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VICTORY CHAPEL DALLAS:New Kenyan Church opens in Dallas

Posted by Administrator on January 14, 2012



In one of his writings Paul the apostle raised rhetoric. “If the trumpet be unclear, how can anyone prepare for battle?” Back then communication was archaic compared to our digital system, frequency modulation, global positioning system and all kinds of signal systems out there. In those days they used horns and trumpets. There was a particular note for worship gathering, a different one for town hall meetings, another for celebration and another for emergency for example war.

The fiddler had to know which note to hit in order to send a particular message. He/she had to be certain otherwise a whole nation is sent into confusion. Imagine sounding a festive note in time of war or to mistake a town hall meeting for a call to worship. That’s Paul’s question. If the trumpet or horn sends mixed messages how can anyone be prepared?

We are a new church in town. We believe God has called us to the city of Dallas according to his eternal purpose that we might be an additional outreach center. We believe that God always had a specific assignment for Victory Chapel way before any one of us got here. We also believe to have been called to this city not just to sound a trumpet but to hit a specific note. Our vision is to be Christ’s community of Faith, Hope and Love. In other words, God has called us by faith to be stewards of hope as we serve one another in love. Our message is Faith, our ministry is of Hope and our service is in Love.

As we reach out to the Diaspora community, our 3-part message is clear:

  1. One, God who is love is calling us unto himself. Our response to him is by faith. Without such faith it is impossible to please this God. He calls this response of faith the victory that overcomes.
  2. Our message is one of hope.  There is hope for each one of us. Hope in this life and beyond! You can be better; you can live better, you can do better! There is a better life than you think you know!
  3. Our message is of Love and in love. Whether rich or poor, single or married, educated and illiterate, in Africa or the US, everyone understands the language of love. We communicate this love of God in how we treat and handle each other.
  4. We invite you to experience  it this Sunday at Victory Chapel Dallas. Everyone is welcome.  Come as you are.  Victory Chapel is currently meeting at Double Tree Hotel in Richardson Tx from 11am to 12.30 pm. Our address is: 1981 North Central  Express way, Richardson Tx 75080.

By Pastor Samson Muniu, Victory Chapel Dallas.

53 Responses to “VICTORY CHAPEL DALLAS:New Kenyan Church opens in Dallas”

  1. Ken said

    I think too many trumpet sounding different notes don’t create music…they create noise and adds to the confusion. We are called to shine the lights in the darkness…not where others are shinning their spotlight…you end up creating flashlight parties(if two people shine flashlights on each other eyes…both won’t see…and like driving in Kenya…this leads to headon collissions)

    How about Oklahoma…how about Austin…how about San-antonio? Hmmm wait…we are Kenyans…we like to copy…duplicate efforts…flock to the same careers…avoid furrow grounds.

    Very sad.

    • never mind said

      Totally Agree.
      While i cant fully blame the ‘breakup’ pastors, there is a need for cohesion and love. The spirit of competition among the pastors is too high especially in Dallas area. Some pastors don’t even trust their own leaders, others have surrounded themselves with leaders that are known in the community to be of questionable character.

      The unfortunate thing is when these churches break, the faction that moves out tries to fish from the congregation they are splitting from and at the same time try fishing from other existing churches. Irony is that when planning to start the church, they say they will reach out to the ‘unchurched’. why not find the people that are not attending any church? Some of these pastors what they dont understand is that you dont have to start a new church when you are wronged by your previous pastor. Its ok to go and be a member of another congregation! stop confusing people. if someone feels that a church is not fitting to them, why are you attending day in day out and then when a new church starts you are the first to say, ‘i was not growing spiritually in that church’

      The truth is, there is no perfect church, there is no perfect pastor, and there are no perfect church members. if thats what people are looking for, the bad news is that they will not find one. New found love is sweet, only that down the lane, the real issues start to come up, and they have to be addressed. What do you do at that point?

      • maLAIka said

        @ u never mind…..i dont mind any more….i just go to church to worship….then the truth speaks

    • Kangemi said

      I live in a relatively small Kenyan community in the West Coast and I definitely echo your observations. We have three Kenyan churches here with each having a relatively small congregation…I haven’t added the Catholic community which has its own group. In a couple of those churches, people are constantly locking horns especially over the issue of control of church funds. I have attended only twice and was disgusted when one pastor divided the entire congregation in three groups – those who commit $500 or more, $150 or more or $100 or more in this particular one Sunday. For what purpose you ask? To purchase the assistant pastor’s adult daughter a car! On the same Sunday, the pastor gave everyone a tonguelash for being late to church…not even one consideration for the many odd jobs Kenyans do around here…

      I am just back from Kenya and the copying what your neighbor is doing is very much in high gear. Many have borrowed heavily to built flats and purchse houses. With the revision of interest rates upwards, many are crying now. I especially noted of several people in one vicinity who have built hostels around a university. Each is experiencing high vacancy rates as there are too many of them…around here, there is a push for everyone to be in the nursing field….We are already starting to experience a glut in the the number of nurses in California..

      Yet another Church in Dallas, why? Dare I ask what is it about us Kyuks that attracts us to the pastoral field? Don’t even get me started on the overepresentation of Kyuk pastors in the Kenyan airwaves!

      • njinji said

        let us not point fingers to this churches here is freedom of worship dont go to church if you dont like it sit in your house and have one with your GOD this are only buildings the church is your heart

      • gachungwa said

        “ It is better to risk saving a guilty man than to condemn an innocent one. ”

        — Voltaire

  2. Wanyoike said

    Like Gamaliel , my advice to all the critics is “keep away from these men and let them alone; for if this plan or this undertaking is of men, it will fail; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them. You might even be found opposing God!” (Acts 5:38-39 RSV). Time will tell.

  3. ITHAVETHI said


    Behind a curtain of religiousity
    I sit at an unique vantage point
    A few rows from the main entrance
    Listening to a sermon from Apostle Ithav
    Before an audience of seven or eight
    His choice of words glueing me to the bench

    A few blocks from Apostle Ithav altar
    Hidden behind a canopy of streets lights
    An inaudible sound of praise and worship
    Blast the roofs of Evangelist Jo’s temple
    Before a bunch of ten or eleven members
    Basking in the vibrancy of literary spirits

    Across the streets ten blocks away
    Sitting on a eight thousand square feet
    Disciple Othis is always at the helm
    Busting his chest with echoes of salvation
    Reminiscence of Kenya’s Full Gospel Church
    An invaliable yardstick in heaven’s entrance

    Miles away dons Canon Samuel’s church
    Religious gramophones blaring across interstate 95
    Bestowing rightiousness upon the ITHAVETHIS
    Who live under the shadows of whens and hows
    Awaiting to enter the kingdom free of charge
    Arm-twisted and hovering over a wheelchair

    And while self-proclaiming themselves
    With sacred and forbidden titles
    Like bishops, Canons, Apostles and the like
    Overnights and fortnights
    With less or no congregats listen and obey
    With a query, I walk out in critical consciousness.

    • gachungwa said

      ITHAVETHI is in shock ata amesahau kiswahili!! I feel you isabel, these people drive me nuts. I hear a Kenyan Church I ran away I better watch Joel on my couch.

  4. Sijuinijiite said

    There are over 20 Kenyan churches operating in the Dallas Fort-Worth area, some with their own buildings, some rent space from existing churches whilst others meet in hotels and restaurants. Most have very few members, considering the Kenyan population in these areas. And majority of these same members every so often are the ones jumping from church to church.

    Theres even a Kenyan church whose services are held in Kyuk with an Associate Pastor with questionable morality who’s alleged to have raped a member sometimes back. Shouldn’t church leaders be of moral standing? However, the church elders are usually the pastors cronies thus no accountability is upheld whatsoever.

    I agree with Kangemi, generally the root cause of wanting to start churches left right and center is based on greed (easy money making venture) and control. Kenyans, we love to be in control. Theres a breed of older generation Kenyans who are bent on being known as ‘community leaders’ despite doing nothing to lead the community or better yet are always the first to lead the community astray. It’s like they are compensating for not being ‘known’ as ‘somebody’ back in Kenya. And we as Kenyans always blindly follow.

  5. leo said

    Churches and more churches untill we have a church for each pastor. Yeah, it is like a curse. No two pastors can work together for long anymore because of this one thing, MONEY. This days pastors are afraid of having an assistance pastor due to the fear of split ups that could affect their pockets.I ask myself, what if the pastor dies? is he going to leave his sheeps without a shephered? A good church should have several pastors working together in harmoney whether there is money to be made or not. Shame on you greedy pastors.

  6. gachungwa said

    We are a new church in town. We believe God has called us to the city of Dallas according to his eternal purpose that we might be an additional outreach center. We believe that God always had a specific assignment for Victory Chapel way before any one of us got here. We also believe to have been called to this city not just to sound a trumpet but to hit a specific note……………..blah blah what hog wash! bull crap! Have you never heard of TD JAKES!!!

    When I came to Dallas 15 Years ago we Had Only 1 United Church; not that growth is allergic to my Reasoning but the Kenyan community was one WHOLE united people, anyone who arrived felt the warmth of Our People.
    There were Committees to take care of any misfortunes that befell one of us, but then Our Pastors got into business, and the money was sweet, so sweet that each pastor wanted his wife to be the assistant pastor, their sons and daughters the treasurers and drum beaters and choirmasters and all… we became irrelevant as we are sheep, yep kondoos, JUST SHEEP that FOLLOW; competition set in and it mattered the car you drove, Zip code you live, the tribe, the Job you do and the drift came and continues……………so the trumpet you blowing is one big Devils trumpet, Nowadays the pastors talk water while drinking and fornicating openly, so please blow your trumpet but stop using God in It!
    Our people don’t accommodate one another anymore, they help based on which church you go to , the job, the tribe and all the crap that comes with the pastors coordination…
    ……my fellow comrades run, run or the wrath of God which has befallen you will continue destroying you!

    • Mary said

      Kangemi or whoever you are calling yourself, don’t you have any work to go to? Yours is the bull’s crap coz you are writing a lot of nonsense. Have you never heard what the. Lord said that I WILL MAKE YOU FISHERS OF MEN? Let churches begin. None of
      your business. How much money have you given? And those worshiping at St.Mattress I pity your knowledge.

      • Kangemi said

        Mary, it’s dully noted and essentially an honor to realize that the writtings of a mere mortal like me attracts a response from you. Don’t you think my posts are a wee bit above bull doo doo? I bow to your concern for my nonsense and lack of direction.

        Next time I need to write something, I will consult with you. Better yet, I will seek your permission for any nourishment my body needs or every breath I take….Oh Mighty One.

  7. Local Heathen said

    That is why i worship at Saint Mattress by the Springs church. Pastor Pillow & Sister Sheets love you unconditionally.

    • Kangemi said

      Local Heathen, thanks for the chuckle…hahahaha

    • Kangemi said

      Another humble observation is that Kenyan male pastors also seem to prefer “accessing” our families through our wives for whatever reason…..I know men around here who are uneasy about their wive’s time engagement in these Kenyan churches. I happened to be in a buddies house a year ago when his wife – a PHD educated woman – was leaving after 7pm on a Friday evening for yet another church “function”. Rightfully, he raised a lot of concerns but the wife was having none of it. Not sure how they sorted it out..

      After intense debate in my house, we opted five years ago to use some of our tithe money to fully educate 10 high school boys and girls in Kenya based only on need and NEVER where they are from. Some may disagree with this move but it has been the best decision ever because of the difference you make in a young man or woman’s life who would have otherwise never made it to high school. I would be sick to my stomach if I found out that a slick pastor was misappropriating my family’s hard earned church offerings and tithes.

  8. joshua said

    Wow wow wow Slow down guys and take a deap breath.Kampaini imeanza.Any one know how many members of other communities or other natinality reached out in this new party yet?If my girlfriend leaves me for another “good guy”,the good guy should fear when a better guy comes.When God send another new pastor from Kenya in few months or from existing worship team ,are the “new” members going to stay of will rush for word from man of God.

  9. mkenya halisi said

    I asked a fellow friend that same question: why are kyuks too much into church business? Is it the easiest way to make a buck?

    Yaani wamevaa ngozi ya kondoo, meeeeh. Kule ndani, ni mbwa mwitu…uwuu…uwuu!

    Gilbert Deya still beats them all at behaving badly famously.

  10. Johana Wanjikru Thuku said

    Mkenya harisi!! lol the churches are the fasted growing business globally. All you need is husky voice and preach with all your might sweating like a southern baptist minister and lo and behold a cloth will be provided to wipe the sweat for the more you sweat and yell at the pulpit, the more followers you get and the now you have secured cash flow on a one day business. Call a spade a spade, and yes I’m kyuk and money is our business. we can deny all we want but our actions are speaking louder every day. Now , let me see how many churches we have in DFW alone.. Neema, Upendo, Harvest, now the victory chapel, PCEA-highland park, let’s not forget living well or living water(I guess), Pastor Tony’s church, Msewe’s church, Wairimu Nelsonministries here in dallas, Mugo’s church in Irving , Ngobia’s church and there is 2 other one started by a lady and another in mckinney or Allen ….13 of them and still counting and who are all this… us the kyuks and do I need to say more. Due to the so many churches springing everywhere and every pastor trying to secure a piece of this business pie , I have my own church in my own house. I wake up on sunday, dress up, turn to televangelist (Joel Austin) and fellowship with them and once it’s over, I DRESS DOWN AND CONTINUE WITH MY SLEEP AND WHO CAN BLAME ME…..but I need a stable church to tithe and bring offerings because i can’t do that to myself. @ Never mind I totally agree with you that, there is no better pastor than the other and might I add when churches are breaking away or breaking each other what is in the heart of the breakers. Are they thirsty for the Word and are not getting it or are they hating Pastors based on malicious gorship, hearsays, being racist at heart and never admiting it, one thing I know is that God knows the true believer and all our heart intents and we better be careful coz we can stamble a million times before we realise we are messing with who God Has chosen to preach the Gospel. Too many churches cramped in one little place is not making sense. It’s a display of hate, being divisive, creating heart cold wars and for no reason because the break ups I have seen and heard are never peaceful ones and that’s a shame. it’s not attracting peole to churches anymore but rather getting them out and even confusing them. The Catholics dont seem to have issues but protestants will always be protesting and now they are protesting each other.

    • MSUYA said

      Johana..I totally agree with you! My fear is God is truly going to show his might soon, and we will all know who the Leopards in sheep skins are, the church breakers, sheep stealers etc. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.. WE NEED TO BE VERY AFRAID.

    • shenzi said

      people need to back to the basics.. the 1st churches. tukue united. maybe things will be better

  11. maLAIka said

    disgusting to say that my preacher cousin has a live in girl friend…wife and kids back home….i refuse to be fooled by even my own blood….i aint against church….im a P.K but you just dont compromise morals, values and what is ethical for your own “kingdom “

    • Nyambs said

      No just living girlfriends only but they also steal from the congregation,the sheep they are leading……………….God help

  12. Johana Wanjikru Thuku said

    The fiddler had to know which note to hit in order to send a particular message. He/she had to be certain otherwise a whole nation is sent into confusion. Imagine sounding a festive note in time of war or to mistake a town hall meeting for a call to worship. That’s Paul’s question. If the trumpet or horn sends mixed messages how can anyone be prepared? and this is exactly what all kenyan pastors are doing sending mixed messages to the followers. The trumpets being blown are scarely for they are seeking power and recognition and of course money therefore jeorpadising the reason we gather for prayers.

    • msuya said

      it is amazing and blasphemous when they actually use scripture to justify breaking other churches. Even the AntiChrist knows scripture inside out….BE WARE.. these are the end times. if something does not feel right, stay aware from it, do not follow a friend, if he/she falls into a ditch and so will you!! Tomorrow infront of the Lord, you are on your own, your pastor won’t help you, neither will your wife, husband, or child let alone friend…

  13. Mama Watoto said

    What a pity for all of you. Yes, worship in your own homes, dont even go to church. Let your house burry you when you die. Please have your relatives call Joel Osteen to come and conduct your funeral….. ooooh.. he will be glad to send you flowers. Let those flowers burry you. Let Joel come and get you out of jail. Let Joel come and mediate between you and your wife when you are not seing eye to eye. Oh, yes, let you call Joel Osteen to come and fundraise for you when you loose your mother. Isnt Joel nice? Yes he is. He will bury you. Dont bother Pastor Ruto, Kimathi, Tony and wengine. Just call Joel and Jakes. They will be so glad to come and bury you.

    • leo said

      Mama watoto,stop nonsense! do you go to church so that you’ll be burried like a queen on church members expences? shame on you mama watoto. I hope you are not trying to get pregnant so that you can cash in from the other church members and I also hope you are not one of those church members who keep on requesting fake prayers so that they can cash in some money from other church members.Canibalizing each other till Jesus returns.Shame on you mama watoto.Work hard and buy some life insuarance. FYI, somehow, the dead always get burried and they are never thankful. Never. The best they can do is stink allover and that what you get when you don’t burry them. I know a church pastor who burried a witch that villagers refused to burry.Somebody somehow always come around to burry the dead. The church is only for worship and not all this other businesses.

    • Sijuinijiite said

      @ Mama Watoto, shame shame shame on you! People like you who attend Kenyan churches for the sole reason to secure insurance in the name of fundraisers when you die are mistaken and contribute to the backward village mentality found around here.
      Please don’t be confused-there are endless non-Kenyan churches which pay for funeral services and expenses for their members including International Body of Christ (IBOC), Friendship West etc. others like Potters House,The Village, Fellowship etc. provide financial support and otherwise….so yes they show up when your wife has just had a c-section, or when you need counsel, they pay for your mortgage or rent when in need. They are just organized and dont go announcing to everyone how they are helping and what they are doing and thats why you dont hear about it, unlike in Kenyan churches where everyones business is out there. And thanks to people like you, it spreads like wild fire!
      You sound like such a bitter person. The bible says you give as your heart directs. It doesn’t say be selective, so people like you who don’t give because you don’t know the person or because they go to another church are the biggest hypocrites around.

      Lastly, please also note that if you die and have no money, you will eventually be buried at the states expense…without the gossip and drama that people like you spew. And as Jesus told his disciple ‘don’t worry about the dead, they will bury themselves’!

  14. Mama Watoto said

    Oh, I forgot. When you have your kids, just zip through the state lines to Houston for Joel Osteen to baptise them. Yes, when your wife gives birth, try to call Victoria Osteen to organize for the women of Lakewood church to bring your c-sectioned wife. Yes, call your relatives at home and tell them to come and cook uji for your wife. What I am trying to say is that I admire the way you are all ‘finished’ with the Kenyan churches, until you die and you are no more, and your miserable friends cant organize themselves unless the kenyan churches stand up and call for a fundraiser!

    Shame on you all!

    • kiptoo said

      you sound really confused, your pastor needs to dedicate sunday worship to your intelligence, I feel pity on yur man and kids, I hope you dont leave him every weekend for kesha, or as per the kiks “ngwatani-ro” whick kiks literally perfect to the exclamation mark.
      you are the type which knows nothing about spiritual wisdom, but go to church & contribute to be seen or rather with other motives;by your own statements you underline urself as a pharisee; a hypocrite!
      no one is disputing the fact that we need a cohesive society and that is what the discussion here is all about but the churches we have are doing exactly the opposite, the pastors and their wives are nothing but charismatic? conDogs.
      If you a sheep which just follows with no questions, then that is upto you & you have the Right/ freedom of association but the community too as a whole has the right to discuss and find ways and solutions to our problems, its not only the kenya church goers who associate or get their kids baptized, you sound dumb to comment that relatives back home are the one who can help those who do go to church when in trouble, if that is your prayer then pray and it shall happen that when you need them they dont show up.
      I know a kenyan lady who had an immigration issue, as she was a no one Her pastor and her church declined to gather or help in any way, the only community she knew deserted her and guess who have been helping her? the drunkards at Nai and a Ghanain Church.
      I guarantee you when you expire your picture will be on jambo with an account # and 10 or more cell phones, for those who don’t know you/ go to your church/ kenyan churches to contribute.
      God is my provider, not dumbasses gathered under pretentious worship for other motives, I would Rather be an Organ Donor than have your nickel-mentality or go to church just so that you can ship me back home when dead!! You Ridiculous

  15. ndedhe said

    Mama watoto, we can do all you ahve mentioned without listening to the nonsense being spewed in these tribe-charged churches. Matter of fact, these uneducated pastors (most are, they may have degrees but are complete todhis) segregate us by claiming we the secular have lost the way, yet they have no clue how to be relevant Kenyans. Yes, you acll for Harambees, how many people attend? In a city that has over 60,000 kenyans and you are pressed to gather 50, you are not shepherding well. Hii ni tama ya pesa…go home and farm.

    • Kamuiko said

      As much as human being need support, they can always get it elsewhere not just in churches! Furthermore, God always provide accordingly and we don’t have to attend church for such insecurity. We attend church to worship Him and usually forgets He knows our motives cause He sees the inside! Some pastors have a genuine calling, but majority are just but enterpreneus!! Eternal life is our reward for serving God and I hope Mama watoto changes her attitude lest she’ll miss Heaven!

  16. Shiro Kamau said

    Ha haaa…This is Upendo Vs Victory crap or to be exact Rutto Vs Muniu….lets sit back, get some popcorn and enjoy the show. For me and my house will serve the lord bila starting a church.

  17. Johana Wanjikru Thuku said

    @ Mama watoto: have you not read the scriptures ” woe to you, teachers of the law,and pharisees, you hypocrites! you devour widows’ houses and for a show make lenghthy prayers. Therefore you will be punished more severely said the Lord. Secondly it’s peoples wish to assist financially for burials and other community needs irregardless of whichever church we attend for we all are a family from kenya and friends not just by religion. The body can be thrown out to the hyenas for what difference will it make to have a gathering of people just because you attended church and how how dumb could that be. And yes Joe Austin , TD jakes , Joyce Meyers and all other genuine pastors will sculpt me , polish me and guide me towards the splendor of heaven but explain to me how peel away preachers will help me in my spiritual quest. It was once a one Kenyan church and all was good and then it broke up into two and the break ups erupted like volcanoes all over dallas metroplex and lo and behold they planted the seed of distrust amongest church goers and now it’s hard to make a decision as to which one is preaching from the heart and with all right intents not to mention not with greed for money, power and again refer to Mathew chapter 14 and see how Jesus rebuked those kind of preachers.So mama watoto the community will still reach out to you in time of need and if not GOD will provide for Jesus said ” dont trouble yourselves, trust in God and in him.

  18. Immaculate said

    If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chron 7:14

  19. Johana Wanjikru Thuku said

    @ Ithavethi, I sure do admire your eloquency and grammar . Sounds like Obamas relative( a compliment). I was curious if you are a writer or a poet or something that deals with analytical thinking. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm you are damn gud!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes I totally agree wioth you on the above matter. Good debate

  20. Sultan said

    Najivunia kuwa Mkenya…..these things are all over, if you hang around Kenyans only, you think Kenyan only, kyuks and u kyuk urself to the end, Buganda and u uganda urself too etc etc…. The issue of Church and Church splits with its comparative religion of money and cash is older than any of the western culture that we are trying to fit it.
    Sasa usijifanye ati umejua saana, ukae kwa couch ama uwatch sijui J Osteen, Jakes or Muiru ati umepata solution. Ama udefend church fulani ati ndio kiboko yao.
    Fungua roho kwa Yesu atakuongoza without tryng to analyse or critic everybody around you. Go to church where you worship or stay home and wait for Judgement for it will come whether you lke it or not!, concentrate on heavenly matter and participate where you can as according to Biblical teachings lakini tuache siasa miingi…kwani wewe unajifanya ati unajua saana. Mavi ya kuku

    • Illegitimate YaPastor said

      watcha! yep,never went ! Nimekunywa tano arleady, sultan,mafi yakuku,makenede ya kuku,kichwa ya palin— that is kiddish dont sound like aliterate fellow! Kwani si bbilia inasema they have eyes but dont see, ears but never hear!
      pengtyine wewe ata ni kafiri, wachya upuzi– oops at leats m drunk by coors not by holy yhost

  21. Johana Wanjikru Thuku said

    @Sultan .. MAvi ya kuku ni wewe

  22. Mutumia wa Ngai said

    Judge not… since not I, but Almighty God can see the hidden motives of all these Pastors. I respect each and every one of them and recognize that they are human too. And just like politicians, their lives happen to be in the public eye. Jesus come back soon!

    Someone metioned something about poaching members. I do believe that these are adults with sound minds…enuf said! And about reaching the unreached, that would be the majority of you all who BLATANTLY and PUBLICLY REFUSE to attend these churches. Church is important. Fellowship with fellow Christians is very very important. Even if you do not want to attend the so-called Kenyan churches, get up and go to a church. Sister pillow and brother sheets at spring-mattress rd do not suffice as church. Just another justification.

    Not everyone will agree with me. And to an extent, I agree with Mama Watoto. I have lost a member of my family and it was not the money that was brought. It was waking up and looking forward to seeing the people come over and help me through that day. It was the phone calls, text messages of words of encouragement. It was knowing that there are other Christians praying earnestly for me and my family as we went through this ordeal. I love my Kenyan church, drama or no drama!

  23. maLAIka said

    @mama watoto…you’re missing the point…you’re so misguided….you’re flat-out LOST!!!!!

  24. Rev. said

    I am a pastor and i dont need your money. I have a job that pays my bills and sustains my household. And besides, who among you self proclaimed judges has any proof that churches are started because of money? If you do not want to attend a church pastored by a kenyan, thats fine, stay away and go to whatever church you feel is able to meet your needs. And by the way the 30 minutes you watch on TV is not enough to give you a true picture of the ministries you think are “all that”. None of them is perfect!!
    I wonder how many of you complain when a new strip club or a new “watering hole” is opened and yet you are all over a man of God for opening a new church.
    If you think your money is what sustains a servant of God, keep the money and we will see how many of them die!

    Thank you

    • Kangemi said

      Rev., you are so right that there exists no perfect church. I know not one…with all due respect; I beg to differ on anything else you have posted. For many years men/women of cloth were held on a pedestal and NEVER questioned. I would like to think that they held themselves to that standard which in itself commanded community respect. For better or worse, the Christian of today is well informed coupled with the fact many men and women of cloth have planted seeds of doubt in our heads of who they really are and what their motivation is.
      The common denominator in this forum is that we are Kenyan and these churches buzz around us like the many moons around a planet. If you expect a discussion about St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, it will not happen. Activities of Kenyan churches in Dallas strike a chord in many of us because of several reasons. Kenyan Churches in many stateside metropolitan areas appear to read from the same script. One mega Church, then some church official starts one elsewhere and those several mutations from the breakaway churches for reasons that include ego, finances, personality conflicts, tribe or even economic status.
      The days that the title pastor, reverend, father used shake us to our core are gone. You are only held to the standard that you proclaim. Get used to it. Obviously, fault is in everyone but there is a line that many of today’s pastors have no problems crossing.
      Your title and the tone of your post are “Exhibit A”.

    • leo said

      mr rev, you are not humble enough to be a pastor . The bible states very well that, If a man hit you on the right chic, Let him hit you on the left chic as well. Have you satisfied that lately? You said “I dont need your money I have a job to sustain me” etc Now my question is, Is that what Jesus would say? So you are not a man of God either and therefore I find you very pathetic. MR pastor,You just working to pay your bills proves your disqualifyication as a pastor. Don’t your congregation trust you?

    • Sijuinijiite said

      Surely, how do you compare the opening of a strip club or ‘watering hole’ to starting a new church?
      The former exist solely for financial gain i.e to make money…. I would pray and hope that you don’t see starting a church in the same sphere!

    • Wa-Jesu24/7 said

      With all due respect Bwana Rev, you are very arrogant and NOT HELPING THE CASE fior Kenyan churches AT ALL! In fact, you are pushing the people further away! Please identify yourself so that we can warn fellow Kenyans to STAY THE HECK AWAY FROM YOU AND YOUR ‘MINISTRY’! Check your heart and then go before the Almighty God before you take the pulpit this coming Sunday … please for the sake of the members of your church. But I do believe that the Lord does protect his people (your members).

      Lord help us and forgive us all!

  25. Saddeneed Christian said

    One of the seven deadly sins is “pride”..even the bible talks about that. Yet we have some Pastors who are so proud and arrogant you wonder which bible they read!!! even their preaching is a performance…saying look at me look at what I can do…whatever happened to glorifying God!!! whatever happened to humbleness???

    • leo said

      You are right suddened christian. The kingdom of hevean belongs to the meek. The one who humble themself such as when your enemy slap you on the left chic,allow them to hit you on to the right chic as well. The arrrogancy and charismatism is not mentioned as way forward. No where in the bible is arrogancy and charismatism is called for as away foward. It is humbleness, forgiveness, and all the nice stuffs that will take you to kingdom of hevean. Lord have mercy.

  26. ITHAVETHI said

    Bw Rev, matamshi yako hayakusuluhisha lolote. Ungelitumia maneno ya kuwashauri wenye kutoa maoni yao katika jarida hili, ungalitatua visa na vituko ambavyo tunashuhudia makanisani siku hizi.

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