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Woman evicts her mother from family land

Posted by Administrator on January 11, 2012


A 60-year-old woman and her four grandchildren have been evicted from her parents’ land by her daughter.


Lydia Wangeci Macharia and grandchildren aged between 4 and 10, are sleeping in the cold after they were ejected from their home at Gwotongurio village in Waitaluk, Trans-Nzoia County.


Dorcas Nyambura alleged that she is the rightful administrator of her grandparents’ property and accused her mother of neglecting her since childhood.


There was a confrontation between the two women when Wangeci returned to pick her belongings.


Wangeci claimed that on Sunday night, her married daughter arrived home with five men to harass her but she took refuge at a nearby school.




“The men you brought here were after our lives. Why do you despise us? We have nowhere to sleep after you evicted us,” the woman pleaded with her daughter.


But her daughter insisted that her mother has no right to live in that home. She alleged that her mother abandoned her and her brother and re-married.


“Where were you when we were growing up and going to school? I was handed over the right to own this land by my grandmother and I have the necessary documents to support my claim,” responded Nyambura.


Wangeci accused the local Provincial Administration and police of siding with her daughter to deny her the right to her parents’ home.


“It is all lies. How can you inherit my parents’ property and I am still alive? You are selfish. Why don’t you want to share it with your other siblings?” the elderly woman lamented bitterly.


She said her grandchildren are out of school following the eviction and appealed to the Government to come for her rescue.


Area chief Isaac Lusweti said Nyambura had secured a Letter of Administration after family members endorsed the will of her grandmother, the late Elizabeth Wangui.


“It was resolved in a family meeting that Nyambura becomes the administrator of the six acres while her mother takes over another 8 acres in Kijabe, as per the will left by Wangui. Wangeci has no right to claim land at the farm since she has hers,” said the chief.

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