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Top marks for girls who sat after accident…with video

Posted by Administrator on December 29, 2011

On the evening of July 29, a group of girls were involved in an accident just months before they sat for their KCPE examinations.

The Loreto Msongari pupils in Standard Seven and Eight were on the Meru-Nanyuki highway, returning to their hostels in Nairobi’s Lavington area after a weekend trip.

Three of the pupils died, while 16 others had critical injuries.

Six of the injured pupils underwent arm amputations. One girl had her two arms amputated, while another had her eye removed.

Still, 35 of the 71 pupils who were involved in the accident were part of the 776,214 candidates who sat the 2011 KCPE exams.

Problems faced

On Thursday, the pupils looked back at the accident, the problems they faced as they sat their exams, and the aspirations they hold after they received their results.

Three of the pupils said that they did not perform as they expected, but expressed satisfaction with the results “given the circumstances”.

Their parents and teachers said the pupils had taken a positive attitude and performed “beyond expectations”, given the traumatic experience they had to go through during the examination period.

“Since I had to spend a month and two weeks in hospital, it was difficult catching up with the rest of the students and I had little time to revise.

“But due to the support of my family and other students, I have managed to get good marks,” Sandra Wambui, 14, told the Nation.

Sandra who had her left hand removed after the accident scored 422 marks, eight points short of what she had scored in her mock exams. Her father, John Gitau, said they were satisfied with her results given the difficulties she had to face.

“She took the loss of her hand positively and accepted her new way of life. She did not take it as a disability and she is always trying to do things for herself. So far, from how she has handled herself, I do not see her going down in performance as she moves to high school,” Mr Gitau said.

Sandra, who is preparing to join the secondary division of the school, said the amputated arm will not block her from becoming a paediatrician, she added.

Like Sandra, 13-year-old Joy Mvatie is preparing to move on to Loreto Msongari Secondary and was also happy with her performance.

Joy, who lost her right arm in the accident, scored 340, She believes she could have done better. Her favourite subjects are sciences and languages.

“I had to skip revision and classes because of the numerous surgeries I had to undergo, but I thank God for the marks I got. If this (accident) had not happened, probably I would have done better,” Joy told the Nation at her school on Thursday.

Her classmate Joyce Wairimu expressed disappointment over her performance, but said that it was the “best given the circumstances”.

Joyce suffered from a broken arm, which is still bandaged, but noted that this would not stop her from achieving her dreams.

“Sometimes it is stressing even with the basic chores such as wearing clothes or shoes, but with the support of family and friends, life has become easier,” Joyce who hopes to join Aga Khan School said.

Her mother, Ms Hellen Maina, said that her daughter’s positive attitude had helped her achieve the 338 marks she scored and hopes for a brighter future.

Loreto Msongari headmistress Sister Pauline Macharia said the 35 students had performed well, but not as they had always done.

“They only studied for two terms and had to overcome the trauma resulting from the accident.

During the accident, the Loreto Convent Msongari bus veered off the road and hit a stationary bus at Subuiga black spot.

The school in November hosted a Christmas Fair and Family Fun Day to raise funds for the dozens of injured pupils.

Due to the limited capacity in Kenya for functional prosthetic fittings, reconstructive care, doctors want treatment abroad.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Top+marks+for+girls+who+sat+after+accident++/-/1056/1297316/-/view/printVersion/-/asctl7z/-/index.html


3 Responses to “Top marks for girls who sat after accident…with video”

  1. Wamaitu said

    Good job girls. keep up the spirit and make the best lemonade out of the lemons

  2. Tuts said

    Really proud of the girls. God bless them as they join high schools

  3. peris said

    well done girls.you did the best you could.God has great plans for you and the accident wont stop you from being what you want to be.best of luck in the years to come.

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