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Man rewards his donkeys on his graduation day

Posted by Administrator on December 12, 2011

His church members rode in the cart

His church members rode in the cart

John Muiruri Mburu has come from far, and he knows this too well.

On the day of his graduation, he knew the one thing that he owes his success is… wait a minute not his immediate family but his donkeys.

Mburu has been assisted by his donkey to vend water within Naivasha Township.

This has earned him enough to take himself to school and is now the proud holder of a diploma in Theology.

To celebrate his achievements, he decided to take a ride around town with his beasts.

His church members rode on the carts.

This was the case of praising the bridge that carried him over.

He is proud that his donkeys got the recognition

Naivasha residents were all smiles as they milled the streets to congratulate the new graduate.

Source: http://kbc.co.ke/news.asp?nid=73969


2 Responses to “Man rewards his donkeys on his graduation day”

  1. M Gachanja said

    Conglatulations on your success. Unfortunately I don’t see your donkeys celebrating but hauling the celebraters in carts.

  2. sam gwaya said

    you do not reward your donkeys by making them pull people, you feed them something special and of course let them rest!

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