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Kenyan wins right to start torture proceedings against UK

Posted by Administrator on December 21, 2011

London, Dec 21, IRNA – Court of Appeal inLondonhere Wednesday granted permission for a judicial review brought by a 37 year old Kenyan Muslim human rights activist who accuses MI5 and FBI of complicity in his rendition and torture.

Omar Awadh Omar claims that he was abused both by British and by American interrogators after being kidnapped and driven across the border by Kenyan Anti-Terrorist Police to Uganda in September 2010.

The case is the first regarding torture brought under the UK’s coalition government and since it rewrote the secret policy last year governing intelligence officers while questioning people held overseas after facing previous allegations of torture.

“This case involves extremely serious allegations of UK complicity in the unlawful rendition, treatment and prosecution of our client, Omar Awadh Omar,” said his solicitor, Tessa Gregory, of Public Interest Lawyers (PIL).

“In light of the Court’s decision today, the Government can no longer sensibly maintain its policy of neither confirming nor denying its involvement in Omar’s case,” Gregory said in a statement obtained by IRNA.

His application seeks disclosure from the UK about its knowledge of his alleged rendition from Kenya to Uganda, where he currently faces capital murder charges following the 2010 Kampala bombings, which killed 74 people.

PIL said that no concrete evidence has been brought by Ugandan prosecution lawyers against the prominent Nairobi-based human rights activist and that “if rendition can be proved, this could result in the collapse of the charges against Omar.”

While being interrogated and abused by MI5 and FBI agents, Omar says he was also not questioned about the Kampala bombings, which the agents made clear they did not suspect him of involvement in.

“Instead, they offered him a role as an informant. He alleges that his refusal to cooperate has resulted in his continued detention in solitary confinement on capital charges,” PIL said.

The hearing follows the decision of the British Government to “neither confirm nor deny” involvement in the ill-treatment or rendition of Omar.
Omar also alleges that through its involvement in his coercive interrogation in Kampala, the UK had breached its 2010 Guidance to Intelligence Officers.

The Court of Appeal, however, held that judicial review, which will take place next year, should not be used to challenge that alleged breach, but which ought instead to be the subject of a complaint to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal.

The case comes as the British government is already facing a number of legal challenges over number of loopholes in its rewritten secret policy that could continue to result in UK officers being involved in the torture of terrorism suspects

Source: http://www.irna.ir/ENNewsShow.aspx?NID=30725441&SRCH=1


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Man collapses as he discovers prostitute he hired is his own daughter

Posted by Administrator on December 21, 2011

A Nkulumane 5 man,Titus Ncube got the shock of his life after a commercial sex worker he allegedly called to his hotel room turned out to be his daughter.

Ncube is said to have collapsed while the 20-year-old daughter bolted after seeing her father.

According to Sunday Mail,  Ncube pleaded with the newspaper not to publish the story. “I am sorry for what I did. I spoke to my wife and my daughter. I apologised for my actions because I just wanted my family back,” he said.

The father of three revealed he forgave his daughter for being a commercial sex worker and hired a therapist to counsel her.

“I don’t blame my daughter for what happened and what she was doing. I feel it was her way of expressing her feelings about the problems in my family,” he said.

“She has stopped that and is going back to school next year. My marital problems are not over, but we have a marriage counsellor who is helping us to get over this most difficult period in our marriage.”

His wife, Rosemary, said: “If it were not for my children, I could have divorced him a long time ago. “But because I know the trauma that divorce has on children, I made a decision to stay.”

 Source: Bulaway 24 News

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Deya wife didn’t steal 5 children, rules magistrate

Posted by Administrator on December 21, 2011

Paul Waweru | NATION Mrs Mary Juma Deya and her lawyer John Swaka leaving a Nairobi court on December 21, 2011 after she was acquitted of five counts of child theft and five of registration by false pretence. The court ruled that there was insufficient evidence to warrant a conviction.

Paul Waweru | NATION Mrs Mary Juma Deya and her lawyer John Swaka leaving a Nairobi court on December 21, 2011 after she was acquitted of five counts of child theft and five of registration by false pretence. The court ruled that there was insufficient evidence to warrant a conviction.

The wife of controversial televangelist Gilbert Deya has been acquitted of stealing five children.

Mrs Mary Juma Deya had faced 10 charges of stealing five children and forging their birth registrations between May 2002 and August 2004 in Nairobi and Teso District.

Her husband, Bishop Deya, who is currently embroiled in extradition proceedings in the UK, is also wanted in Kenya to face similar charges of child theft and abduction.

Nairobi senior resident magistrate Dickson Onyango ruled that there was no sufficient evidence to prove that Mrs Deya stole the five children.

He also ruled that no witness was called from Teso District civil registration offices to testify that a child was stolen and registered at their offices.

Mr Onyango said the accused was under no obligation to prove innocence and that there was absolutely no evidence to show that the children were stolen and the people who took blood samples for DNA tests were not called to testify.

“Although the alleged blood sample of Gilbert Deya was taken and examined, the record does not show who took such samples,” said the magistrate.

The magistrate ruled that there was no basis to doubt that the registration documents were not genuine.

“It is incredible how the accused, who was supposed to be a mere patient, could go to various clinics and get such crucial official documents without the collusion of others,” said Mr Onyango.

The magistrate, however, declined a request by Mrs Deya to release the children to her saying that they were at a children’s home and only a children’s court could authorise their release.

Mrs Deya was jailed by a Kibera court in January for three years for abducting a three-year-old child but is out on bail.

She had previously served a two-year jail term on similar charge.

The family of Bishop Deya came to the limelight in 2004 after claiming that he could help barren women have “miracle babies”.

It was alleged that infertile or post-menopausal women who attended his church in Peckham, South London, delivered miracle babies.

SOURCE: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Deya+wife+didnt+steal+5+children+rules+magistrate+/-/1056/1293642/-/128xg2o/-/index.html

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Kenyan hotels, malls on alert over terror strike fears

Posted by Administrator on December 21, 2011

File | NATION Security officers screen motorists at Kiembeni Catholic Church in Kisauni, Mombasa. Police have warned Al-Shabaab militants may target places of worship, shopping malls and hotels this festive season.

File | NATION Security officers screen motorists at Kiembeni Catholic Church in Kisauni, Mombasa. Police have warned Al-Shabaab militants may target places of worship, shopping malls and hotels this festive season.

Churches, hotels and shopping malls in Kenyan are among social places being provided with blanket security in an effort to prevent a terrorist attack this festive season.

Security services are at an unprecedented state of alert amid reports that Al-Shabaab, the Somali terrorist group, has dispatched bomb makers and assassins to eliminate Defence Minister Yusuf Haji and National Assembly Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim.

Interviews with various security officials revealed that a detailed operational plan was sent to commanders of security agencies on Wednesday.

The plan includes a guide to officers on terrorism prevention, detection and how to act in case of an emergency.

New measures have resulted in the security of selected ordinary public places being upgraded, albeit temporarily, to the status known in security parlance as “vital installations.”

Normally, vital installations would, among others, include airports, military barracks, police stations and foreign missions in Kenya.

This means the newly upgraded areas will be provided with the same level of security as the sensitive installations.

The new entrants into this category include some churches, hotels, selected entertainment joints, shopping malls as well as some media houses.

While the Nation could not establish the places that have been upgraded, an officer conversant with the arrangements mentioned a number of entertainment joints which are frequented by foreigners and shopping malls in upmarket city suburbs.

Vital installations are guarded by armed police officers and round-the-clock security surveillance done by teams of specially trained officers, mostly from the General Service Unit. Elite units from different security formations have been put on alert.

The operational plan also provides for joint command centres from which the different security agents would be coordinated in case of an emergency.
Emergency services have been on standby with rescue helicopters, ambulances, hospitals and volunteer services taking part.

Police spokesman Eric Kiraithe said it was normal for State security to be accorded not only in places perceived to be under threat, but also to individuals “who have cause to fear for their well-being.”

“Police protection is always given to any person or even place under threat,” he said.

He added: “The management of such places is usually informed but in some cases it’s not. In such places, access by persons and vehicles must be controlled and surveillance maintained throughout.”

The new measures were put in place as it emerged that Al-Shabaab had entered the country and were targeting two senior government officials from North Eastern Province for elimination.

According to a letter seen by the Nation, those targeted by the Somali insurgents are Mr Haji and Mr Maalim.

A letter from the permanent secretary in charge of Provincial Administration and Internal Security, Mr Francis Kimemia to North Eastern PC James ole Seriani said the Al-Shabaab operatives targeting the two entered the country on December 13.

“We have received information a group of Al-Shabaab operatives were dispatched from Lower Juba area in Somalia to Ijara and Lagdera constituencies on 13.12.11, with a brief to assassinate Minister Yussuf Haji and Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim,” said the letter.

It adds that the militia had also dispatched some unidentified explosives experts from Buale area in Somalia, to attack Habaswein and Elwak markets in Wajir and Mandera, respectively.

“Al-Shabaab appears determined to continue pursuing targets in Kenya. You should continue with security vigilance to deter infiltration and also apprise (sic) the targeted officials of the new and persisting threats,” the letter titled “Situation Report” noted.

Al-Shabaab has, in the recent past, taken its propaganda to social media platforms like Twitter where they post messages threatening to attack both US and Kenyan interests.

On Monday, American officials said they are considering how to respond to Al-Shabaab’s use of Twitter.

The Somali militants have used their recently established Twitter account to boast about their actions and to taunt the Kenyan troops that entered the war-torn country in October.

US officials say they are concerned that Al-Shabaab’s Twitter messages, sent mostly in English, could attract recruits inside the United States.
Several Americans are known to have joined Al-Shabaab, with a few reported to have carried out suicide missions.

US authorities believe they may have legal authority to insist that Twitter, a private company based in San Francisco, close the Al-Shabaab account, which has close to 5,000 followers.

Trigger opposition

But such a move could trigger opposition on the grounds that the US government is violating the right to free speech.

The Obama administration has distanced itself from Kenya’s move into Somalia although it is believed to be supplying Kenyan forces with intelligence assistance.

In Coast, a central command is manned round the clock by officers from all agencies, including the police, military and the National Security Intelligence Service.

The base has detachments in Mombasa, Malindi, Kyunga and on sea where the Navy has taken control beyond the Kenyan waters into Somalia territory.

Besides the police and the military, a number of private security companies in urban centres have also been included in the new plan.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Kenyan+hotels+malls+on+alert+over+terror+strike+fears++/-/1056/1293732/-/j6pdxoz/-/index.html

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Diplomats harassing Kenyans with impunity

Posted by Administrator on December 21, 2011

By Robert Macharia

A sad story about“This Bl**dy “Red Plate superiority” menace has to end! Told by a Kenyan victim of Diplomats road rage that is becoming a norm and done with impunity.

Picture this .. it’s a Friday morning, you’ve just dropped off one child at school and have two to go .. one aged 4 and the other aged 1and a half. You get to a junction and up comes this red plate 4×4 complete with bull bars. The caucasian woman driving it comes right into the junction and hits your car on the left side wing. Not good, huh? THEN she backs up and repeats the favor, this time on th…e left side door, where your eldest child was sitting before you dropped him off. Said woman then takes off and vanishes into the International School, leaving you at the junction wondering “what just happened?”. A fellow parent who witnesses the entire bizarre incident follows her and takes doen her vehicle’s registration. About an hour later, the vehicle reappears at the scene of the incident, this time driven by a caucasian man. He doesn’t seem about to stop so you stand in the middle of the road to force him to. He comes out with “I’m security from the Canadian embassy”. Where’s the lady driver? Oh, they shunted her into another car and rushed her off to the diplomatic police to make her report … never mind that in order to do so she had to be driven past the scene, where you are standing waiting for the police … with your little kids! Not a word of apology or the slightest concern about your well-being! You report the incident to the police and try to go about your business as best you can. The day goes by with zero contact about your condition or that of your damaged vehicle.

Now stop picturing it. It really happened to my wife and kids this morning and the offending vehicle, 18CD17K, is a white Toyota Prado (the picture’s in here somewhere). Interestingly, the lady driver apparently tried to defend her actions by claiming that she “felt threatened”! By a 5′ 5″ lady with 2 small kids no less!

I don’t know about you all but I am sick to my stomach of the shenanigans of some of thiese self-appointed demi-gods. This rubbish has got to end! Spread the word …

The incident has been reported to the kenya Police and all the media houses we could think of in the hope that in some small way we can convey the message that although Kenya is a third world country, that classification only applies at the macro-level, on the individual level we are fully capable of taking on anyone on God’s green earth! I am taking this one all the way!!!!!

 Follow facebook discussion on the matter- https://www.facebook.com/groups/140381839397139/

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Kenya put on high alert over bio-terrorist attack

Posted by Administrator on December 21, 2011

The Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) has put the country on high alert over the possibility of a bio-terrorism attack.

With the ongoing fight against Al Shabaab, the research institute admitted that bio-terrorism posed the biggest threat to the country.

According to KEMRI director Dr Solomon Mpoke, if not well handled the attack could be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

To this effect, Mpoke said that they had heightened security to make sure that the deadly pathogens in their facility did not land in the wrong hands.

“We have secured our fence and heightened security and in conjunction with our collaborators designed alert systems in case of a mysterious disease outbreak,”

The director at the same time said that they were working on the reduction of TB treatment period from the current six to four months.

Despite facing various challenges the institute according to the director had managed to protect 55 percent of the minors from contracting Malaria.

On his part, KEMRI chairman Dr Edwin Muingia expressed his concern that the body was losing its best scientists to other countries due to low wages.

This he attributed to the funding as out of the Sh9B annual budget, the government contributed a partial 1B with donors chipping in.

“The government is supposed to allocated two percent of its budget to research but that is not the case and this is costing the country dearly,”

And with the coming in of the devolved government, Muingia said that plans were underway to make sure the institute was represented in every County.

Dr Elizabeth Bukusi the deputy director in charge of research and training said that they had made significant strides in the fight against HIV Aids.

Bukusi said that a study conducted on discordant couples indicated that early treatment for HIV Aids reduced chances of spreading the disease to partners by 96 percent.

“We are currently working on the male to male transmission of HIV Aids mainly in the Coast and it’s a serious problem due to phobia and stigma attached to the issue,”

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Thirteen Things Men Are too Embarrassed to Tell You

Posted by Administrator on December 21, 2011

It can be awkward being a man. We have these things that we think and feel. Things that aren’t politically correct to say, but matter to us — here are thirteen of them. 

1.That stuff about the stomach and the heart are pretty much true.

It’s primal. It’s hard to explain. On the one hand, we don’t expect you to be Betty Crocker, at home with an apron on making coq au vin. On the other, having a partner who can cook delicious food, and is willing to do so, creates tremendous feelings of connection and well-being. A man has few defenses for a woman who cooks.

2. We’d like to talk about sex early, because it is important to us, but don’t really know how.

Imagine how this 3rd date conversation would go. “I want to talk about your libido. I have a high energy libido, and I’ve been with women who didn’t and the lack of compatibility in this area was a big issue. How would you describe your libido?” You would likely be shocked, and there’s a great chance you would end the date right there. It’s important to us, and we want to discuss it, but we’re afraid you’ll think we’re creepy.

3. Who you are is way more important to us than what you do.

This is REALLY embarrassing. But when you talk about your greatest accomplishments – your master’s degree, your new position of power at your company, your latest business deal – we’re happy for you, but those aren’t the kinds of things that make us say, “We have to be with this woman.” We tend to value your personality traits way more than your professional accolades. Are you kind, loving, happy and supportive? Are you fun to be around? Will you be nice to our parents? These are the issues that make us fall in love, not professional acumen.

4. We worry that you’re only interested in one thing.

You say, “How funny. We women are worried that you men are only interested in one thing.” Of course, for women the worry is sex. For men the worry is money. Everyone is worried about something. We’ve had so many married friends start to feel like walking wallets. It’s one of our worst nightmares.

5. If you’ll give us some space, we’ll slay dragons for you. 

It is a scene so common as to be a truism – the man cave. Books have been written explaining why men need a private retreat, but whatever the reason, it is a fact. Your man needs a place he can go think, be by himself, and nurse his wounds. It’s no reflection on you.  Recent movies have made it more acceptable for him to ask for his private space, but it can still be embarrassing for us to say, “I need to go be alone.” If you can find it in your heart to embrace our need for space, we’ll know that you understand us, and we will, literally, throw our body in front of a moving train to protect you. 

6. We get so many mixed signals that it is hard to know how to act sometimes.

At work you’re my equal, certainly. On a date, you want me to make all the plans and take charge. In the home, you want primacy over the look and feel. That leaves things like travel, money, and the bedroom, to name a few. In the many situations a couple must experience together, it’s difficult to accurately guess how we should act. Over time, of course, we can figure it out, but it’s tough to always get things just right. 

7. It isn’t the “fear of commitment.” It’s the fear of turning into the hen-pecked wimp that we’ve seen our friends turn into.

Men have a reputation for being scared of commitment. For some guys, that’s earned, but for most the name is misleading. We’re not scared of being with one person for a lifetime. We’re scared the relationship morphing into something we don’t recognize. We’re scared of losing the things (and activities) we love to the person we love. 

8. It’s pretty tough always being the one that has to initiate.

Oh, we act like it doesn’t matter. But that’s because we don’t have a choice. From the day a young man becomes self-aware, he knows that if he isn’t willing to go out and chase, take the initiative and risk being told to “drop dead” he isn’t going to find the relationship he wants. Sure, women can take the initiative or they can choose to be passive and be asked out, but we have no real choice in the matter. For all our bravado, sometimes that’s a bitter pill to swallow.

9.We’re men. We FIX stuff, okay? Sitting around listening over and over to problems without helping you solve them makes us feel like we’re slacking.

We’ve all absorbed enough Oprah to know that women don’t feel heard in many relationships. She feels that she’s sharing her challenges in order to seek support and all we do is say, “Here’s how you fix that.” This has come to be seen by women as improper and even cold. But hold on, to a man trying to help brainstorm a solution is the highest gift we can give. Rather than sit and nod and say, “Ain’t it awful,” we want to help you make the problem go away. We build things. We solve problems. That’s what we do well. It’s hard to understand how you’re not interested in a solution to the issue bothering you so much.

10.We need our buddies. It may look like we’re just drinking beer, but we’re building emotional connections.

Different people show love in different ways. Women get together with their friends and socialize. They talk about their lives and provide support and love. Men are different. We get together and do things. We play hoops. We fish. We play video games and, yes, we drink beer and watch sports. These are vital bonding experiences, and how we keep our friendships strong. We need these other men, and in a culture that encourages rugged independence, we can be a little shy in admitting it.

11.We are passionate about things that are meaningless to you. Cars. Sports clubs. Computer Platforms. You don’t have to love these things, but if you belittle them it starts to add up.

Fantasy football has become a favorite punching bag for people who want to make fun of men. It’s the ultimate nerdy endeavor with guys spending hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours picking “teams” that play in “leagues” that only exist on the CBS Sports website. Maybe that’s silly. Maybe his love for 1960’s motorcycles is silly. Maybe the way he loves Apple products is silly. Men need harmless pastimes where the stakes are low to blow off the steam of lives where everything is high stakes – our job, our home life, our children, and our money. You can make fun of our little pastimes. Sometimes we’re a little ashamed of them, but if you make a habit of denigrating us for having these relief values it can do serious damage to our relationship goodwill.

12.We’re simpler than you, but we’re sensitive about the things that matter to us.

Most men seem to have a simpler set of needs than most women, yet at the end of the day the things that matter to us REALLY matter. Being accepted for who we are – big deal. Showing affection and being loving – big deal. Being appreciated for the sacrifices we make – big deal. The list can vary from man to man but it’s vital to our emotional health. To make matters more complicated, it can be difficult to ask for the things we need because we’ve been taught to be impassive and to express no weakness. Not an ideal situation.

13.We need you to be happy.

Have you heard this one: Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl ‘Will you marry me?’ The girl said, ‘no.’ And the guy lived happily ever after riding motorcycles, fishing hunting and playing golf. The fact is this IS a fairy tale because men live longer and are far happier in loving relationships. We know this intrinsically, and despite the challenges of finding a relationship and making it work, we want it as much as you do.
Via http://www.divinecaroline.com/22065/121114-seven-things-men-too-embarrassed/2#ixzz1hBo2i7TT

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Video-Kenya to boast of modern and complex road interchange

Posted by Administrator on December 21, 2011

It is regarded as one the most complex road interchange in the whole region and it is not even complete yet. The Pangani intersection, which is part of the Thika Superhighway, compares favourably with any of the mazes of road network around the world. NTV’s Robert Nagila took a walk in the underpass that runs some 150 metres.

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