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Diplomats harassing Kenyans with impunity

Posted by Administrator on December 21, 2011

By Robert Macharia

A sad story about“This Bl**dy “Red Plate superiority” menace has to end! Told by a Kenyan victim of Diplomats road rage that is becoming a norm and done with impunity.

Picture this .. it’s a Friday morning, you’ve just dropped off one child at school and have two to go .. one aged 4 and the other aged 1and a half. You get to a junction and up comes this red plate 4×4 complete with bull bars. The caucasian woman driving it comes right into the junction and hits your car on the left side wing. Not good, huh? THEN she backs up and repeats the favor, this time on th…e left side door, where your eldest child was sitting before you dropped him off. Said woman then takes off and vanishes into the International School, leaving you at the junction wondering “what just happened?”. A fellow parent who witnesses the entire bizarre incident follows her and takes doen her vehicle’s registration. About an hour later, the vehicle reappears at the scene of the incident, this time driven by a caucasian man. He doesn’t seem about to stop so you stand in the middle of the road to force him to. He comes out with “I’m security from the Canadian embassy”. Where’s the lady driver? Oh, they shunted her into another car and rushed her off to the diplomatic police to make her report … never mind that in order to do so she had to be driven past the scene, where you are standing waiting for the police … with your little kids! Not a word of apology or the slightest concern about your well-being! You report the incident to the police and try to go about your business as best you can. The day goes by with zero contact about your condition or that of your damaged vehicle.

Now stop picturing it. It really happened to my wife and kids this morning and the offending vehicle, 18CD17K, is a white Toyota Prado (the picture’s in here somewhere). Interestingly, the lady driver apparently tried to defend her actions by claiming that she “felt threatened”! By a 5′ 5″ lady with 2 small kids no less!

I don’t know about you all but I am sick to my stomach of the shenanigans of some of thiese self-appointed demi-gods. This rubbish has got to end! Spread the word …

The incident has been reported to the kenya Police and all the media houses we could think of in the hope that in some small way we can convey the message that although Kenya is a third world country, that classification only applies at the macro-level, on the individual level we are fully capable of taking on anyone on God’s green earth! I am taking this one all the way!!!!!

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8 Responses to “Diplomats harassing Kenyans with impunity”

  1. bull crap... said

    Why do these people think they can do that. You cannot leave the scene of an accident here, but now she want to justify her actions. Some of this actions are keeping us poor. Kenyans we have to stand up and defend ourselves. Wahidi , the rich people, in Kenya we have a caste system, until we learn to defend our rights, this maggets will continue running over us.

  2. nyar sifuna said

    Some of these diplomats kwao they are the bottom feeders…bure kabisa.

  3. Bernard Muthuke said

    Horror story indeed but it makes me wonder, why creating a group that targets only a group of people, what about governmental plates, matatus and buses ?? I call this xenophobia (A xenophobic person has to genuinely think or believe at some level that the target is in fact a foreigner) and the title and content of the FB group is clearly racist…

  4. Bemused said

    The “Red Plate” woman’s actions are beyond cruel… her excuse is ludicrous….and that is putting it very kindly….

    I shudder to think what she would have done if the occupants of the “small” car had been men, and not little children and their mum. Would she have rammed the small car into a pulp, and then called for back-up???

    So has any of the media houses aired anything regarding this incident? Have you twittered this? We all need to name and shame anybody behaving badly – be the diplomats or otherwise! It’s about time we all styled up.

    • njinji said

      i blame my government they have given all foreign people power than our own in our country people you can see them salute them than us who belong there

  5. gachungwa said

    I have no excuses for the idiots, but how foreigners/racists/ or any other bully treats our very own has much to do with our own projections, how we treat each other and our less fortunate members of the society.
    Kwani did she call the back-up from overseas?

    Could a foreigner/ a diplomat or a racist Indian have ever Opened his mouth wakati Wa Jomo?
    who have any respect for a society that worships money and has no care for the less fortunate, the old and the Young?

  6. EAKM said

    very very sad…i must say…..i’m extremely saddened…..the problem in this country is not the Government , it us the citizenry ..such a situation called for a citizen arrest..pure and simple and us putting so much pressure on the police that they would have to act….we have become so individualistic as a nation that anything goes so long as it hasnt happened to you….we need to unite like egyptians/turks/libyans and drive out impunity….

    its the only way……..UNITY!

  7. Maina said

    I totally agree with the last comment” as long as it is not me or my family, friend or somebody I know well” I don’t care, it is high time we Kenyans think as one people / one nation and stop this attitude, how do you explain you see one is robbed in broad daylight in downtime Nairobi will all those passerby’s? it is because everybody says it is none of my business, but we forget tomorrow it will be me, no wonder the thugs have all that confidence, the same with those stupid arrogant diplomats, let’s all remember that Martin Lurther said that somebody can only ride on your back if you allow them.

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