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Nairobi plans to legalise prostitution

Posted by Administrator on February 3, 2012

NAIROBI, Kenya Feb 3 – The City Council of Nairobi is considering relaxing its by-laws to allow commercial sex workers work freely in the Kenyan capital.


Nairobi Mayor George Aladwa said on Friday that the council was working to harmonise by-laws with provisions of the new Constitution before allowing commercial sex workers to operate without restraint.

“We want to look at what the Constitution says about commercial sex work in the country. We will also look at the by-laws so that we help the commercial sex workers,” Aladwa said.

He said the council will stop harassing commercial sex workers once the laws are harmonised.

“We will certainly find places to have them operate freely without any harassment. These are people who have dedicated themselves to do their work, there is no need to continue harassing them,” he said, adding they will be required to pay relevant taxes.

Commercial sex work is currently illegal in Kenya and those found practicing it on the streets are often harassed and arrested.

Curiously, only women are arrested whenever they are found plying the age-old trade. Their male clients are seldom arrested.

In Nairobi, police and council officers often conduct swoops on the streets where they arrest female commercial sex workers.

When presented to court, the women are often charged with loitering.

Last week, 26 women were arrested for the offence in Parklands and Westlands.

SOURCE: http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/2012/02/nairobi-plans-to-legalise-prostitution/


11 Responses to “Nairobi plans to legalise prostitution”

  1. This is a leader without a vision, instead of coming with a solution how to help these women to have decent living he suggest to ligalise prostution .I was think women should not be arrested by police since even men are involved since no woman commit sex alone.

  2. peris said

    the kind of leaders we have in kenya.bwana mayor hapo umenoa.you should come up with ways of creating employment. we are watching this space.i hope you will also come up with a standard fee since they will be paying tax.

  3. francis muchina said

    This is not a suprise it just shows how incompitent our mayors and many others who runs ‘our administration are.Bwana mayor,where are your values?do u have kids or family?would you like to see them doing that?.pls tell us were just kidding coz if not u and your ideas are the worst thing which cld ever happen in our community.what kind of a city do u want nairobi to be?

  4. excusemewhileipuke@yahoo.com said

    Good noble people in diaspora, lets go back ,strategise and take back our country from some of this foolish people masqurading as leaders.It is our time to take over as mayors, Mps,Senators,Governors and even the presidency.This man obviously has no family values and is not honest.These people need to be sent to their rural homes to look after their goats.Kenya is not a brothel,

  5. Dan njiru said

    It’s their wish to do it ,so the mayor has not done wrong

  6. Kangemi said

    A knee jack opposition to the proposal is a natural reaction. Total ban on alcohol worked so poorly back in the 1930s that the U.S. government reversed the decision. Why you ask? Alcohol ban increased the prominence of gangs(Al Capone etc), violence and unregulated poor quality alcohol – moonshine and similar products.

    Personally, I am morally opposed to the vice….but would my opposition make any sense? The current prohibition has become a cash cow for cops, city council askaris, watchmen and even cartels who illegally “man” certain neighborhoods. The current system simply isn’t working. Those of you who have driven anywhere in Nairobi at night can attest to the fact that male and female sex workers are everywhere including former no go family friendly neighborhoods. It is actually embarassing having to explain to your kids who these women are and what they are doing out at night and early evenings in scantly dressed bodies.

    I say regulate it and tax the hell out of it. There should be designated areas where they can display their wares without fear of harrassment otherwise, face stiff(no pun intended) penalties. They should then be forced to carry permits and current health cards. The current system simply isn’t working and the mayor’s proposal is worth a try.

  7. mundia said

    For sale. My kenyan citizenship is for sale. Real cheap.

  8. ITHAVETHI said

    Bw Aladwa apaswa kujua kwamba kuna njia nyingi za kutafuta posho bila ya kuhatarisha afya sio tu kwa wanawake hawa lakini pia kwa wateja wao. Ulopokaji ovyo ovyo kama huu unamyima yeye heshima inayomstahili yeye huku ikiacha maswali mengi yakining’inia. Badala yake, bwana Aladwa anatakiwa atumie mamlaka na wadhifa wake kama Meya kuwawezesha wanawake hao wapate mikopo nafuu ya kuanzisha miradi au biashara mbalimbali, na kadharika badala ya kuwahimiza wasichana wadogo hio ndio aina ya pekee ya kutafuta riziki.

  9. Charles said

    We are directing our energies to the wrong direction, we need to condemn media. Our journalists are well educated people and should know well city council does not make laws. A city cannot pass by laws relating to an illegal activity. So our media is after selling but they don’t care the effect of the content they write. Another thing is before quoting the Nairobi Mayor media should have asked for the source of these arguments because having known George Aladwa from Makongeni estate then he moved to Umoja Innercore, all I know he did not have high school education. At one point he even managed to convince the former president Moi to come watch a football tournament in Makongeni. The former president directed publicly he be given a government job but based on his academic background there was nothing he could do. His claims are quite unfortunate, Kenya being a God fearing nation, but I thing we should blame the system I wonder how he became a mayor.

  10. maLAIka said

    my peeps, we’re lost……homosexuality and then now prostitution….I still believe that we aint such a people….are we growing waaaaay too fast???? kinda sad

  11. Manalive said

    Unfortunately, I agree with Kangemi. Prostitution has been going on in Nairobi for years. The reality is its not going to go away. When unemployment was at or below 4% in the USA, prostitution was still rampant. This mayor seems to be thinking “out of the box”. No one is endorsing prostitution or encouraging it in any way. The fact is it has to be delt with.

    The women that engage in this business get raped, harrassed, arrested, beated, tourtured, and even killed.
    If someone can find a way to regulate the business and make it safer for everyone – especially the desperate women – It might turn out to be better than what its been for decades. The idea is to tax the hell out of the business – so that its safe yet too expensive to operate.

    Doing nothing means we are basically accepting the status quo – which everone knows is pathetic – and i’m trying to use kind words. At least this mayor is trying to do something…

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