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Socialite Talia Oyando falls victim of “racism” in Diani

Posted by Administrator on January 25, 2012

Talis Oyando

Talis Oyando

Singer and former radio presenter Talia Oyando almost had her holiday at the coast ruined on Tuesday afternoon. The former Emmy award winner together with a friend fell victims of what they branded “racism in their own country” after they were asked by a manager of a hotel in Diani “not to swim at the beach” as it was reserved for white people only.

Angered by this incidence Talia took to Twitter, to express her anger and disappointment. “Oh wait and there’s also a place in Diani where Africans are not allowed to swim, ” she wrote. “Just experienced racism on Kenyan soil. In 2012 apparently we are not in Kenya. Breathes in and out,” read another one of her tweets.
As if being told off was not enough the German manager who could not be identified went on to insult them. “He really abused us, things I cannot repeat and told us we are not in Kenya but German Park and to F*** off.”
When she reported the matter to Diani police station the manager was still arrogant and refused to get out of the premises telling the police that he was eating and claimed to not speak English. He however apologised to Talia and her posse after spending some time at the police station writing a statement with the help of a translator.

6 Responses to “Socialite Talia Oyando falls victim of “racism” in Diani”

  1. mbeburufreezone said

    We teach these morons to come and insult us in our own land?Tutafukuza mubeberu tena

  2. Njoki said

    Let dem all complains be highlighted..we are in a new kenya…let them feel the heat..i believe better days are ahead of us..tujenge kenya yetu ..

  3. Waswa Edwin said

    I’m highly disappointed in the ugly incident in our own country.I hope Kenyans will be treated with some respect.I never new you can be belittled in your own country.Who do these people take Kenyans for.Am not impressed with their conduct at all.Can someone warn the foreigner on my behalf.I wish to express my disappointment in public.

  4. peris said

    oh my God ,kwani ukoloni umerudi kenya?.pole sana Talia dont forgive him Talia let him face the law..

  5. Bernard Muthuke said

    Very poor article, where is the name of the hotel in Diani ? And what Taila twitter account ?

    • moncia said

      Pse give name of that hotel at Diani..such need to be shamed in public..such ignorant and prejudice has no place in todays world..more so in ones own country..

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