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Mourners in Norway remember Stella Mwangi’s Dad

Posted by Administrator on February 6, 2012

Friends, family, and others gathered at the Norwegian Red Cross’ premises in Oslo to remember the 54-year-old at the memorial organized by the Kenyan Association in Norway.

Leader Fredrick Makosir told Dagbladet, “It’s a normal tribute without pomposity. They [his family] have lost a loved one in the worst possible way. It’s a tragedy. He was a good father figure who stood by the family’s side no matter how tough things were for him. He made sure the children were well-integrated without forgetting where they come from.”

Jeff Mwangi Kwirikia, father to Nairobi-born Norway Eurovision 2011 semi-finalist Stella Mwangi, died instantly after he was hit by a van in Akerhus County, Tuesday.

Initially a hit-and-run, the 39-year-old driver subsequently turned himself in to police two days later. He was indicted for manslaughter in connection with the incident. Officers started examining the van and premises after he showed them where it was parked.

The man has since admitted striking Mr Kwirikia with his vehicle but denies he is guilty of the charges. He was remanded in custody, Friday.

According to his defence counsel, Jørun Lægland, “The fact that a person is dead and that it is because he was hit by the car my client driving does not imply that there has been a punishable offence.”

Romerike District Police’s Jon Aga also informed NRK that the driver stated he did not have time to avoid the cyclist even though he was driving below the speed limit.

Officers had requested he be kept in custody for a week due to fear he may destroy evidence. Whilst their initial appeal against his release succeeded following the court’s ruling, he was let out of custody at the weekend.

“The accused has given officers another statement,” said Morten Huse of Ullensaker police on Saturday, “we have also conducted further witness interviews. His [the accused’s] explanation is largely consistent with other information pertaining to the case.”

Romerikes Blad reports approximately 100 people were present at today’s memorial containing music and pictures from Mr Kwirikia’s life. There were also several speeches, before the ‘Amazing Grace’ was played at the end of the tribute.

Mr Kwirikia’s funeral will be held in Ullensaker on Friday, after which he will be transported to Kenya for burial in keeping with his wishes.

Source: http://theforeigner.no/pages/news/mourners-remember-deceased-kenyan/


5 Responses to “Mourners in Norway remember Stella Mwangi’s Dad”

  1. Eric N. said

    Comfort and peace to the family

  2. Mama Watoto said

    I am all for remembering Stella’s dad, but before he became her dad, he had a name… Why cant we say “remembering Mr. Mwangi, father to Stella Mwangi….” No offense but we can do better.

    May the Lord comfort you all.

    • mumbi said

      mama watoto how important is ur comment???? stop ur rubbish , yu not the headmaster of this family, wait until u lose a family member, then yu ll watch ur mouth!! some pple are soooo stupid.

      • Mama Watoto said

        Mumbi, probably very important that you had to read it. I have lost a family member and no, I am not stupid. I just pointed out that this man has a name besides being Stella’s dad. Let us call him by his name – Mr. Mwangi.

    • Sijuinijiite said

      @ Mama Watoto….he is Stella Mwangi’s dad! Your comments are ridiculous. And please don’t make this post about you and what’ve you been through. Start your own blog for that!

      I tend to agree with Leo and others that you’re a bit off-you act extremely childish at times, on other occasions like an archaic fossil. But most of the time you’re just all over the place, not making any sense. Its not necessary to consistently post (nonsensical) insensitive comments. Just read the topic at hand and move on.

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