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Former US envoy to Kenya weds his Kenyan girfriend

Posted by Administrator on December 20, 2011

Former US ambassador to Kenya Michael Ranneberger is reported to have married his long time Kenyan girlfriend in a low key civil ceremony at the Attorney General’s office in Nairobi on Friday.

Sources said Ranneberger visited Sheria House in the company of his companion Ruth Konchellah on Friday mid morning and went through the procedure in the presence of witnesses before signing their marriage certificate. “They visited Sheria House on Friday morning and held a civil marriage ceremony before leaving for an undisclosed destination,” said a source who watched the event.

The former US diplomat has publicly admitted being in love with Konchellah, a charity worker he met while an official duty in Trans Mara in the early days of his tenure. “While attending a womens rights event in a small village of Enoosen in Trans Mara, I was impressed by the way she talked on behalf of women. I took notice.

On a personal level, I have been  fortunate to become a king to a certain lady, and she became a queen to  me. That, to me, is a very fulfilling experience. I will keep everybody posted on that. I don’t want to say much about it  at this point. It has been interesting. These things happen.  Opportunities come by and one can only be grateful when these things  happen that way,” Ranneberger is quoted in the media as saying in reference to his association with Konchellah.

Konchellah addressed  guests who attended Ranneberger’s  farewell party at his Muthaiga home on April 28. The two have been spotted in public together including having lunch at an Italian restaurant in the city centre and driving off in a sliver Subaru Imprezza. Konchellah confirmed to the Star in an interview earlier this year that she and Ranneberger were partners.

Source: http://the-star.co.ke/national/national/54513-ranneberger-marries-his-kenyan-girlfriend


42 Responses to “Former US envoy to Kenya weds his Kenyan girfriend”

  1. gachungwa said

    hope she wont end up with the German bulldogsin a 3way set up!

    • Krafty said

      Usiwe hivyo wewee….. wacha machungu. Mwenzako amepata muzungu (lol). Ooops, u may be right after all, its happened.

  2. catherine said

    while others are dying others are lucky,they are getting hooked up

  3. Where are the cows and goats for dowry.Next time ,we request him to finish the process as an Africa bride would have done.Pay the dowry and host nyama chama for Kenya.
    An because ,she is so beautiful pay additional dowry to Kenyan Government through Taxman.If you do not believe ,she is beautiful ,ask how many people,dreamed of marrying her.
    Nothing wrong ,with marrying but a lit respect for African culture ,will make Kenyan community that ,he has become a Kenya American .

  4. Kangemi said

    Questions in my head…
    Did he marry for love or Kenyan papers?
    Does he pay lots of money for the multiple pieces of paperwork which is hopefully correctly filled?
    Does he get a temporally Kenyan green card to be reviewed for approval in two years?
    Will he use a lawyer for this process?
    I hope people in Kenya keep asking him the always annoying question “You have an accent, where are you from?”
    Will cops profile him to be pulled over on Kenyan roads lots?
    Never mind, it is a Mzungu in Kenya and they are treated like semi gods unlike Kenyans here who have to go through almost an act of God to be legal….

    Phew, thanks for letting me vent!

    • Palm Pilot Aluoch said

      You know his pasty pale ass didn’t have to jaza akina I-485, I-130, I-751,N-400 na kadhalika. If anything Kenyan gov’t probably begged him to get the citizenship seeing how they love bending over backwards for wazungu.

  5. As per Kenyan law, he has or have already gone Kenyan citizenship.He has met the requirement as per Kenyan law.He has been in the country for more than 5 years,speaks both Swahili and English and has given interest by the queen.
    Kenya as an African country does welcome visitor very well with open hand and does not have middle process of green card and renewing.Kenyan officials loves foreigners so much that his processing will be very faster or has already being finished,unless opticians fear him.
    He is a white person.and thus will investment in properties and many things.Kenya as a economic center for East and center Africa ,will attract him a lot.He will be able to tap in rich resources of the surrounding countries that deal with Kenya, such as oils resources from Uganda and Sudan.He will have access Zaire,the richest country in the world in terms of resource ,Zaire has copper,uranium and others resources.
    Might rock horns with a number of politician because as a person ,who loves politics, he will run for senator or governor and interfere too much with the political systems.He loves media , and might even have an top view, showing his relationship with his queens and earn millions.
    Loves know boundaries and such he will still be fighting with the number of Kenyan suitors , have being eyeing his wife and his just hurt their feeling.The will keep on wondering why the had more cows and goats to pay for her and her seems to have just gotten her free. They loved her for the seems reason,he said,”good hearted and helpful women”.Who does not want such as women ,which is just a ice tip of her good qualities ,including her beautiful.He might have to face this men in country ,if he does not pay his dowry both to her parent and Kenyan tax for bringing up such a beautiful women.
    Nobody can prevent a grown up women do do want she want to her lover,including blow and other ,but that does not need her village mates,her parents and taxman should not be paid dowry as per African culture just as an African would have done.If African marry abroad ,he does follows abroad culture and one wonder why the former ambassador should be exceptional.

  6. dorothy said

    i wish them well everybody deserves to be happy

  7. maLaika said

    got some haters here…are you forgetting that he is the former US ambassador?? he can come and go as he please…@ you Pat Muigai Dallas guy…are you Ms.Konchellah’s sibling but just happened to miss the dowry ceremony…Oops…your middle name…Muigai…If you knew that Ms. Konchellah is a Maasai, I bet you you would lose count…ha ha ha!!! To the newly engaged, I wish you happiness

  8. mundia said

    Wacheni wivu.

  9. mundia said

    wacheni uuiru.

    • Kangemi said

      Mundia, what exactly is there to be jealous about? The perception of happiness is what is “sold” to us. About 10 years ago, a friend from Cote D’Ivoire told me that he has yet to see a native born African man or woman who is really happy in a mixed marriage. I told him to cut the bull because happiness is possible anywhere…based on my experiences and those around me, I am starting to think that there is a lot of truth to his statement………

  10. I appreciate, he way he love her but he was not tested like other people.He did not fight a “Lion”
    since you said she was a masai, to prove that he would protect her and he has become a moran.He did
    not pay Dowry to cools all the jealous people ,including morans were had prepared through tough rituals that they are “moran” and are ready through thick amd thin to protect her,”to have her hand in marriage”.Men!!!!where r cows,goats and nyama chama and bili bili kama kawaida(Tusker ice),all that??

  11. ITHAVETHI said

    Nisingelijua mzungu ni binadamu kama sisi kabla kufika hapa Marekani, nisingelifikiria kuwa wazungu wote ni sampuli ya Lord Delamere, Lord Arthur Cole, Zwager wa Oserian Flowers, na wazungu wengine nyumbani ambao huishi maisha ya juu. Ninapomtazama Michael Renneberger na kidosho chake Bi Ruth Konchela, ninashikwa na bubuwazi isiyokuwa ya kinyongo. Itazame busu ambayo inaonyesha takshwishi ya tofauti ya kimila na rangi. Wazungu Wamarekani nijuavyo sasa mimi ni kuwa huwapenda na kutafuta mapenzi kutoka nje kwa sababu wamegundua kwamba wanawake wa ng’ambo lafudhi kwa kulinda ndoa.

    Mkongwe huyu Ranneberger, katika uzee wake sasa, na baada ya kutarakiana mkewe, yuatafuta mke wa kumkimu katika siku zake za uzeeni. Na hapa hamna mambo ya mapenzi. Bi Konchella ana sababu za kufunga pindu na mzungu huyu Mmarekani mwenye sifa kubwa. Naye Ranneberger ana kile anachotafuta kutoka kwa mwanamke huyu na nchi yetu ya Kenya. Kama hamuelewi nisemacho, sijui tena niyaseme yapi.

    • Kangemi said

      Bwana Ithavethi, unavonena, ni kama matamshi ya wazee wanne huko mariakani. Mimi pia, alama ya kushangaa kushanipata nilipo wasili hapa Marikani enzi zile za miaka ya arbaine na kiasi. Akina Leaky, Delamere, Grogan, Erskine na wengineo ni tofauti na wazungu wa hapa.
      Neno kutoka Nairobi ni Mzee Ranneberger ameikataa kazi ya serikali hapa Marikani ili awe huru kufunga ndoa na bi Konchellah. Swali ni hili, ni mapenzi ama ni “sindikiza nikusindikize”? Watakae tegua hayo ni Bwana Ranneberger na Bi Konchellah.
      Yote nayapa Maulana – wahenga walisema, mapenzi ni kikohozi…..je, kikohozi ni cha homa ama ni cha moshi ya mpita njia?

      • ITHAVETHI said

        Bwana Kangemi umeyanena. Acha sasa nitoboe. Bw Renneberger amempata mwanamke ambaye atamhudumia bila kumsimanga, kumtusi, kumdharao, kumrushia matamshi ya kukata roho, kumpikia na kumtulizia ukware, na kumfanyia zaidi ya yale ambayo hawezi kuyapata kutoka kwa mwanamke Mmarekani. Kwa sasa hivi, baada ya kutarakiana na mkewe wa awali, ni lazima awe analipa malipo ya kuwakimu watoto na mkewe wa awali.

        Mzungu huyu baada ya kuishi kenya kwa miaka mingi, amegundua kwamba Afrika kwa jumla, ndipo kwenye ziwa la amani na mazingira ya kuustaafu kinyume cha hapa Marekani. Anajua kwamba Marekani ni nchi ambayo yaweza kuporomoka wakati wowote sasa na hata wewe umeona hivyo.

        Kwa Bi Konchella, anachokitafuta ni sifa, ni fedha, na maisha ya kizunguni. Kama Mkenya mwanamke yeyote wa kawaida, kwa kweli haelewi mila na desturi za wazungu wakiwemo Wamarekani. Punde atakapogundua hayo miaka minne baadaye, tutarudi jukwaa hili hili la Jambonewspot kumsema sema. Tungoje tutayaona..

      • Hannah said

        heh, lahaula! asanteni Kangemi na Ithavethi kwa kunikumbusha utamu wa lugha hii!!Misamiati na methali zimesha anza kunitoka fahamu kwenye pilka pilka na harakati za nchi hizi za uzunguni. Maneno yenu yamelenga hili swala kihalisi na hamna budi kuongezea wala kupunguza. Shukran!

  12. Mama Watoto said

    Mwafrika ni mwafrika tu… badala ya kufurahia hawa watu we are questioning their union? Who questioned yours or mine. Bure kabisa. Look at how much time you are spending already worried if it is real or not. Nani alikuwa bwana wa Konchella hapa ndio you bicker like this. Bure kabisa! Move on!!!! Congrats to the newly wed.

    • Kangemi said

      Dadangu Mama Watoto, hujambo? Maoni ni kama fikira, kila mtu ana yake. Unapo andaa ndoa mbele ya viombo vya habari, maoni yatatiririka kama mvua. Unakumbuka ndoa ya Kardashian? Wote tuliegemea kwa upande wa ndio ama upande wa la….wembe ni ule ule tu kwa ndoa ya Renneberger na Konchellah.

  13. Kangemi said

    Hannah, karibu jukwa la wasema lugha. Pole kwa sababu maji yamezidi unga kwa maandishi yangu nikilinganisha na uandishi mtamu wa Ithavethi. Au vipi?

    Ithavethi, ulionena ya nikumbusha miaka kumi na kiasi hivi iliopita nikiwa likizo Nairobi. Nilikua kijana mwenye nguvu, uso ulionyooka na damu moto sana….Tuliandaliwa sherehe fulani katika hoteli moja hapo hapo Nairobi. Punde si punde, nikamwona mwanadada mmoja kati ya marafiki zake. Mwanadada mwenyewe alikuwa wa kwanza kuumbwa na Maulana kabla hajachoka na kuwaumba wengine. Jino jeupe kama maziwa ya ngombe huko umasaini na paja la kupendeza sana. Roho ikadunda, jicho likakua kubwa na mate mdomoni yakazidi kiasi.

    Nikajipa moyo na fikira ikaniambia, “panapo nia pana njia”. Mama watoto wangu na nyanyake wajukuu wangu nishamwona! Salaamu za mpita njia nikampa….”Habari ya utokapo”? Jawabu lake likawa
    “Inakuhusu nini? Hebu nenda zako.” Bega langu likainama na roho ikatulia kabisa. Haya na sababu ya matamshi yake sikuelewa.

    Punde si punde, huyo mtalii mzungu mkongwe kabisa akamkaribia mwanadada yule yule….mwanadada akamkaribisha na kuwafukuza wenzake ili awe peke yake na yule mkongwe mtalii. Wakati usiozidi dakika arbaine na tano, gusu hilo ashampa mkongwe. Kisha, waliondoka na kuenda zao.

    Swala ni hili, kwanini wenzetu sana kina dada huko Afrika Mashariki kupendezwa na wazungu kushinda Wafrika? Je, huyu mwanadada angenipa skio kama ningemwambia naishi Marekani? Tegua hayo wenzangu.

  14. Johana Wanjikru Thuku said

    haya! hope we will not be hearing of another bestial porn star of sorts’ . I wish them happiniess , however , hii mambo ya kuolewa na wazungu inahusunisha kidogo. May she not end up in a dog kennel whenever she visits Germany.

  15. maLaika said

    @kangemi…this is hilarious…thanks for the swahili…I am soooo LMAOOOOO….wish I could take your classes….but leave them lovebirds alone…I wish them nothing but happiness

    • Kangemi said

      MaLaika, our languages are rich rich rich. On my first arrival to this country years ago, some friends and I realized just how mentally enslaved we are. The first and very liberating thing I did was to drop my so called Christian name. Obviously, there is a reason why I am here – professional reasons to be exact. Mexicans, Russians, Chinese, Vietnamese etc have learned how to navigate this country while keeping their cultures and languages intact. Why not for us Kenyans?

      I am currently involved in a very enriching back and forth Kikuyu banter with some friends in Kenya – I actually read and write it better than Kiswahili. On my annual four month a year stay in Kenya, I make it a point to almost always communicate in Kiswahili or Kikuyu unless absolutely necessary. Bank clerks and government workers usually don’t know what to do with me because I tax their Kiswahili knowledge too much. Also, my all time favorite radio presenters in Kenya are Lolani Kalu and Rashid Abdallah of Qfm. Their Kiswahili is as smooth as a hot knife cutting through butter and you can bet your bottom dollar that my ears are glued to the radio between 9am and 1pm every week day whenever possible. Sadly, Q fm is not online to listen to while I am here.

      I have a couple of close Luo friends who teach me to converse in theirs as well….tough but hey, they help me clear “cobwebs” in another part of my brain. Luckily, I have several Kenyan and Tanzanian friends fluent in Kiswahili to allow good practice.

      Glad you are enjoying the Kiswahili banter. The incident with the beautiful lady did actually happen to me.

  16. ITHAVETHI said

    Si kwamba ITHAVETHI na Kangemi wanamuonea kinyongo Renneberger na Bi Konchela. Ukianika shida zako magazetini na mtandaoni, unawaalika ITHAVETHI na Kangemi ya kuchimbe chimbe, wakusokote sokote, wakubandue bandue, wakurarue rarue kisha wakutulize ukiwa. Wapenzi hawa wangelifunga ndoa kama yangu kimya kimya, nani angalilirusha neno kwao?

    Licha ya kujua kwamba ndoa yao ingalileta matamshi ya heko na ya rabsha rabsha, ndege hawa waliendelea kujibwata bwata kana kwamba ilikuwa mara yao ya kwanza kufunga pingu. Ewe Kangemi tuachane na majadiliano haya kwani kuyarudia ni kichefuchefu kingine ambacho kinawafanya mama watoto, Malaika, na Mundia wadhanie tuna nia mbaya na ndege hawa waliotunduni wakati huu. Mathalan, Bi Konchella ana wakati wa kutosha wa kumpekua pekua mpenziye mkongwe kabla ndoa hijagonga mwamba.

    Tulipambana na ufedhuli na wabeberu, ukandamizaji, dhuluma na ufisadi, ndio sasa twabaini hila na njama za mzungu kama huyu mwenye hulka ya kuwanyemelea wanawake wetu wasiokuwa na habari na maonyo ya nia zao….kama kupita njia yenye miiba.

  17. Julie said

    Hamjambo ndugu zango. Nafurahi kusoma kiswahili baada ya miaka mingi kuishi ulaya.
    Mwenyezi mungu awajalie mwaka huu wa 2012. Na watakia mema hao walio funga ndoa.

  18. mkenya halisi said

    Ithabethi, whatever you wanna call yourself. Who are you to say that Rannenberger and the Kenyan lady are not in love?. some of you are very miserable creatures.

    We all are human beings, and if you must know, even white people were once enslaved and brutalized by greeks, mercedonians, even North Africans during the Kemet civilization. These North Africans were primarily Egyptians and Sudanese.

    Am reminded of this taarab beat:

    “Sisemi mimi sisemi, aaah sisemi mimi sisemi, maradhi yanayowauguza Rannenberger na mchumbawe, yatawaua nyie”

    In simple words, pilipili usioila, yakuwashiani?

    Lastly, uache ku-shrub kiswahili. We who know the language will tell u ni “talaka, si taraka” . At least deride them fluently.

    Acheni wivu wakenya, kwanza kenyans abroad mko so bankrupt in love u should not be throwing stones.

    • maLAIka said

      umesema wewe….umenana!!!!! I did my homework….I kinda like….” pilipili usioila yakuashia nini????

  19. leo said

    Mzee ranneberger! Tafuta makaratasi yako bila wasiwasi.Ukipata ni sawa na kama hupati si utarudi kwenu?vile vile tu.

    • maLAIka said

      noooooooo so called “papers” needed for mr. former A….he can come and go as he please….just a reminder!!!!!!

  20. John said

    People!! It If we made such a hoopla over things of greater consequence to Kenya and our people, we would be so way ahead!! Instead, we hide behind the shroud of fake internet names and practically tear each other into shreds – most argumentum ad hominem! Instead, why not challenge the stand or idea, and stay away from castigating each other/ putting each other down? And kudos to those of us who (at least) are trying to write in Kiswahili – some cannot, and simple spelling mistakes (most likely due to one’s locale during their upbringing and the lack of a Swahili spell check) should not be such a big deal. Are their ideas all wrong, or is it that we need to put others down to make ourselves seem bigger?

    Most marriages are a synergistic union – even from our forefathers’ days – If we take them at their word, they most likely fell love for each other as they claim – I can also propose that their union is bolstered by what each brings to the table, and what they, together get out of it. ‘Nuff said!!

  21. Ela said

    John, you spoken like a million wisemen. All marriages are based on some conviniences….it’s a partnership. love, trust, friendship and respect holds it together. Let’s not be quick to judge lest we be judged. My blessings and congratulations to Konchellah and Ranneberger…Love is divine; love excels us. Marriage is heavenly…..we all must work together to keep each other happy. nothing else matters but the hapiness of the couple. People will always talk, but such is life. It will be a bit boring without the bickering i must say…and these talks keeps the subjects stronger and united. So keep on my fellow kenyans, am enjoying this. Gotta run and attend to some important aspects in my life then i will definately refer to this forum later on…say in a week or a month…. Meanwhile my prayers and well wishes are with the newlyweds. God bless you two and guide you through this amazing journey.

  22. leo said

    In swahili halisi,how do you say happy new year, and how do you respond to that? wazungu wanasema happy new year and the response to that is happy new year to you too. someboby help.elizabeth ama ithabeth, please help

    • maLAIka said

      glad you asked…my pastor asked me and I was stuck with ( mwaka mpya….) that’s all that I could come up with…hopefully somebody will help me finish,,,,,’cause I know he is waiting

    • ITHAVETHI said

      Leo, sijui kama nitaweza kukusaidia ipasavyo kuhusu swala hili la kutafsiri “HAPPY NEW YEAR” katika lugha ya Kiswahili. Kwanza mimi si mtaalam wa Kiswahili. Nakizungumza na kukiandika Kiswahili jinsi nilivyofunzwa na walimu wangu na vijana wa rika langu mle mitaani.

      Leo, nataka ukumbuke kwamba tafsiri ya maneno, sentensi, na semi zinginezo kwa lugha ya Kiingereza …..shida tupu kwani haikupi maana kamili ya moja kwa moja. Kwanza inapoteza na kukwepa maana ya neno lenyewe kwani mazingira, mila na utamaduni wa mzungu kidogo unatafautiana na sisi Wafrika.

      Kwetu sisi tunamazoea ya ” I wish you a Happy New Year,” yaani ” Nakutakia Kheri na Baraka Katika Mwaka Ujao.” Tukiingia katika mwaka mpya, kimila sisi huulizana, ” Habari Za Mwaka Mpya?” Na mwenzake anakujibu ” Mzuri, Mungu nd’o kanibariki kuuona Mwaka huu wa 2012.” Ni nadra kumuona Mkenya akimwambia mwenzake, ” FURAHA KWA MWAKA MPYA!!” Leo, it sounds odd, right?

      We come from a different culture, environment, etc., and we try to copy and imitate Mzungus way of life to fit in our own authentic and organic settings. Therefore direct traslations from English language to Swahili, at times, will always loose its meaning and intended purpose.

      Diposa MaLAika anakwishiwa na maneno. Kwa sababu ya huu muigo wa mila za kighaibuni katika ambayo kwa kweli imeivamia maisha yetu.

      Niwie radhi sikuweza kukujibu kikamilifu. Nani Mwingine ajaribu!!!!!!!!!!

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