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A Kenyan dies in Newark NJ

Posted by Administrator on December 20, 2011

It is with heavy hearts and acceptance of God’s will that we inform you of death of Joseph Kaburu Kaguta of Newark NJ. late Kaburu passed on on Friday Dec 16th after a long battle with Cancer. He leaves behind a loving wife, children and a loving mother all who lives in Kenya. Friends, family, all kenyans and friends of Kenya, community at large are meeting daily for prayers and fundraising funds to help bring Kaburu’s remain back home in Kenya.

The meeting are being held at Michael Gacicio’s residents at 690 South 20th Street, Newark NJ. A bank account has been opened to cater for funeral funds at TD BANK; Checks may be addressed and sent to Michael Gacicio on the same address above. Deposits can also be done at TD bank; Routing#031201360; account# 4266479679.

A Mini-FUNDRAISING will be held on Tuesday & Thursday from 6pm to 10pm at the same meeting location.

The MAIN FUNDRAISING will be held on Friday 12/23/2011, 6pm-11pm; location to the main fundraising will be communicated as informaion become available.

The body is being preserved at Perry Funeral Home, 34 Mercer St, Newark NJ 07103. in Newark NJ, Viewing will be held on Saturday 12/24/2011. More information on time and schedule will follow as arrangements are made.

We are appealing to all friends, kenyans and all our kenyan friends to join us to help in whatever capacity God will direct them. It is by faitha that we have arranged all the vents and we are asking you to remember Kaburu’s family in your prayers.. God gives and God takes, His will has been done and we praise him for that..

We are requesting all friend and family to also bring food, snacks, drink etc to share with others during the daily prayers. The list will be sent around for all those available to cook for fundraising and other meetings. all your help with this will be greatly appreciated.

Please contact the following people could you have any question..

Michael Gacicio 908 436-8627

Eric Murigu 201 618-2312

Susan Murigu 201 618-2310

Lugard 973 277-0323

Joe Gacicio 973 979-6388

Muchai 973 224-2610

Ben Mulli 919 442-8473

Lucy Gathanga 862 755-0404

Martha Mwangi 908 380-1944

Serah Munyiri 908 812-7965

Mrs. Chiocha 848 467-1686


2 Responses to “A Kenyan dies in Newark NJ”

  1. Virgy. said

    My condolence to the family,R.I.P Mr. Kaburu.

  2. pastor said

    RIP Joe, u will be missed!

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