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Immigration Q&A with attorney Uhuru Ndirangu: What does it take to become a UK or US citizen

Posted by Administrator on December 23, 2011

Tom Mutie said…..

December 15, 2011 at 10:54 PM

Hallo, what does it take to become a UK or US citizen ?

How Much Money ?


I am only licensed to practice law in Texas andU.S.immigration law.  I therefore cannot answer the part of your question that asks what it takes to become a U.K citizen.  Please consult an attorney licensed in the to practice law in that jurisdiction.

As to the part about becoming a U.S.citizen, it’s a path to citizenship.  The first stage is to become a permanent resident, commonly known as green card holder.  A green card allows one to live and work permanently in theU.S.  There are a number of ways to become a permanent resident.  Some of the ways  are through being sponsored by a family member, through employment, through the diversity visa (the green card lottery), through investments, through adoption, through asylum and refuge, through what are called special immigrants, and through having congress pass a private Bill granting a foreign national permanent resident.

Once a person becomes a permanent resident, that person has to maintain the status of a permanent resident for required period and fulfill other requirements such as good moral character before they can apply to becomeU.S.Citizens.   

The amount of money it takes depends on many factors.  It depends on what route you take in getting your permanent residence.  Keep in mind that application fees for all required forms usually adjusts, and usually upwards. 

Did you know?

Conduct/admission vs. Conviction.   A person must be denied citizenship if he is convicted, and/or if he admits facts that constitute certain crimes. 8 C.F.R. § 316.10 (b) (2) (iv); INA § 101(f) (3)


Uhuru Ndirangu is an attorney licensed to practice law in Texas. He is based in Houston, Texas.


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2 Responses to “Immigration Q&A with attorney Uhuru Ndirangu: What does it take to become a UK or US citizen”

  1. cnimm said

    To add on what Ndirangu has said, most countries do not confer citizenship directly to foreigners. One has to become a permanent resident for a few years. In Canada, where I practice immigration law, it takes 3 years to become eligible to apply for citizenship. People with a criminal record must obtain a pardon before applying for permanent residence. In Canada, a permanent resident who is involved in acts that can be labelled “serious criminality” can be stripped of the PR Card and deported.

    For advise on how to immigrate to Canada, visit my site: http://www.canadaneedsimmigrants.com

  2. George M said

    Thanks Jambonewspot for the Q&A sessions. They will help so many people who cannot ask for fear of being outed. My question to Mr Uhuru Ndirangu is “I have a pending case with the immigration court. I have been here for ten years and I have a family. My I-751 was denied for lack of sufficient evidence and a contradictory answer to a question I did not understand during the interview. Can a judge grant me my green card in court and what determines this? Thank you.

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