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Video: African American artists explain why they do not perform in Africa

Posted by Administrator on December 18, 2011


2 Responses to “Video: African American artists explain why they do not perform in Africa”

  1. maLaika said

    Why is it that Africa is conceived as a ( country) you artist you go to Europe and you know the difference between Germany and France ( you know the difference between Frankfurt and Paris) but Africa is ????? call a country by name.. I only heard South Africa and Nigeria at least somebody tried…and what is this stereotype that Africans don’t like African Americans…I’ve been in the US for 13 yrs, first time I heard it…maybe cause I don’t waste time trying to figure out people…Be nice to people and the right thing will happen to you…. scared of mosquitoes,… how about a net…might not be Bono’s thousands but you can surely touch a life

  2. raspeople said

    Most of what this artists say is true, there is alot of ignorance about about Africans and vice versa. Many africanamericans know that africans have some deragatory names for them which i say is straight ignorant. Africans especially those in the states should make an effort to reach out:its not easy, but its doable. We have alot to offer as human beings to our american brothers and them to us. The time to focus on bad past experiences and stories, especially stories is over. Most of us ignore the misconceptions that exist, and like the proverbial ostrich, bury our heads in the sand. We can’t change people but we can at least inform people of who we are, at least we are not hatefull people as its believed, or are we?

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