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The Life of a Kenyan girl child in the slums: The story of Molly

Posted by Administrator on January 27, 2012

The first scenes Molly recorded were in her home, where she introduces us to her cousin who’s learning to count to 100 in English. We also meet their neighbour who breaks out into a dance routine for the camera inspired by Michael Jackson.

In this episode, Molly shows us around her neighborhood and talks us through an ordinary day. Between school work and chores at home, Molly keeps herself busy, but still finds time to look in on some of the neighborhood children and note that kids do a much better job of looking after the environment than adults do. Her day ends much as it began with Molly pouring over her school books by torchlight.


One Response to “The Life of a Kenyan girl child in the slums: The story of Molly”

  1. This kind of story challenges me a lot, and teach me not to take things for granted. Most of time is when we keep on complaining.For instance we who live here in America we complaining when working hours are trimmed,is like a must we have to work as many hours as we wish Let us be thankfull to God always since we are nor better like Molly but just by God,s grace

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