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Hon. Peter Kenneth to join Kenyans at USA Sevens in Las Vegas

Posted by Administrator on January 31, 2012

Hon. Peter Kenneth

Hon. Peter Kenneth

PK2012 Diaspora team and Hon. Peter Kenneth (or PK as we all know him), presidential candidate will be joining Kenyans in the Diaspora in Las Vegas NV on Saturday, February 11, 2012 to cheer our national rugby sevens team.

PK will be enhancing the growing linkages that he continues to build among Kenyans of all ages and backgrounds. An astute sportsman in his own right, PK is the former KFF chairman widely credited with huge successes for Harambee Stars in the 1990s.

Hon. Kenneth has impressed many with his vision of a brighter Kenya devoid of corruption, food insecurity, tribalism, health problems, underdevelopment and other malaise that afflict our beloved country. Please visit his Presidential Campaign website www.peterkenneth.com  to read his Manifesto.

PK has been at the forefront in championing for the right of Kenyans in the Diaspora to vote in the upcoming general elections in Kenya. He has been steadfast in his support for the Diaspora and has repeatedly rejected any attempts to frustrate or suppress participation by the Diaspora voters. These include the notion of traveling for days on end to register and vote and also IEBC employing Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Consul Generals as returning officers. We invite all Kenyans of goodwill to help usher in a new era in Kenya under a proven, tested, corruption-free, tribal-free and development-minded leadership of Peter Kenneth.

We look forward seeing you in Vegas as we cheer on fellow Kenyans and share ideas for a brighter Kenya.

Wakati ni Sasa!!!

Thank you.

Henry M. Ongeri


PK2012 Diaspora Team


Mr. Ongeri is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya and is licensed to practice in the States of Minnesota and New York in the United States.

15 Responses to “Hon. Peter Kenneth to join Kenyans at USA Sevens in Las Vegas”

  1. I have heard about Peter kenneth he has done great job in his home area of Gatanga he has started various projects to help his people. So I can nominate him the mp of the year. Charity begins at home

  2. Poko said

    PK ni Opportunist. Lakini tutamskia. Gatanga is not Kenya. This man has not shown any record for fighting for Wanjiku. Where was he during PEV, MAU snafu, Education.

    That is another Kikuyu.

  3. Mkosa Kabila said

    Poko, I agree with you PK is an opportunitist just like all politicians and people are. Let me break it down: Kibaki, Matiba and Jaramogi chose to stand in 1992 instead of supporting one candidate. Raila left FORD -Kenya after Jaramogi’s death because he was further down the pecking order with Wamalwa and Muite ahead of him. Several candidates also stood in 1997 and after the elections, NDP merged with KANU with Raila getting the Molasses Plant, Cabinet positions for his team. He stayed in KANU and fought JJKamotho for secretary General just before 2002 election. After he realized NAK leaders had agreed to back Kibaki and they had the momentum, he decamped from KANU to LDP. He signed an MOU with Nyachae but 24hrs was with NAK group ( That’s how MOU become infamous.). Wiper was organizing secretary for KANU for many years. He bolted when MO1 annointed UK. He figured that he will never ascend to the top under UK. UK was a political novice in 1997. He lost the election and was nominated by KANU. He was annointed ahead of all former KANU politicians to inherit and succeed Mo1 despite a thin resume. Is this not opportunism? Martha was a staunch Kibaki defender until she realized her chances of getting a shot at the presidency will be determined by a few wazees. She walked out of her job. Saitoti endured insults and humilations from Mo1 & Co at time publicly. He was passed over for a shot for the seat. He decamped. Orengo was in SDP and was a bitter rival to Raila, After 1997 defeat he patched the difference with Raila to ensure he got his seat back. Ruto was in YK92, KANU, ODM etcs and finally to URP. Tell me Poko who among these is not an ooportunitist? FYI Gatanga is in Kenya and yes it has been transformed under PK’s leadership. As for PEV, google Baraton Univerisity students hiding in Kapsabet. These students were rescued after some relative disporans got their distress call from the university and contacted PK. He mobilized the support and military was sent to rescue all 1000 students. No one either from the local community or university. Of course the man does not even bring it up. One of the rescued people (lecturer) did an interview with BBC (google it) and he credited his relative in MN for raising the issue to the world. Little does he know PK worked tirelessly to save their lives. There are videos of PK calming the youth in Kikuyu area. This was also mentioned by Nguyai during his evidence at ICC. PK supported and campaigned for the new constitution early. He was not a watermelon. Google it. He paid his taxes before it was fashionable or a publicity stunt. He recently opposed the change of election date, scrapping of the senate, IEBC attempts to employ ambassadors & Consul -Generals as returning officers in the coming general election. He supports the right of the diaspora to vote without traveling to some far away places. If you disagree with all these, then surely you can atleast give him the credit of running KFF efficiently in 1990s and Kenya almost qualified for 1998 world cup in France. Just visit Fifa website and check the facts. It’s also true that all constituencies get their CDF from the same pot why is his Gatanga constituency ranked the highest or cited as the most well managed fund? what prevent the other MPs from being effecient? His ministry was voted the best in 2011. It appears to me the man seems to attract positive changes where he goes. When was the last time someone addressed tribalism & corruption so directly. PK has not been involved in maize, computer-error, passatgate , triton angloleasing, goldernburg scandals. PK stand for a brighter Kenya

    • Kangemi said

      Poko summarized his ONLY concern in his last phrase, PK is a Kikuyu. Mkosa Kabila, your summary of PK’s background is absolutely excellent. He is not perfect, but then who is? In the last 10 years, he has shown leadership.

      I was in Gatanga constituency three weeks ago out of my own interest. A local took me around and to say that I was impressed is an understatement – roads, health centers, security – everything that matters to all of us Kenyans. I have vowed to stay away from the polls if my only choices are Kalonzo, Uhuru, Odinga, Saitoti etc. These are the ones who have divided us to conquer us. We need a development concious uniter.

      The naysayers are at it again using the tribal card…..may those forces that plunged us into despair in 2007-2008 be crushed forcefully.

    • Kemunto said

      Pheew! I luv ya Mkosa Kabila…y’ve said it all! Most politicans are just but opportunities but, PK is different!

    • leo said

      Well put mkosa kabila and I have nothing to add exept that I met PK personally on his recent visit here in(big D) and I was impressed by his vision for our country and also his humbleness. He wanna use gatanga as a model for the entire Kenya and I think that is not bad compared to some thugs who wanna be presidents to protect what they have stolen already.

  4. juddy said

    PK tuko pamoja,a man from a humble background and does not go around shouting names,only action.

  5. poko said

    PK is not my choice. The govt is already kikuyunized. Another Kikuyu is not a solution. There are other PKs from other tribes.

    I rest my case.

    • Mkosa Kabila said

      Poko i respect your right to choose. However, am appalled that you use tribe as basis to make your choice. I am not sure PK is a Kikuyu as you claim. First he as always been Peter Kenneth since birth in 1965 and did not suddenly change his name. How many kikuyus do you know have only two english names? Even his looks are different. He’s taller, lighter and does not bash other tribes like the so called Kikuyu leaders.PK can speak in several kenyan languages and so are many other Kenyans but that does not make them members of that tribe. It will interest you to know John Keen (white & Maasai) was MP for Kajiado North for over 20 years yet he skin completion is different. Basil Criticos , Richard leakey speaks several local languages yet they served kenya diligently.Out of curiosity, is President Obama a luo, white or mixed? I know he has a luo name but does that make him luo? Bo & PK children from mixed heritage and they understand why tribal or racial apologists want to stick this or that label on them. Tribalism will only end when kenya get leadership that understands that attacking tribe X ,y, Z is an attack to the rest of the people. what good is your tribeman MP if he loots and squanders the CDF money for your area? What good is your tribe if say going hungry because your tribemen created an artificial maize shortage? what good is your tribe if the roads in your area are impassable? Tell us Poko what good is your tribe if you and your neighbors cannot got to your local health center for treatment? What good is your tribeman MP if he cannot pay his/her share of taxes like ordinary wananchi? PK want presidential candidates to complete on ideas on how to better the lives of Kenyans.

      • POKO said

        not helping. he still is kikuyu, period. Another kikuyu, NO.


      • POKO said

        Am unable to get help because:

        a. Ndung’u has raped the shilling causing high inflation
        b. Uhuru has made a billion shilling mistake in the budget causing cuts health.
        c. Mwangi at equity is playing Russian Roulette with the shilling.

        All Kikuyus, possibly without a conscience. No, Luhya, I repeat, No Luhya can still that callously and kill millions in the process without a care in the world.

    • leo said

      Poko, I thought you rested your case? are you having problem reading your own statements? Well never mind they are not useful to anyone. Now can you put that panga down and arm yourself with a vote? It is a very simple process especially for people like you who just need to pick a tribe and then drop the vote to the ballot box. For the civilized people of all tribes even the pokots,it is a little more complex because they have to choose very carefully based on issues,qualities,etc and the best man get the vote.Let’s meet @ the ballot box poko and don’t bring panga this time.

      • POKO said

        well, I will bring my vote for sure. But a machete at hand.

        History has shown that “Amani haiji ila kwa incha ya Upanga”

        My vote stolen? blood will run. The ballot or the bullet.

      • Kangemi said


        quit being a coward by hiding behind a keyboard. Come out in the open and say it…that is what a real man does.

        Remember, you can be easily traced and in so many words have said where you reside. Keep talking but remember, there are those who talked, acted, incited and sponsored violence and cannot beleive their current predicament.

        If you think one of your own tribesmen will benefit you in anyway, think again. Many Kikuyus, Kalenjins and now Luos are in abject poverty despite having one of “their own” in leadership.

        You might want to spent less time behind your keyboard and contemplate how you can improve your life by assigning less blame..

    • Mtembezi said

      The coming elections are about people like Poko. Cowards who will always hide behind tribes. We need to spend time on civil education on such people and hope that they will get the revelation that they are Kenyans and we all are. Poko and others like him need to be challenged to take a tour of areas inhabited by Gikuyus, Kalenjins and now Luos so they can understand that those communities have not benefitted from one “their own” being in top leadership.

      For you Poko, PK has shown leadership from his village to the whole of Gatanga. Give him a chance and he will do the same for Kenya. The others have had the same opportunities to do the likewise in their consituencies with disastrous results. Question to you – If one cannot make it happen for one constituency, how can he/she make it happen for 290 constituencies?

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