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Kenyan Woman Charged With The Murder of Her Two Sons in Sweden

Posted by Administrator on January 4, 2012

Grace Nyambura Kamau who has been charged with the murder of her two son in Sweden

Grace Nyambura Kamau who has been charged with the murder of her two sons in Sweden

The 31-year-old woman who admitted earlier on that she murdered her sons by pushing them into the water has been charged with murder today January 4, 2012. One Sunday evening in September 2011, the two boys aged four and eight years old, were reported missing. During a search same evening, their clothes were found on the shore of a lake in Sigtuna. Divers then found the boys dead in the water near a bridge the next day.

The children’s mother was then held in custody under the suspicion of murder, and a few days later she confessed that she killed them. According to the indictment, submitted to Attunda District Court late Wednesday afternoon, she pushed them into the water so they drowned.

When the criminal investigation began in September, it was clear that there were clear signals the children had problems. The boys had not been in school or in kindergarten after the summer holidays. The mother had also stopped responding to school staff contact attempts.

The forensic psychiatric investigation has established that the woman is suffering from a serious mental disorder, which means that she can not be sentenced to prison.

That a woman kills her children is extremely rare. Between 1990 and 2008, 34 children were killed by their mothers, according to criminologist Michael Rying. Only five of the children were older than six years.

Source: http://www.dn.se/sthlm/sigtunamamman-atalad-for-mord


4 Responses to “Kenyan Woman Charged With The Murder of Her Two Sons in Sweden”

  1. peris said

    terrible news this is.yes its true she must be having a mental disorder.the boys were very young.R.I.P young boys

  2. ITHAVETHI said

    Kuwaua wanao. Sielewi.

  3. Thadeus Muthemba said

    Thadeus Muthemba
    Thats is terrible .All we can do is to mourn the kids.And leave the mother’s kid to God coz
    mental disorder is understandable,but to few who have delt with it.

  4. maLAIka said

    help that is sooooo needed…R.I.P kiddos

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