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Video: Eldoret woman escapes lynching over murder claims

Posted by Administrator on February 6, 2012

Drama unfolded when a suspect in the killing of two businessmen in the town last week was presented to the public. A woman is said to have turned up at the scene of the killings after a soothsayer said the killer would turn up. Police had to fire in the air to rescue the woman from a charged crowd baying for her blood.  Ntv’s Vincent Oduor reports.


7 Responses to “Video: Eldoret woman escapes lynching over murder claims”

  1. prophet said

    It is like these people never went to school.A former headteacher of ours used to caution us to avoid,group psychology in situations like these.He always said that the thinking capacity of a mob is always zero!We can see that none in this mob was thinking at all,but fotunatley for the woman, the police rescued her,despite the difficut work they had in controlling that crowd of savages.If not for the timely intervention of the polcie,this woman would be dead,thanks to the so called soothsayers.The govt needs to crack down on the so called soothsayers with their nonsense.I am guessing that this is an innocent woman,whom some people did not like or she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.The question begs,where did some Kenyans learn this stoneage ritual of kiling people in public on mere suspicion?We have a new constitution, but to some people, it does not matter, they are just eager to kill for the sake of killing,while the real killers might be amongst them.They even stone law enforcers !!.I dont know what these Eldoret people are smoking.smh!!By the way,where is the leadership to caution these people againist lawlessness and killing people on mere suspicion or on the counsel of a soothsayer.

  2. prophet said

    Even if, for arguments sake,she was a suspect,only a court of law should determine that ,after the evidence has been submited to justify her guilt or innocense.If you think she is a killer, what makes you the rightful person to kill her?

  3. fuko said

    It is always a painful ordeal for families who loose their innocent loved ones. My uncle and his son(my loving cousin) got off from their construction work that day, tired and worn out. My uncle took a matatu while he decided to walk home. At 19, he had a good future as a mason.A mile and a half away, there happened to be a robbery. The victim was brutarized and robbed of money and his bicycle. He called for help. When the neighborhood finally responded, my cousin was only some feet away at the scene. When the victim was asked the person who did it, he pointed at my cousin. The young man died a painful….and yes, an innocent death inspite of his pleas of mistaken identity. He was stoned and burnt beyond recognition, and had it not been a small patch of the yellow tshirt left around his neck, his father could not have identified him four days later. When the police arrived at the scene, we were told later, they retorted, ” Siku nyingine hapana itia sisi mafupa, tuitie jivu!” It was a painful experience for my uncle. I remember the incident vividly: September 1992 at the outskirts of Kitale town.

    It is very sad when the people have to resort to mob justice due to the distrust tthey have to the law enforcement and the government. While in America we run away from the goverment, in Kenya they run away from unruly and bloodthirsty mob. Its been like that since eighteen years of Kenyatta’s rein, 24 years of Mois, and ten of of Kibakis. In other words, the culture of impunity…….is here to stay, hopefully not for ever.

  4. Kenyans should stop this kind of barbarism when someone is suspected he/she is a thief kenyans don,t need farther explanation they want to administer instant unjustice. Please let us note this it can be any member of a family may be your son daughter mother or father. Since what you do it can come to you the same way you did to somebody.

  5. wangari said

    how can a society depend on a soothsayer for truth and justice? only in a barbaric place like eldoret. so you mean to tell me this woman is capable of killing two men and that’s why she showed up seven days later.. stupid. people should grow up. the soothsayer in this case should be arrested and prosecuted. she/he is not good at what they do. shame on them!

  6. Nairobian said

    Sometimes, I’m so ashamed of my country men. Kenya has come so far.Yet we are still so far from civilization. Most Kenyans are educated – but ujinga bado haujatoka watu – people still act as if they have never seen the inside of a classroom.

    Remember, this lady is just a suspect – yet the mob is so earger to take her life. Kudos to the Police!!!!. They really put their asses on the line to save this woman. She will surely not forget that day. She basically got a second chance in life – literally…

  7. Nairobian said

    Positive note: Atleast the police did their job – despite the risk. “Utumishi Kwa Wote” in action…

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