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Can White Wedding Gowns Create Opportunities for Kenyan Women?

Posted by Administrator on January 1, 2012

An Ottawa woman wants to give brides in the Kenyan slums the opportunity of a  lifetime. Carol Waters, who volunteers with Project  Hope for Africa, is collecting wedding dresses to take to young brides in  the Marthare slums of Nairobi. Waters brilliant idea will allow young women to  feel very special on their wedding day and then turn their wedding dress into a  small business.

When she is in Africa, Waters teaches young women how to sew so that they can  earn an income. On her last trip there, she noticed that they didn’t wear the  same type of white wedding dresses frequently worn in North America. She asked  the women if brides ever wear fancy white dresses and they told her that only  very wealthy women are able to do so.

Out of that conversation, Waters came up with a great idea. She planned to  collect wedding dresses in Canada and take them to the women in the Kenyan slums  so that they could feel very special on their wedding day. But there is more to  her plan than that. Waters also wants to help the women turn their dresses into  a business renting them out for $5 a day. She told the CBC:

The girls could make some money, I would teach  them how to wash them,  put false hems on them, they could alter them and maybe  it would give 10  girls on a Saturday a special day in their life.

Waters idea is a small, but simple, micro business opportunity for these  women. While one dress won’t last forever, it will provide them with some income  and also help them hone their sewing skills and their business skills. Marriage  is sometimes perceived as a mechanism by which women become submissive to their  husbands. With Waters plan, these women’s wedding days will mark the beginning  of new entrepreneurial opportunities.

Source: http://www.care2.com/causes/can-white-wedding-gowns-create-opportunities-for-kenyan-women.html#ixzz1iDybaKjM

2 Responses to “Can White Wedding Gowns Create Opportunities for Kenyan Women?”

  1. Njoki said

    Why do whites assume that everything western makes others cultures happy,She go to these slums and emphasize about African Women going back to their Cultural practices and to try as much as possible not to follow the usual west ways which are designed to end in total decandence ! How about teaching them how to make a nice beautiful African wedding Dress other than old second hand used european gown !?

  2. ITHAVETHI said

    Huu ni ukoloni wa mtondo goo. Eti wanawake wetu wavae nguo nyeupe za harusi (zilizotumiwa ughaibuni) ili kuinua hadhi yao katika jamii! Wazungu nao wana kinaa. Badala aazishe mradi wa kuwanunulia wanawake wa Mathare cherahani, awafunze kushona shona nguo hizo za harusi, wajipatie ajira au riziki, na kisha aziuze katika maduka makubwa kwao Kanada kama vile Sears na kadharika. Ndio sasa anatafuta SIFA kutokana na kuokota okota nuguo zee zee na kuzitawanya katika vitongoji vya Mathare. Kuvaa nguo hizo siku ya Jumamosi zitawanufaisha na nini? Nia anayo nzuri, hapo sikatai, lakini utekelezaji wa mradi huo? Mmmmm!

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