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Feature: “Muffled Killer”

Posted by Administrator on February 6, 2012

There are Kenyan men who make a living selling their bodies to other men. Over 60% of their clients are married. They contribute to a fifth of new HIV infections annually. Here’s the first part of Muffled Killer with KTN’s Anne Soy-Mwendia.


9 Responses to “Feature: “Muffled Killer””

  1. this is a very interesting news feature. very informative on what is happening in the society we live in.

  2. sussy said

    God of glory have mercy on us.

  3. Wyong said

    This story is very informative and I give kudos to the journalists that put it together and the interviewees. Its about time we started accepting our gay brothers and sisters, they are human just like us, and to all the homophobic Kenyans out there, what would you do if your son or daughter told you that they were gay? Live and let live, they deserve a chance just like everybody else and we need to offer them the support that we can so they can live normal lives and prevent infections from diseases due to stigma.

  4. Mama Watoto said

    Why is the guy using an umbrella in the house?

    • A. Kirwa said

      are you that naive mama mbuzi? He isnt a guy, itz a she-male (wanja Kihii)

      • leo said

        Pole mama watoto, it appears to me that your www AKC (mama watoto) just got upgraded to MAMA MBUZI. If i were you, i would change my www name to mama nothing.

      • mose said

        Leo and Kirwa…you are the Mbuzis and nothings…grow up

      • leo said

        @ moses,I don’t know about kirwa but as for myself, since i’m 5’8”, I just booked myself an appointment for a cone head placement. Will be very tall next week.

  5. Pwtkaya Miriti said

    Just read some of the comments and you will realize Kenyans lack C/sense!

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