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Posted by Administrator on December 18, 2011

The book, is an epitome of more than 20 years of quiet observations, silent listening of debates and opinions and analyzing of facts as Kenyans and the world react to EVOLVING and DAILY DEVELOPING situations inside Kenya, and more specifically the last four years.

I am born citizen of Kenya, living in USA since 1992 and now a naturalized citizen. For one month between June and July of 2008, I visited Kenya. This was on a mission to witness the fresh damages, wounds and scars from the bloody clashes occasioned by incitements from tribal warlords and also to see for myself, the general state of affairs in a nation looted to the bone by the same demagogues purporting to be leaders.
My book, which has taken thousands of intensive hours of reading, research and compilation since 2009, represents my deep passion for homeland and a genuine compassion for the welfare of our fellow citizens. It is also my expression of great faith and hope for a great future for Kenya under a Youthful Leadership, which I believe, will Reclaim Kenya block by block in every area of socioeconomic and political life that qualifies our Nation into a list of dysfuntional and failed states.
Setting The Agenda for War to Reclaim Kenya
This is the Subtitle of the book which might read like excerpts from The famous, General Marshall’s Plan of 1948, for the Reconstruction of Europe after the World War 11. It is my fervent hope that the contents herein will create a forum where right thinking Kenyans at home and abroad will engage in a candid discussion and debates about the future of our homeland, addressing the main issues: CORRUPTION, ETHNIC DIVISIONS and most importantly, INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL INSECURITY and how reactionary administrations, narrow vision and lack of political will by the past and present leadership elites continue to fail Kenya citizens in these three most crucial issues that speak to the ENABLING ENVIRONMENT which is necessary to unleash the ingenuity, creative and innovative potency in our people, to BUILD A PROSPEROUS NATION. The challenge, especially to us living abroad, is to move BEYOND BLOGS and WALK-THE TALK come 2012 Elections.
I warn you in advance, that the material in this book is not for the fainthearted or those who stand in the valley of decision but for the bold revolutionaries who dream of a kenya beyond tribal demigods; a free kenya where citizens will not be judged by the language they speak but their identity as sons and daughters of the land.
To view more details as to the contents of my book, to read my introduction of the book and order your copy click on the link below to access the Website, KENYA OF THE FUTURE.
By Wilfred R Nkoyo (Major Kenya Army Retired)

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