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Is Obama turning his back on Africa?

Posted by Administrator on February 3, 2012

The Kenyan nationalist Tom Mboya and the African-American icon Martin Luther King Jnr, whose memorials were inaugurated in October, 40 years after both were assassinated, have one thing in common: Barack Obama. But the US president failed to make the connection, writes Peter Kimani.
Two separate but distinctly connected events happened in October in Kenya and the USA. In fact, the historical parallels between them are eerie: two men, whose singular strength lay in the persuasion of their words, were both resurrected four decades after they were felled by assas- sins’ bullets.The Kenyan nationalist Tom Mboya was retrieved from history vaults to tow- er over a Nairobi street that now bears his name, in a life-size bronze monument – only metres away from the spot where he was killed in July 1969.

And in Washington DC, Martin Luther King Jnr’s granite monument hovered in the National Mall, on the fringes of the spot where he delivered the epochal I Have A Dream speech, now a revered signpost in America’s social and political evolution.

The import of these two events is not just underlined by their coincidences; Mboya and King’s lives did often in- tersect, more so in the late 1950s when they successfully launched what’s now immortalised as the student airlift. Un- der this programme, some 800 Kenyan students were dispatched to American universities to acquire the skills badly needed to develop the newly independ- ent Kenya. It was on the back of this airlift that the father of President Barack Obama, Obama Senior, would arrive on American shores to seek education, and in the process find love that culminated in the birth of the 44th president of the United States.

Source: http://www.africasia.com/newafrican/na.php?ID=3343


6 Responses to “Is Obama turning his back on Africa?”

  1. Pwtkaya Miriti said

    Who needs West? Africa and Kenya has found a new Girl-friend (darling) from the East China!


    • America_sucks!!!! said

      Well said…. America is losing Africa very fast since they can’t stand the fact that they are being led by a BLACK MAN aka Barack Obama…they spend so much time trying to justify why America is in the red blaming him on the ills of other racist Republicans who still can’t fathom the country went to a BLACK MAN to lead….
      Trust me watch how jobs will become available if they succeed in falsely removing him in office…
      Americans complain that there are no jobs yet you have companies like Starbucks who grow their coffee in China instead of America… Thanks to Bain Capital aka Mitt Dumbney…
      oh GOD bless Africa and thank you CHINA for all that you have done and continue to do in AFRICA……

  2. sokwemtu4 said

    Obama has not turned his back to Africa. Did you not see him supporting homos in Africa? Saying he will cut aid to countries discriminating against homos. That is a big help to Africa. In other words, supporting mishogas so that they can spread the virus more to many in Africa so more can die of Aids. Peoples,,,,,,,,,,we are just ok without the west. We do not need the moral decay of the west brought to Africa. The west needs Africa and not vice versa. The other thing is that we need not be beggars. Kenya is doing great without the west. Obama needs to visit Kenya to see for himself how far ahead it has gone without his “back.”

  3. kate said

    OH YES,we dont need the west at all, we need to wake up and translate the acquired education to real life,.we can event,we can fly to mars and jupter and the like, if only, we think.

  4. Nairobian said

    I have been so closed minded for many years. Honestly, I had no idea how much China has done in Africa. (Ive been in the USA since 2006). Especially west Africa. Have you guys seen Angola lately?

    I think the West is missing out. China is on to something. The Chinese seem to be betting on Africa. So far, this is becoming a symbiotic relationship.

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