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A Kenyan Man in Kansas Sentenced to 51 Months in Prison for Filling False Tax Returns

Posted by Administrator on February 7, 2012

A Topeka tax return preparer from Kenya has been sentenced to 51 months in federal prison for filing false federal income tax returns, U.S. Attorney for Kansas Barry Grissom said Tuesday.

John Karundo Mukundi, 33, pleaded guilty to 14 counts of making false claims and 12 counts of wire fraud. In his plea, he admitted he obtained tax preparation software from Tax Wise and used it to submit fraudulent tax returns electronically to the Internal Revenue Service.

Mukundi used the tax returns to obtain advance payments of refunds through refund anticipation loans and refund transfers from banks.

He used the names and Social Security numbers of real people who weren’t aware that he was using their identities to file false income tax returns.

Mukundi was ordered to pay more than $209,000 in restitution.

Source: http://cjonline.com/news/2012-02-07/topekan-sentenced-false-tax-returns

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19 Responses to “A Kenyan Man in Kansas Sentenced to 51 Months in Prison for Filling False Tax Returns”

  1. Judi O said

    With the way American jails work he’ll be out in 25 months or less with good behavior and Federal prisons are like vacations. Hot water, 3 meals a day and cable tv. What punishment? He should be sent to Kamiti.

    • faith said

      if u think prison is so comfortable, commit crime and be a federal guest. You will eat those words.

  2. Thats longer than DR CONRAD MURRAYS jail term

  3. Let us be competent in what we get, money can be very tempting. What drive somebody to do this is what want people back home you have made great achievements , we kenyans assume success is when we have big monetary gain and driving big cars.

  4. Fresha said

    competent? Wrong word

  5. Kamau wa Njoroge said

    Utavuna ulichopanda. these are a few rotten apples spoiling the good name of hard working Kenyans. Rot in piece Tony Mukundi, i am angry at folks like you! I hope someone makes u their bit*** in prison!! I Cannot imagine all that flossing yote hiyo, you were stealing from hopeless folks! I hope they forfeit the white Bimmer i serviced for u and you never paid me back!!I hope they also go for your “properties” in Kenya as well. You got more than usd 209,000, need to return it all!!!!!!!

    • Channel said

      kamau wa njoroge you sound so bitter, like ulikuwa na wivu sana for this jamaa, hope now you can sleep better.

      • njinji said

        Kamau wa njoroge unanjua huyu jamaa pengine alinjenga ikulu yake kenya akimaliza maisha ya jail ataenda kenya kukaa raha mstarehe na house boy wa kuenda kila siku kuleta gazetti .so dont worry

    • Wanjiku (mama Njoki) said

      Uizi ni makosa njameni. Kamau kasema ukweli on its head. Mbona mwasikia baya?? Osheni wanyanya kama wegine bana, ara?The end in this case will never justify the means.

      • Jane said

        There is no amount of money worth to spend a day in jail.It doe’snt matter how many properties one has.Siku za mwizi ni forty.

  6. njinji said

    i hope he did irrigation and start busiiness ya maua ukambani cos i cant imagine all that in one pocket .lazima awe na mpango

  7. leo said

    Ugali will not be on the menu. Just bologne sandwich,hot dogs and sometimes canned veggies.Enjoy it.

    • POKO said

      Leo, naona unajua hiyo menu, umekua guest huko nini?

      • leo said

        No. Never been served there but I’ve got a buddy who was a guest there for a couple of yrs After beating up his girlfriend Kenyan Style.. He know the menu very well. I forgot to add ramen noodles in the menu but the ramen noodles have to be retreved from the vedding machine if you got some cash in your account. Ramen noddle is luxury in Jail.

  8. Criminal hater said

    He should have been jailed for life to deter other criminal minded people like him and also so that he will never have to go back to Kenya. We had similar situation few years ago from a group of Kenyan residing in Kansas city who were convicted similar crime. Apperantly their light convictions wasn’t tough enough to deter him and it may have even encouraged him to commit those crimes. No Kenyan living in America should have sympathy for this guy. He is a criminal and criminals belongs to jail. The only wish I have for him is that he will meet a nice free HIV/AIDS carrier boyfriend in the prison and that by the time he finishes serving his sentence and get deported back to Kenya he will live a good gay life (soga) somewhere in the streets of Mombasa

  9. POKO said

    @Criminal hater

    calm down…this is the USA. To deter who? these criminals are not better or worse than americans. they need good lawyers to get off.

    Hajaua mtu.

  10. Nairobian said

    @criminal hater: Why are u taking this so personal? What happened to rehabiliation? Jamaa anatafuta dollar na tamaa nyingi… this is the oldest crime since the history of man. He needs to pay the price then get a second chance. (If there is such a thing).

    Between doing the time, criminal record, fines, lawyer fees, etc.. Huyu jamaa amekwisha. He will regret this for a very very long time.

    Leave the AIDS/HIV stuff out…

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