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Video: Wife beats up husband, throws him out of matrimonial home

Posted by Administrator on January 4, 2012

A twenty seven year old man is nursing his wounds in Ng’angarithi village, Nyeri County, after he was assaulted by his wife. Patrick Kimaru Mwangi says that he was attacked by his twenty seven year old wife on New Year’s Day. Mwangi has been chased away from their home in Kangemi area where they had been staying as man and wife for six months. Maureen Murimi reports.


2 Responses to “Video: Wife beats up husband, throws him out of matrimonial home”

  1. Thadeus Muthemba said

    I grew up in the Rift valley .I could hear whispers about Nyeri women,this is no more whispers but real.
    Why do you Nyeri women play too rough there.?You need red tags.

  2. ITHAVETHI said

    WAR BED.

    I seek for rest
    In jungle of miseries
    Yearning for love
    At the foot of Mt. Kenya
    Where she grew
    Fetching wood from infected forest
    Behind a thicket of malicious “snow”

    I seek for peace
    From the forbidden ‘Muratina’ brew
    Where I learnt to play a saxophone
    That kept my life from her
    Christened ‘Wangu Wa Makeri’
    A brute and a loving mother
    Hidden in Roman war lingerie

    I sought for back-up
    From my area location chief
    Guarded by armored administration police
    Searching her among the ” Leleshwa” shrubs
    A thicket she used as her bunker
    After beating the hell out of me…!!!!!!!
    Breathing fire and brimstone

    As I drain my tears juxtaposed
    behind the curtains of Ng’angarithi village
    Writhing in pain amid a chorus laughter
    Trembling and visibly trodden
    I spit out a hilarious divorce
    Awaiting damages and spousal support
    On a warbed.

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