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Posted by Administrator on February 2, 2012

VICE-PRESIDENT Kalonzo Musyoka would be the big winner if Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto were forced to pull out of the presidential race this year. A new survey by polling company Strategic Research indicates that Kalonzo would get around 20.9 per cent of the vote compared to Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s 36.5 per cent. However the poll interestingly indicates most Kenyans believe that Uhuru and Ruto should be allowed to contest the presidency, with 61 per cent saying they should be allowed to stand and 39 per cent saying no.

The Strategic Research poll interviewed 2433 randomly selected people across Kenya between January 27 and 30 on behalf of the Star and Radio Africa group. It is the first opinion poll to be conducted since charges were confirmed against Deputy PM Uhuru, Eldoret North MP Ruto, former Civil Service boss Francis Muthaura and radio presenter Joshua Sang on January 23.

There had been expectations of a sympathy vote for Uhuru and Ruto after the ICC charges were confirmed but it is not apparent in the poll as the ratings are similar to last year’s surveys. If they were all standing, 36.9 per cent said they would vote for Raila; 23.9 per cent for Uhuru; 10.6 per cent for Ruto; 9.7 per cent for Kalonzo; 4.6 per cent for Martha Karua; 2.6 per cent for Peter Kenneth; 2.1 per cent for George Saitoti; 1.8 per cent for Eugene Wamalwa; 1.8 per cent for Musalia Mudavadi; and 1.2 per cent for Raphael Tuju.

Kalonzo would make the biggest jump if Uhuru and Ruto are disqualified from running for president by the ICC charges. Raila’s share would hardly change at 36.5 per cent but Kalonzo would jump to 20.9 per cent with Martha Karua third on 8.1 per cent; George Saitoti on 8 per cent; Eugene Wamalwa on 5.2 per cent, Raphael Tuju on 2.7 per cent; and Musalia Mudavadi on 2.5 per cent.

At the moment therefore the most likely outcome will be a second round run-off in the presidential poll with Raila facing either Uhuru or Kalonzo. If Central fronts a single candidate candidate, the clear front runner would be Martha Karua. She was the preferred candidate of 46.5 per cent of respondents with Peter Kenneth second on 37 per cent. Other Central politicians were far behind: John Michuki was preferred by 1.8 per cent; George Saitoti by 1 per cent; Kiraitu Murungi by 1 per cent; and Amos Kimunya with 0.7 per cent.

But among Central Province and Nairobi respondents, Peter Kenneth led Martha Karua by 53.1 per cent to 37.9 per cent, and 41.7 per cent to to 36.7 per cent respectively. Some Central hardliners have been advocating for a constitutional amendment to allow President Kibaki to run for a third term. But ut would do them little good.

If Kibaki was running again, according to the poll, Raila would get 38.6 per cent of the vote; Kibaki 17 per cent; Uhuru 15.5 per cent; Kalonzo 7.1 per cent; Karua 5.6 per cent: Ruto 5.5 per cent; Kenneth 2.5 per cent; Mudavadi 2 per cent;  Saitoti 1.9 per cent; and Wamalwa 1.5 per cent. And in a final unexpected twist, 58.7 per cent of respondents said Uhuru should retain his position as Deputy PM with only 33.9 per cent saying he should resign. The poll indicated that support for politicians varied little among age groups.

However there were big regional shifts with Uhuru supported by 77.8 per cent of Central; Raila by 72.3 per cent of Nyanza; Kalonzo by 41.4 per cent of Eastern; and Ruto by 30.1 per cent of Rift. Raila’s overall strength appeared to come from his national support with a lead of 41.7 per cent in Nairobi; 42 per cent in Coast; 51.7 per cent in North East; and 62 per cent in Western.

In 1999 Strategic Research we conducted the first political opinion poll in Kenya and has since undertaken more than 100 opinion polls on topical issues. Its clients have included the American government, the International Republican Institute, UNIFEM, Community Aid and many other institutional clients. The poll of 2,433 respondents was conducted with a representative demographic spread across all regions of Kenya.

Source: http://www.the-star.co.ke/national/national/60615-61-want-ruto-uhuru-to-stand


5 Responses to “61% WANT RUTO, UHURU TO STAND”

  1. khathicha kuku said

    Mr William Ruto and Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta can only lead their Mothers!Mama Ngina blessed Ruto knowing that Ruto burned Kikuyu Children their parents, sick ,and old inside Eldoret church.That innocent blood will follow them through-out their lives.Both Ruto and Uhuru must be placed in Hague ICC cells to avert chaos in kenya.The so called Prayer meetings, all-over Kenya is War preparations in disguise ,the message being delivered in these ethnical and tribal meetings is nothing but war declaration .If the Duo is taken to Hague court. What the ICC could do is to issue warrant of arrest to the Four Pev war criminals and lock them at Hague waiting for the hearing of their cases.

    Comment by Michael Kipsang | February 2, 2012

  2. khathicha kuku said

    Why should these young Sons die fighting for Gema-hegemony in Kenya!NOTE> Somali has not invaded Kenya >Who are these two Mzungus who forced Gema govt to go to war with Somali>

  3. PatMuigaiDallas said

    It is a good strategy to ask President Kibaki to endorse Hon.Raira. One thing is in question,’Why is Hon.Raira not asking his freind President Kibaki to endorse him , since they have worked well together,supported him in 2002 and his dad supported Kenyatta.
    He should go in the air and ask if him as a return gesture.He should say why he done. But, before he does things, in year 2002 the luos made Kibaki a luo elder. They have not sacked him for not doing his work well, which means that he done his work as a luo elder well.
    There is not work without pay.It is bad to work hard for a postion some gives to you and he deos not pay you even a penny.Kibabi has not being paid any his dues as a lous elder, which I think should be paid first and then he should have no reason not not endorsing his long term freind Hon.Raira, without who,He might not have been the president.Do forget his faced strong competition from former Professor of politics former president Moi.
    There is nothing wrong with asking for that endorsement.It is not forcing ,it is a request.Off course ,other presidental candidates should as well do the same.That is agood peaceful strategy ,which Hon Riara should go for.
    What will be Predisent Kibaki answer.It will be like this.Riara should first debate his other competitors in a political debate and then if his wins ,all the endorcement will go to him.
    Why is he not debating any body.Call a press conference and debate and tell people what you will do as a president.
    Here is the hits

  4. I don,t believe these survey done because they don,t give true results. These survey have been conducted as long as I can remember and I have never seen anyone coming to our home to take our views about election or the presidential candidates.

  5. faith said

    Just curious” Is to stand?” correct English?

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