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Posted by Administrator on January 3, 2012

By Njeru Gathangu

The world has been on fire for the last one hundred years. Colonization, first world war, resistances against occupation, the second world war, the cold war, liberation war, mutinies and coup d’tats, political/ethnic cleansing and clan wars in Africa (Sudan, DR Congo,North Africa, Rwanda, Somalia,Kenya and many others).

Of all the wars witnessed so far, imperialist maneuvers clothed in diplomacy and foreign aid conceal deadly conspiracies that whither and dry up the “victims”. Actually any resistance to such conspiracies is met with resounding declaration of war against states.

Latin America, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, North Africa, Middle East and the entire African continent have a bitter story to tell.

With this disturbed world, those inKenyawho witnessed hatred caused by colonialism, marginalization and deprivation; political isolation and ethnic cleansing and particularly the post elections violence of 2008 which by and large loams around the Land Question, must soul search themselves and choose the role to play in peace creation and become witnesses to the world on how usurpation, hatred and violence cannot build, cannot create hope and or assure any community of their future.


2012 is another election year inKenyathat brings with it unresolved burdens and tensions, constitutional confusion, political ambition and mistrust among age old friends and partners. The country has started noticing few issues emerging that need to be addressed urgently, lest the centre cracks.


(i)        The attempt by the executive and to some extent, the parliament to create confusion and misunderstanding among Kenyans on the date of the next elections.


(ii)         Politicising the ICC process where some of the communities appear to be saying, ?hatutakubali wetu kuhukumiwa?-we shall not accept conviction of our kinsman. This by all standards is arrogance and disrespect to laws and the constitution.


(iii)        Absence of visionary leadership viz a vis values and the virtue of democracy. That a seat like the presidency can attract 20 aspirants is disaster and a crisis.


(iv)        Kenyan may not have appreciated the fact that the country is at war (declared by the president). To fight Al-Shabaab, a guerilla militia, our forces have to enter Somalia. Is it moral or ethical? Might we have created other enemies in the process?

Who would they be and so how does the country protect its citizens? Shall we be able to afford the whole programme and, for how long?


(v)        Is it possible that number (iv) above may drag to the elections and if so, how do we manage both?


(vi)        Politicians are busy popularizing themselves, who will inculcate the values and the virtue of peace among Kenyans?


(vii)        The social movement appears to have been ?mentally commercialized? or if you like, kept busy by donors and forced to wear blinkers not see anything but the “project”.


Let the country wake up to the reality that we are forty two nationalities and apparently most of them do not care much about others. In the coming year the region and the world need a peacefulKenyamore than any other time. Why? The whole region and indeed continent, its neighbours theMiddle Eastand the Arabian peninsula are in lots of trouble and apparently are somehow served from and through this country.

To assist the people, we must think, talk and live PEACE.

As for me, my friends and groups that I work with, we shall be propagating, living and spreading Peace through Kenya Horizons of Peace (Ken HoPe) to share with and tell our people that there can be life without the glimpse of hatred and violence.

Peace is the Ultimate.   Ken HoPe



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