but I was too blinded too see. I got pregnant and he married me. I got to learn of the first wife after delivering my baby. If I knew then, what I know now I would never have agreed to get married. I feel betrayed but am also to blame. I should have seen it coming.” regrets Karen. A different form of this is if he takes far too long to introduce you to his siblings. You may have read that in some Western nations it is considered culturally acceptable to have an agreement with your ‘significant other’ that you will both “not allow family to interfere in your relationship”. Well, this is Africa! If he does not arrange for you to meet his brothers or sisters fairly soon into your relationship (unless of course he does not have any) then he is already halfway out the door.

He pulls a disappearing act and avoids spending time with you- If you live in the same town, you call him your man but you only see him once in a month, you should be able to know that things between the two of you are falling apart. He may claim he is busy, but the truth is that we all have 24 hours in a day, nobody is abundant of time, and it’s how we choose to spend our time that matters after all. We create time for things and people that are important to us. If your man does not create time for you, it’s a sign that you are not a priority in his life. If he only sees you when he is bored, girlfriend, please find a way out.

He does not spent money on you- Ladies, if your man has money, but does not spent on you, he most probably feel like spending money on the relationship is a waste because he doesn’t see it going anywhere. Jane who recently broke up with her boyfriend can attest to this. She says that the only way his boyfriend spent on her is buying her drinks. He had a car and if he was not going with her to her place he did not care dropping her home, or giving her money to take a cab.

If you are the one who is always calling, texting or fixing dates- Anne who needed some advice from a relationship columnist of local newspapers asks, “I am dating this guy and he never calls me. I’m always the one to call, text or email him. He tells me he will call but he does not honour his words. I really don’t want to leave him for just that reason because I really do like him. What should I do?” I would tell Anne to stop initiating talks with him because he does not desire talking to her. I would hate to break it to her that the guy is simply not interested in her.

If he encourages you to date other people- This is most common in friendship between opposite sex. If you tell your male friend that you went out with some guy and they are happy for you and continues to encourage you then he only sees you as just a friend. A man who is interested in you as a woman will be alarmed to hear you say that you are going out on a date with a certain man.

He attends major event without you- We hear it every time on busted- a famous radio show-where a man is asked to go for a company event with a lady. The man definitely chooses the lady who he will gladly and proudly introduce to his colleagues. If he does not choose to go with you, he probably does not want to be seen with you, he might go with someone else or he is simply ashamed of you.


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Richard Branson, in 2-hour Nairobi traffic jam, sees Africa’s business shortcomings firsthand

Posted by Administrator on December 9, 2011

NAIROBI, Kenya — Virgin Atlantic billionaire Richard Branson sat in a car for two hours on Thursday, snarled in Nairobi’s maddening traffic while trying to reach a conference where business leaders discussed the barriers to commercial success in Africa.

The continent’s roadways — not surprisingly — were near the top of the complaints from participants in the daylong event. One investor noted that in order to ship her goods from West Africa to East Africa her products had to transit through Europe.

Africa appears poised on the edge of a business boom. The continent’s middle class is growing, a half dozen countries are seeing growth rates at 6.5 percent and above, and African leaders predict high returns for international investors. Botswana’s growth rate is near 12 percent, while Nigeria’s and Rwanda’s are both at 7 percent. Kenya is at 4 percent, all according to Trading Economics.

But hurdles remain, including corruption by politicians and other government workers, access to reliable high-speed Internet, unreliable electricity and the continent’s poor highway infrastructure.

Branson said the leaders of African countries must be above corruption, or it will ricochet down to the police and customs agents. His airline, Virgin Atlantic, is losing money on its London-Nairobi route — perhaps in part because of travel warnings concerning Kenya’s fight with Somali militants — but Branson remains optimistic about the continent’s future.

“Africa is growing much faster than Europe or America, and if African countries are led well there’s no reason why Africa can’t be as great and powerful as the Far East,” he said. “You could have a business revolution where you could see growth of 7 to 8 percent in Africa if the countries are run well.”

Tony Elumela, the chairman of Heirs Holding Ltd., a private investment firm, told the crowd at the downtown Nairobi conference that Africa’s infrastructure remains a problem, but that global investors will ignore Africa at their own peril.

“All they think of is war in Africa, corruption in Africa,” he said. But later, Elumela added: “I think the global crisis is creating a new opportunity, that when there is prosperity we ask, ‘Why do we have to go beyond the shores of my country?’ But when things are not so good maybe we think, ‘Beyond my country where else can I go?’”

An American social entrepreneur at the conference, Andreas Zeller, advises small and medium businesses and helps them gain access to capital as part of his work with Open Capital. He said he sees a growing number of private-public partnerships in Kenya today, helping get businesses off the ground, but that they still need basic infrastructure, like roads.

“Someone getting their goods to market are taking the roads and the roads are crappy,” Zeller said. He agreed with the view from others that the U.S. hasn’t been proactive enough in Africa.

China is pouring millions of dollars into road projects and developing the energy sector across Africa. But the oil that is being developed in Uganda, for instance, has to go to port in Mombasa, and that Kenyan coastal city needs more investment.

Elumela argued that African leaders need to come together and define continental priorities to advance, like a continental road network and electrical grid. China, he said, can help with both.

James Mwengi is the chief executive of Equity Bank in Kenya and chairs the country’s Vision 2030, a growth plan that is already building new highways and overpasses in the Kenyan capital. He acknowledged Kenya’s infrastructure problem, saying the country’s leaders didn’t develop roads the last two decades. He said Kenya is now tackling the problem, including building a new airport train route.

“We hope by September Richard Branson will not come with a car from the airport to Nairobi,” Mwengi said. “He will come by a commuter train that will take him only 15 minutes, not two hours. The good thing is that four stations are under construction.”

Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/africa/richard-branson-in-2-hour-nairobi-traffic-jam-sees-africas-business-shortcoming-firsthand/2011/12/08/gIQARJnEfO_story.html

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Richard Branson opening a game reserve in Kenya

Posted by Administrator on December 9, 2011

Richard Branson intends to open game reserve in Kenya

Richard Branson intends to open game reserve in Kenya

British billionaire Richard Branson says he plans to open a luxury camp in a new reserve next to Kenya’s famed Masai Mara game park next year.

The Masai Mara is famed for the waves of wildebeest that migrate from Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park north into the Mara once a year.

Branson called the migration one of the top “wonders” in the world.

On the sidelines of a business conference in Nairobi on Thursday, Branson said his project “will help protect the migration routes by creating some reserves just around the Masai (Mara).”

Branson, who is to travel to the Masai Mara region Thursday and Friday, said he hoped the 15-tent luxury camp would be open in the next four to six months.

Branson has run a game reserve in South Africa for the last 20 years. He already helps fund the aid group Free the Children, which works in the Masai Mara region.

Source: http://www.suntimes.com/entertainment/people/9327199-421/richard-branson-opening-game-reserve-in-kenya.html

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My wife should pay me maintenance – Philip Moi

Posted by Administrator on December 9, 2011

RETIRED President Moi’s son Philip now wants his estranged wife Rosanna Pluda to pay for his upkeep and not the other way round. Philip argues they are equals before the law. He is contesting a maintenance award of Sh250,000 given to Rosanna by the High Court this year. Philip argues the constitution regards parties in a marriage as equals and therefore it should not only be the husband to pay maintenance.

Philip’s lawyer Evans Ondieki told Justice GBM Kariuki yesterday; “The constitution regards both parties as equals. She should maintain Philip. It is not a one-way traffic”. He accused Rosanna of immorality and asked the court not to compel Philip to pay her maintenance. Philip argued that it would be difficult for him to pay for her upkeep since she left him for another man.

However, judge Kariuki warned Philip to stick to the main arguments and not to sidetrack. Philip wants the judge to reduce the Sh250,000 monthly maintenance award and has asked that it be stayed until his appeal is concluded. Philip said the award by Justice Roselyne Nambuye towards the upkeep of Rosanna and their children was based on speculation. “The order was not based on statement of earnings. Instead it is based on mere speculation. Maintenance must be premised on tangible evidence. This kind of order will endanger men,” his lawyer argued.

Philip said the route taken by Rosanna to have him committed to civil jail for failing to pay maintenance would not help the children. “If he is in jail he is not able to pay school fees. For her to want the father of her children to be sent to jail goes against international laws,” said Ondieki. Rosanna however urged the court to dismiss Philip’s appeal as frivolous. “This plea by Philip is a ploy to delay the conclusion of the matter as there is no substantial grounds cited for the relief sought,” her lawyer Judy Thongori declared.

She said what she found draconian was not her application to have Philip committed to civil jail but his guts to disobey a court order and walk away. She told the court that Philip, despite the order being given in 2010, has not paid the monthly upkeep. Philip has only paid her Sh270,000 so far even though he was asked to pay Sh250,000 a month in May 2011, she said. She argued that the maintenance was determined by a court order and not contractual obligation, and therefore Philip should be compelled to pay. “Philip is unwilling, he is not unable. It has been found that he has the capacity,” Thongori said. The court will give its ruling on February 9, 2012.


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Canada Introduces New Super Visas for Family Reunion

Posted by Administrator on December 9, 2011

OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwire -12/01/11)- The first applications for the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa will be accepted today, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney announced.

The Parent and Grandparent Super Visa is one element of Phase I of the Action Plan for Faster Family Reunification, announced in November. The Super Visa will allow applicants to remain in Canada for up to 24 months at a time without having to renew their status.

To be eligible, the applicant must:

--  Be a parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
--  Provide a written commitment of financial support from their child or grandchild in Canada, including proof that the child 
   or grandchild meets the minimum necessary income (Low Income Cut-Off); 
-- Undergo the Immigration Medical Examination; 
--  Submit proof that they have purchased comprehensive Canadian medical insurance, valid for at least one year; and 
--  Satisfy the visa officer that they meet all other standard admissibility criteria.

Current processing times through the Family Class indicate that many parents and grandparents could wait for eight years or more to be accepted to Canada. With the Super Visa, they could be enjoying the company of their family in about eight weeks.

Follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/CitImmCanada.

Building a stronger Canada: Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) strengthens Canada’s economic, social and cultural prosperity, helping ensure Canadian safety and security while managing one of the largest and most generous immigration programs in the world.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada
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