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Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Francis Muthaura have stepped aside from office

Posted by Administrator on January 26, 2012

Kenyan Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta (2ndL), and Cabinet secretary Francis Muthaura (2ndR) attend a hearing, at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. PHOTO / FILE

Kenyan Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta (2ndL), and Cabinet secretary Francis Muthaura (2ndR) attend a hearing, at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. PHOTO / FILE

Kenya’s Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Head of Public Service and Secretary to the Cabinet Francis Muthaura have stepped aside from office following a decision by ICC pre-trial Judges to confirm charges of crimes against humanity levelled against them.

Mr Kenyatta will however retain his post as Deputy Prime Minister in the coalition government.

President Kibaki accepted the decision of the two to step aside on Thursday and appointed Nairobi Metropolitan Minister Njeru Githae to act as Finance Minister.

Internal Security Permanent Secretary Francis Kimemia also takes over Mr Muthaura’s duties on an acting capacity.

Mutea Iringo will be Acting Permanent Secretary for Provincial Administration and Internal Security.

A statement from the President Press Service stated: “The President has accepted the decision by Uhuru Kenyatta to step aside as the Minister for Finance.  However, Hon. Kenyatta will retain the position of Deputy Prime Minister in accordance with the Constitution.”

“The President has also accepted the decision by Francis Muthaura to step aside as Permanent Secretary, Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of the Public Service.

“In this regard, Mr. Francis T. Kimemia, CBS Permanent Secretary, Provincial Administration and Internal Security will be Acting Permanent Secretary, Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of Public Service.”

The decision by Mr Kenyatta and Mr Muthaura to step aside follows mounting pressure from President Kibaki’s coalition partners ODM for the duo to relinquish their offices.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/politics/-/1064/1314328/-/8s5lal/-/index.html


17 Responses to “Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Francis Muthaura have stepped aside from office”

  1. peris said

    this shows that our country has realy matured.well done uhuru kenyatta and muthaura.

  2. ITHAVETHI said

    Huko ndiko kukomaa kisiasa na kuiinua hadhi ya Taifa letu ambayo imekuwa ikichekwa kana kwamba inaongozwa na viongozi ambao wangali wanaishi katika karne ya kumi na sita. Unawezaji kupatwa na hatia hasa katika mahakama ya kimataifa ya jinai na kisha ukatae kung’atuka uongozini? Uamuzi na kauli hio ya mabwana Uhuru na Muthaura kwa kweli unakinzana na ya Wakenya wengi walioana ingefaa wao wajiuzuru mamlakani kinyume cha mapenzi ya serikali.

    Katiba mpya inaeleza kinaga ubaga kuhusu swala hili lakini kama ilivyo desturi ya serikali zote za Kiafrika, sheria huwa tu ziwatumiwa kuwanyanyasa na kuwakandamiza wanyonge ambao katu hawana uwezo wa kumuajiri wakiri. Nawapongeza tena kwa tendo hilo.

  3. the kenyan said

    They were forced out by the public mood. Now I hope they are sucked dry by ICC and jailed somewhere in Mali…better still, somewhere in East Europe. Kwani Kenya belonged to GEMA? Bure kabisa

  4. PatMuigaiDallas said

    Although some party seems to celebrate ICC decision for political gain, politic is game of number and people. I might have being both good and bad for most parties.Likes it this was, Kenya is countries of many tribes and hatring any one of them will not make you be more of a citezen than another and your vote will be of equal value no matter how much you shout.
    This is might the prediction might be .Just lkie the developed countries, which have states more more pwower political ,so do Kenya.This means ODM will lose big in rift valley and nothing from cetral province whether Uhuru or Ruto vying for the president or not.That means it might be good by to three politicial, Kenyantta,Uhuru and Odinga.
    All will be left of ODM ,will be mouth and shouting , it will be history next year.This might bring in new politaials with no connection to Odinga ,since his power base of rift valley will be gone.He know this an d thet might be the reaon he is quiet.
    irRotu and Kneyattta might no vying for preidence but their endorcement will be very effective.The whole of cetral province and rift valley.
    wHO WILL THEY ENDORCE.it might be Kalonzo,etc will be the next prsident.But as pe

    • binti said

      First Muigai, your English is so rudimentary. Second, this election is about not voting a Kikuyu in because Kikuyus do not vote for anyone else. Yes, politics is a game of numbers. Raila won 7 Kibaki won 1 and his tribesmen paid dearly.

      Once more, it is 41 against 1.

      Watch this space.

      • mama said

        well…. Raila will win the next election. i hope the people who voted for him will not start crying when things don’t go as they thought, after killing their own brothers and sisters. We Kenyans should rise above tribalism, because the future belongs to those who love peace.

  5. PatMuigaiDallas said

    You are right about my English but I am trying.Kikuyu used to vote for Moi.It was not even clear about voting in most ODM station because voters were threatened by Raira supporter.It was like for for Raira or shift from here.In his strong hold,one was not allowed to vote for any body else.
    It was force and threat.But,let forget that and since Ocampo has brought peace.Raira politically is out as Kenyatta and Ruto leave.Kikuyu will off course vote for Kalonzo and he might even get rift valley votes. New president mostly will be Kalonzo and he is not a KIkuyu.Therefore ,it is not a might of luos ,kikuyus but new youth leader ,such as Kalonzo

    • mkenya halisi said

      Kalonzo will not rule Kenya, not happening. kikuyus never voted for Moi. They were busy fighting him. Kalenjin and NE and Coast voted for Moi. The rest split votes among 50 parties, living Moi as winner.

      The notion that Raila rules by force is a lie Kikuyus have perfected. Before, it was kihii, until we showed the kikuyu barbaric backward tobacco chewing ways that accompany women circumcision.

      The youth in the know and kalenjins know Kikuyus don’t vote for nobody. Don’t be surprised if Mudavadi takes it. But kALONZO, DREAM ON.

  6. leo said

    Hon.Kenyatta & mheshimiwa Ruto are innocent untill proven guilty by the ICC and therefore they have the right to fight for the highest seat in the country. Having said this, I think Kenyans need to be very careful how they’ll vote on the next genaral election because imagine what would happen if these two suspects become running mate and secure the top seats one being the president and the other vice-president? Would they still go to the ICC? What would they do with the IDPs? How would the international community view Kenyans as a whole? Lets think beyond tribes on this coming election. PK does it for me and I wouldn’t mind Tuju as his running mate but surely wouldnt waste my vote with suspects who mind end up in faraway prisons for decades.

    • mkenya halisi said

      No they do not Mr. They contravene the integrity act. If Baraza can be suspended for pinching Kerubo’s nose, surely those who are charged of organizing the maiming, raping and murdering 1500 and displacing 600,000 should be barred from public office. They have been charged. Let them defend themselves, clear themselves and return to rule. Kenya is not going anywhere.

      Is Ruto and Uhuru the only men who can lead? Please. Ruto has a line of corruption cases and Uhuru has been nothing but a douchebag.

      I hope they get shot by thugs.

      • leo said

        “No they do not mr.” What do you mean mkenya halisi? reread my entire comment without prejudging before you finish reading the entire comment. You want them assasinated but I want them voted out. That’s the only difference between your statement and mine. By the way, who are you pulling for? wiper or yourself?

      • mkenya-halisi said

        Your eloquent assertion that they have the “right” contravenes the new constitutions “integrity act”. That they may end up innocent does not exonerate them from blame as any layman can guess…it can simply be shoddy investigative work, missing witnesses et cetera.

        The judges have concured that these people have charges to answer to, in short, their integrity is questionable. Am certain you are enjoying the good leadership implemented elsewhere outside Kenya. D’u know of any political leader in your “outpost” location that ran for office with such heinous accusations pending? It is misplaced to engage in “rights” talk when the originators of this kinds of governance will not let such people vie for office.

        Am not pulling for anyone (this reads like a cheeky inquiry but it is a good day and I will dignify it) none of them seem to have concrete plans of moving the country ahead. My county is more crucial to me.

  7. PatMuigaiDallas said

    Voting is your right and nobody is suppose to force to vote how he or she want.That means, if a luos ,kisii ,kikuyu and kelengeni decides to vote for Kalonzo ,after being endorsed by Ruto and Kenyatta , there is nothing any body else can do.Those people exercised their democratic rights.
    Just because a person neighbors you, does not mean .he or she should vote the way ,you want. Forcing him or her to vote your way, is burring and dictatorship.Therefore ,let any body vote the way they like.
    If your are a luos ,who want Kikuyus votes, campaign just that like the late Tom mboya ,who used to be voted by Kikuyus,did.He assassination was an act of a criminal ,who happed to be kikuyu ,who felt jealous of his ability of getting kikuyu votes among his many votes.
    If not as if Kikuyus do not support other tribes.Moi was appointed vp by a kikuyu and supported by Njonjo ,a kikuyu, to the presidency. Do not forget that ,although most youngs kikuyu young have kikuyu’s names ,their fathers were from very different tribes and only the name makes them seems to be kikuyu.
    Example Patrick Otieno ,son of late former criminal lawyer ,is more of a kikuyu than a luos because , he was brought up by his kikuyu mother..Is not as if those kids do not know that but they prefer to be referred as kikuyus and vote for kikuyus although their 1/2 in tribes.
    Therefore ,kikuyu is just a language, because most people ,you call kikuyus have blood from different tribes.Most a 1/2 kikuyus and masais.Like me for example my grand mum was masai and another was a kamba.
    Therefore kikuyu is a central languages for a children born from originals kikuyus and other tribes .That is the reason why it a dominant tribes.Marrying with other tribes and offspring ar kikuyus.
    Like any tribes Kikuyus vote for some one who loves them and has their interest at heart.If you ,proved this when ,you held any office ,then who have no problem getting kikuyus votes. In campaigning tell them ,want you did for them and if you trust you and actually did what ever was within you power that benefit them along with other people ,then you really have no problem getting kikuyus votes.But you ,fought them and all you did is try to bring them do.Any of them voting for you will be like committing suicide. Treat people good ,when you are in power and use that as a signature of what you can do ,if they vote for you.

  8. PatMuigaiDallas said

    Therefore during campaign ,in debate between Raira and Kalonzo. Kalonzo will say ,he supported Kibaki during his hard times.He will say that he tried to held Ruto and Kenyatta .This will make him gets both Kikuyu and kelengen votes.
    Raira,in debate will be accused by Kalonzo of throwing the Ruto ,who supported him him with all had ,under the bus.He will be accused of taking Kenyatta and Ruto to Hague and the cause of all their problem and doing nothing to rescue the situation.
    Raira will have no answer for people from rift valley and central province.In kisum ,Raira will say, that justice was done but that are vote will not take him any where. In busia and its neighbors ,he will not be able to get enough vote because ,votes from that area will be so much divided.
    He might win in coast but not in Nairobi and many other area,which might go to Kalonzo because of his endorsers.
    Lets looks for Kalonzo winning provinces:Central ,rift valley,Nairobi ,Eastern provinces.
    Lets looks for Raira:Nyanza, and some parts of western province,some parts of Coast .He will needs to campaign a lot ,to make any difference

    • mkenya-halisi said

      Rightly so ma’am/Sir. The problem was never the vote, the voting was very successful. What happened after the vote…let ICC dig out the shenanigans. No, central is not voting for Kalonzo. The only reason they ever put Moi in is the misguided notion taht they’d kill him. He proved a greener grass in the snake, locking them out…and I have never seen Kikuyus oppose a govt as much as Kikuyus did to Moi. Muites, Gitaris, Njues, Wamweres..but when Keguoya the Toad took over, tehy went under.

      School me again about ethnism yet these are the men who have traversed Europe and and America wailing persecution, only if their tribesman is not in leadership.

      Lets see: RV is not voting for a Centralite. Ruto is not a Kalenjin leader. They may reject Raila, but they surely wont go with a centralite. Kalonzo aint going nowhere.

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