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Ruto slams “strange” ICC charges

Posted by Administrator on January 23, 2012

Nairobi – Kenyan presidential candidate William Ruto on Monday dismissed as “strange” the International Criminal Court charges against him over 2007-08 post-election violence.
“Allegations against me will forever be strange to me. My legal team will move expeditiously to analyse the ruling and the actions to take,” Ruto told reporters at his Nairobi home.
“I am committed to demonstrate my innocence.”
Ruto is among four prominent Kenyans the ICC ruled on Monday should face trial over deadly post-election violence four years ago. Ruto is charged with crimes against humanity for murder, forcible transfer and persecution.
Charges against Uhuru Kenyatta, finance minister and son of Kenya’s founding president, were also confirmed.
Both Ruto and Kenyatta are seen as leading challengers to Prime Minister Raila Odinga in the next presidential election, which is due to be held by March 2013 at the latest.

10 Responses to “Ruto slams “strange” ICC charges”

  1. Prisca said

    Continue praying all will b well

  2. Odthiambo said

    I agree with Ruto. This is a political trial and Kosgey charges should not have been dropped. The reason they got dropped is because they (ICC) wanted to put him in a position to help a certain aspiring presidential candidate governise votes in rift valley that he need to win election. Ali charges were also dropped to help that same candidate governize votes in northeastern. The purpose of this trial is not to punish the four culprits but to hold them down so that they can’t pose a serious challenge to their favourite candidate. Eventually their cases will be dismissed for what ICC judge will call lack of sufficient evidence. Keep watching!!!

    • leo said

      Odthiambo! ICC is not in the business of deciding who becomes the next president of a certain country. The ICC job Is to grill the untouchable such us Honorable Kenyatta and mheshimiwa ruto. I wish we can go back to idi-amin days and then your brainwashed mind will wake up and cry out lound for any help. Have you wired money to the IDPS lately? What about consoling the family who lost their very loved one. The ICC is trying to do just that. Justice is coming soon.

      • mkenyahalisi said

        Leo, usipigie hii mbuzi guitar bana. I can bet my life even the moniker “Odthiambo” is not his really name. Kenyans are twisted kiasi.

      • leo said

        Mkenya halisi Im with you on this one.common purpose

      • Odthiambo said

        Mkenyahalisi, wewe ndio mbuzi. How do you know Odthiambo is not my real name? You are all missing my point. What I said is that Kosgey is as guility as the rest and that the decision taken by ICC to drop his charges were politically motivated. You must be a fool not to see that. Kosgey is one of the most corrupt politician in Kenya today. He is a Moi era holdover who ripped Kenyans billions of shillings with impunity. He was deeply involved with formulating and inciting tribal crashes in the post-election clashes that took place in Eldoret area and the sorrounding. How could he be innocent? And yes I question ICC impairlity in this trial. If they really wanted a fair trial they should have charges against the main culprits. I am for fair justice and yes I have donated money to IDPS

    • Crabtree said

      Ukweli kabisa Othish!! If they luv raila that much, they should get him a position somewhere in the west cause, he’ll never be Kenya’s prezo!!

  3. Sugel said

    ¶13. (C) If he decides to pursue the presidency, Kenyatta has several major strengths, but these are balanced and potentially offset by important weaknesses. Kenyatta is bright and charming, even charismatic. He is enormously wealthy, and therefore has not had to engage in corruption. Although his wealth is the inheritance from his father,s corruption, the Kenyatta family still holds a special status. Kenyatta,s liabilities are at least as important as his strengths. He drinks too much and is not a hard worker (though he surprised everyone by the acuity of the budget, which reportedly resulted from some tough work over long hours). Perhaps most importantly, Kenyatta has been closely linked to the Mungiki (which emerged in the aftermath of the Mau Mau and began as a movement in defense of Kikuyu traditional values, but which has long since morphed into a well-organized mafia-style criminal organization). The reason that Kenyatta is assumed to be on the Waki Commission list of suspected perpetrators of post-election violence is his fund-raising to support Mungiki violent actions against Kalenjins during the post-election violence. Some reports indicate that Kenyatta has tried to distance himself from the Mungiki. (The links between the Mungiki and various Kikuyu politicians are at best murky.) Ironically, Kenyatta,s links to the Mungiki make him one of those who feels strongly that extrajudicial killing must stop (since many of the extrajudicial killings have been carried out by the police, under Commissioner Ali,s direction, against the Mungiki).

  4. kate njeri said

    i cant believe it, nepotism, escapes kenya to ICC via Pm.We also wanjiku has a say.We can boycort the elections untill these cases are heard. i believe as a mother, a citizen with a voting card, the Prime minister knows what happened.Its after his party refused to accept the election results that kenya was prudged to chaos.

    • leo said

      so you are trying to say that mheshimiwa ruto and honorable Uhuru keyatta were doing their best to stop the PEV right? You are jut one big fat lier. Get real dude

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