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Coming of Age – Democratic evolution in Kenya

Posted by Administrator on February 5, 2012

An award-winning documentary by Judy Kibinge About the Film This coming of age story depicts the three ages and stages of democracy as seen through the eyes of a girl growing up. The Kenyatta era, a time of great optimism and post-independence euphoria is reflected in the innocence and naivety of the young girl. As Kenya enters its next era, of dictatorship under Daniel arap Moi, the gloom of oppression and confusion is reflected by teenage turmoil and finally, all grown up, we find ourselves in Kenyas third stage of democracy under Mwai Kibaki and wondering if democracy, with all its free speech and openness can ever really come of age.
About the Director
Judy Kibinge is a writer and Director. She began her career as a copywriter in advertising, resigning as Creative Director at McCann Erickson Kenya in 1999 to pursue a career in film. Film credits include: The Aftermath (MNET New Directions 2002)


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