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Vegas is Home Turf for Kenya

Posted by Administrator on January 20, 2012

Undoubtedly the largest fan base that turns out to cheer on Kenya during the nine-leg global HSBC 7s series are the fans that show up in Las Vegas, and it’s not lost on the players and coaching staff

“Very encouraging,positive impact, creates a home based atmosphere and we look forward to seeing them again in February,” Sydney Ashioya told RUGBYMag.com

Flyer Collins Injera said, “There is something special about Las Vegas, and this atmosphere is considerably heightened when you add the thunderous and whole hearted-cheering of the Kenyan fan base during our play. Undoubtedly an extra wind in our sails”

Returning fly half Lavine Asego, who makes his fifth-consecutive trip to the US, was effusive in his description of the role of the fans. “Its massive. It motivates us, and when we consider that thousands have traveled from out of state at considerable expense, we can’t help but lift our game for them,” he said.

Kenya has twice come just one game short of making the Cup final in USA, losing both times to to New Zealand in the Cup semis.

“When we hear our names chanted by the thousands in the terraces, plus see the sea of faces painted in the Kenyan colors and hear them sing the national anthem, you almost wish the show never ends,” continued Asego.

For many fans living in different parts of the US, the first weekend of February is penciled in months in advance as the weekend when they will all travel and party in Las Vegas.

Many are Kenyans, while others have been drafted in, as Kenya remains the core African side, apart from the Springboks, to consistently get invited to the US leg of the HSBC 7s World series.

Loose forward Victor Oduor confirms this, when he says, “Las Vegas is the only venue in the series where we feel completely at home, both on and off the pitch. The large crowd gives us an extra strength, not to say anything of the million parties that we are expected to attend during that extraordinary weekend. My highlight of the season.”

“Even though this will be my first outing to the US in charge of the team a cursory look at our record in the US,is very positive,” said coach Mitch Ocholla. “The players tell me the fans there are simply fabulous, and I have absolutely no reason to doubt them.”

“We underperformed in the opening three legs, but do let our fans in both Wellington and the US know that the show will be well and truly back on course when we land,” Ocholla added.

Source: http://www.rugbymag.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3144:vegas-is-home-turf-for-kenya&catid=69:usa-sevens-tournament&Itemid=246


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