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Kenyan man gets life term for murder in Dubai

Posted by Administrator on December 25, 2011

DUBAI: A Kenyan administrative officer has been convicted and sentenced to life in prison after the Dubai Criminal Court found him guilty of smothering his Chinese girlfriend and dumping her body in a manhole on the Dubai-Al Ain Road in August last year.
Meanwhile, the convict WO, 30, a former administrative manager at an airline, claimed that his lover, WJ, 26, a sales executive, was forcing him to marry her.
In a confession before investigators, the convict was quoted saying that he could not marry WJ because as a Christian he was not allowed to have two wives.
“I am not entitled to have two wives, besides my wife is here with me,” he said, adding that as the argument grew more heated, WJ threatened to inform police that WO had raped her.”
“I was mad with anger and prompted to strangle her for about seven minutes,” he said. However, during the first hearing, the convict denied the murder was premeditated. “I did not mean to kill her, she collapsed and died,” he said.
According to CID sources, the police arrested the suspect after a missing person report was filed at Al Rashidiyah police station by a friend of the deceased on August 19 last year. The friend informed the police that WJ had called her and said she was going to meet her Kenyan friend.
WO initially revealed to CID personnel that he met WJ at around 10pm and had dinner with her at a fast food outlet at a petrol station on the Dubai-Al Ain Road.
Meanwhile, during preliminary investigations, an Emirati officer quoted WO claiming that he picked up WJ from her place in Nad Al Sheba and later dropped her back at around 8.30pm.
The convict allegedly attempted to deceive the police that the deceased left him on the ground that she was going to carry out some business.
The police then demanded that he bring his car for further legal procedures and during investigations, WO was suspected of involvement in the disappearance of WJ.  The investigators noticed that he looked nervous during questioning.
When WJ died he drove his car with her body in it to the Dubai-Al Ain Road. WO dragged the body out of the car and disposed it off in a manhole, after throwing her purse and mobile phone as well.
The decomposed body was found 50 metres away from the main street as a strong stench was coming out of the drainage.

According to forensic reports, the body had some fractures that might have resulted from the dumping. “It was totally decomposed,” reports revealed.

4 Responses to “Kenyan man gets life term for murder in Dubai”

  1. gachungwa said

    The only Reason I subscribed to Jambo was to get updated and entertained in summary Form of the diaspora Losers who only become ” a Kenyan” when they are in trouble, and Boy Do I?
    How can a full grown educated man claim he Can Marry his GF because he is a christian?
    am I the only who is unable to reason anymore? and guess who he is telling that to… a sheikh with 4wives!!!
    Yes CHRISTIANS can cheat, rape and Kill but cannot have more than 1 wife,
    this Guy deserves 2012 Award of the Best of Best of the Diaspora, he represents who we are!

  2. gachungwa said

    oops! I meant he cannot not can… I am a diaspora too and a kenyan

  3. benao said

    he just didn’t love her….can you kill whom you love…is having two wife’s more sin than killing to a christian ?

  4. someonewhocares said

    I think people need to leave Dubai alone!! Nothing good seems to be coming out of that place.

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