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US based Uhuru Clothing to Launch in Nairobi

Posted by Administrator on January 20, 2012

Thomas Mwicigi and Miss Cecilia Mwangi together with a model

Thomas Mwicigi and Miss Cecilia Mwangi together with a model

The founder and CEO of US Based clothing label Uhuru Clothing has plans to officially launch the brand in his homeland. Thomas Mwicigi told Word Is he is in the country to “I planning for a late March launch where I will invite local and international acts to attend as well as headline.” Uhuru Clothing was founded in Dec 2007 in Dallas Texas out of frustration from a lack of African representation in stores.

While walking through the mall in Dallas on a cold winter day, “I really wanted to wear something African that would represent me as I went from store to store. I was shocked by the lack of African designs. I went up to one lady and she told me they really don’t cater to ‘those people’. Really you don’t cater to 900 million people? Over 3 million people in the U.S? As I left to go home I was determined to make something for myself.”

Thomas has worked on a collaborative work plan with rappers Camp Mulla, Madtraxx and Prezzo to market the brand. “Instead of wearing European brand when they are shooting their music videos, we sat down and talked. They will be wearing Uhuru Clothing on their new upcoming music videos,” Thomas said.

He continued: “Instead of importing clothes to African countries we need to have an African distributor making clothes by Africans for Africans. After Barack Obama became US president there has been an awareness of Africa. Beyonce also wears African outfits in her videos. This is the time to be proud and wear our brands. And it is up to us to produce the brands.” Thomas who has been in the country since December 18 was also checking up on the progress of the Give Africa Hope charity, which he is the goodwill ambassador.

SOURCE: http://www.the-star.co.ke/word-is/word-is/59035-us-based-uhuru-clothing-to-launch-in-nairobi


3 Responses to “US based Uhuru Clothing to Launch in Nairobi”

  1. mkulima bin wazee wa kazi said

    Tom is a very shrewd “marked by clever discerning awareness ” bussinessman. I love it when my dallas boys are making a difference. Mr Jambo keep on reporting, and keep up. God bless all your efforts my boyz, we can make a difference.

  2. Njoki said

    Good work thomas we Need more of you..

  3. Mama Watoto said

    You know peole will buy your stuff just because of those two beautiful ladies…

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